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duration 20:10
Personal Trainer Works Out Your Dick JOI video from MsCakes
Personal Trainer Works Out Your Dick JOI by MsCakes Full HD 1080p. We're nearing the end of our first personal training session together, and I've already given you quite an intense workout today! Now it's time to cool down and stretch, so I guide you through a few of my favourite stretches on the floor. However, your workout isn't quite over yet, as there's still one very important muscle left to train... and that's the one in your pants of course ;). Hehe, don't think I hadn't noticed you checking me out throughout our entire training session today... so now I think it's time for me to show you how to give that cock a good workout! First I want you to pull it out and get it nice and warmed up while I tease you with my tight, toned body and show off my sexy muscles. After I've gotten your heart rate up and your cock standing at attention, the real workout can begin! We start off nice and easy with 3 sets of 12 strokes, and I use my realistic dildo to show you exactly how hard and fast to go. In between sets, I want you to take your hands completely off your cock and watch me tease you with my sexy toned body, in order to ensure full recovery during those rest periods. After that, we'll move into some longer sets so we can build up your endurance. Then I'll take you through some "HIIT" - High Intensity Interval Training! I set the interval timer on my phone and challenge you to stroke your cock as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of complete rest and teasing. After a few rounds of this intense edging, I know your cock is throbbing and aching for release, so I set one last timer for 1 minute and tell you to keep stroking hard and don't hold back. At the end of that one minute countdown, I finally tell you to cum nice and hard for me as a reward for all your hard work.

P.S. For those of you who don't know, I am actually a personal trainer IRL so it was super easy and fun for me to get into character for this roleplay! :D
duration 41:06
XTREME SWEATY Cardio Ends w BJ/Cuckold video from MissAnja
XTREME SWEATY Cardio Ends w BJ/Cuckold by MissAnja This video has 2 scene in 1. I tell you at the beginning today I'll make something special. I wear tight and sexy pink bottom, red sports bra and pink top on. My purpose is today not only doing a great and extreme sweaty cardio session but I don't tell you at the beginning. I do my workout during you can enjoy and admire my sexy and very sweaty body. YOU Love watching me super sweaty, you wish to see me dripping wet. As always I do with high intensity, but temptingly. Watch me how my dry body and clothes going to so sweaty and wet. My hair is down this time to show clearly when dripping down the perspiration. Admire my wet body. I also show off many times my long and shiny sweaty legs to focus on. Hm... Once it's finish the workout I remove the pink top and now of course I swim in my sweat. Just look at my chest and the top got wet. Abs, legs, back etc...Nice and wet just as the way what you like. Do you like it? I bet you crave to see more of me go ahead. Come with me. We didn't finish yet. So after then you saw me dripping wet coming the best part... You going to be my cuckold... You wanna be my cuckold don't you? I give a nice and wet Bj to partner but during giving oral sex I tell you how delicious my sweat I taste it, but no no no, even if you crave for to taste me not yet. I laugh on you but I tease you as well. You like this way it's make you hard. During bj enjoy my sweaty face, hair and chest. Hm... Tell me how bad you want to taste me haha. I got cum shoots into my mouth then I let the cum drooling out of my mouth straight to the wet sports bra. Looks delicious. So now you want to taste me? But you don't taste only me, then I tell you lick it up all the mess from my bra. Show off the cum covered fabric and smear it as well. I laugh on you do you know why? I've made this for you. Because you're my cuckold. This was a custom video request from before and my first cuckold video but definitely not the last, can't wait to make more

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