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duration 10:48
DEVOTED TO YOUR KHALEESI: THE 3RD TRIAL by Ellie Idol So want to serve the Mother of Dragons? You want to pledge your unyielding love, devotion, and loyalty to her? Grey Worm could use another body to help lead the troops...but to serve her, especially as a leader, you will need to pass three trials. This is the third. Your manhood is gone, you have shown there is no part of your Queen you do not appreciate and worship unconditionally. But now you must know what it is to love her, with no prayer of having that affection returned. Selfless, dutiful, unrelenting love. Khaleesi brings in a worthy lover before you. She tells you to profess your love for her. To say it and mean it. Loudly. She wants you to swear to love her unconditionally, no matter who else she may choose to love instead. Then knowing the depth of your love and devotion...she beds her lover right in front of you. You are forced to watch with dark jealousy as another man gets to enjoy the woman you have pledged your life to love and defend. She REALLY enjoys herself without any thought to how it makes you feel. Therein lies the heart of the lesson: YOUR feelings are not relevant. Only hers are. When she is done, she brags about how great that was for her...how a queen is worthy of such pleasures. But not you, you will NEVER know how that feels. Your focus must be 100% on serving your Queen and nothing else! Then she wipes some of her lover's seed across your mouth, ordering you to taste it. That is the closest you will ever get to knowing the taste of a Khaleesi. This is a parody.
duration 37:39
Furyo - a blackmail JOI video from Visser
Furyo - a blackmail JOI by Visser There is one student at your college who equally irritates and intrigues you. He sits with this slight smirk on his face. Giving you some kind of knowing look, it would seem. Always overdressed and overpainted. Walks with a cute girl on his arm, but you are certain he goes with guys too. One night, you are bored, trawling around on a hook-up app, when you stumble across his profile. Fingers shaking, you start to message him—you think he won’t respond, but right away, you start going into what you would do to each other, if you had the chance. You are using a discreet picture and a fake name, but still you worry. You know of other professors who have hooked up with students, but the idea terrifies you. You would never jeopardize your job like that. It would be best if you stopped talking, but days pass, and you keep texting each other. You can’t bring yourself to delete your profile, even though you know you could never meet and actually do all the things you’ve talked about… One day, this student asks to meet you in your office. He wants to discuss some bad grades he’s been getting. The moment he steps in your office, your stomach sinks a bit and your heart beats. You thought you were so careful covering your tracks, making sure he never connected that account to you, but you can’t shake the feeling that he knows exactly who you are…… A custom blackmail JOI with some light humiliation elements. I really had fun with this one :>

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