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v415 Dog Knot Fuck Machine Human Bukkake video from Brooke Dillinger
v415 Dog Knot Fuck Machine Human Bukkake by Brooke Dillinger Shot in FULL HD 1920 x 1080p 59.97fps with Canon EOS 80D and RODE external mic - So I have only fucked 2 guys at the same time a couple of times and it is just an amazing experience. Definitely what I had in mind as far as the night going when I brought 2 guys back home with me. Unfortunately they had a very different idea in mind. They saw my cute little doggy and told me before I get their hard cocks they want to see me touch the doggys cock. I am very reluctant but I really want the 2 guys to gangbang me so I touch the doggy cock. There happy? Can I have my dicks now? WHAT? I have to suck his cock first. No fucking way......fine but only if you promise I get to play with your two cocks next. I suck the doggy cock until he cums all in my mouth so ok lets get naked and yall take turns fucking me......NO FUCKING WAY am I fucking the doggy first!! Really? Seriously? That's the only way yall will fuck me is if I let you watch the dog fuck me first? Fine but only if you let me suck both of your cocks while the doggy fucks my pussy!! I take a super hard fucking from a doggy cock on a fuck machine while blowing 2 cocks. I am completely covered in cum inside and out. Ok the doggy has filled my pussy up and it's yalls turn to fuck me......WHAT?!?!?! Youre not going to fuck me now? That's bullshit! You promised! I fucked a doggy so that yall would fuck me afterwards!!!! Tags: Brooke Dillinger, Brooke1993, Doggy, k9, knot, kink, taboo, fantasy, roleplay, gangbang, bukkake, facial, spitroast, fucking machine, fuck machine, machine, dildo fucking, dildo sucking, solo female, masturbation, female orgasm, kinky, cum slut, pierced, facial, cumshot, bad dragon, creampie, cream pie

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