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Destryed clothes and stranded car video from IviRoses
Destryed clothes and stranded car by IviRoses Broken down in the middle of nowhere: There are no flights due to the pandemic, so you have to drive cross country to get to your important meeting. You’re dressed to impress, in a perfectly pressed white shirt and professional looking skirt, showing you mean business. Unfortunately, your car breaks down and if you can’t get it started, you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. So you pop the hood and try to figure out what’s the issue. You’re not exactly dressed for this, so you try your best to not stain your expensive looking outfit. As you’re digging around in the engine bay, you inevitably get grease stains on your shirt... After more poking around trying to get your car started to no avail, you realise just how dirty you’ve gotten. Luckily you always have a fresh shirt hanging in your car, so you grab it and put it on, carefully tucking it in and making sure you look amazing again. You grab your wrecked shirt off the ground and go in search of help. You’re looking for anything that could help, your first shirt is just a rag now and you’re using it to keep everything clean... After some time, you realise you really are in the middle of nowhere and it’s getting cold. You need to start a fire to get warm and maybe it will get someone’s attention too. You gather some kindling and rip a section of your rag shirt off to start the fire with. You hang the rest of your shirt over a large stick and hold that over the fire, watching it burn for a bit, then dropping it onto the fire. The fire is dying, so you start cutting and ripping sections of the shirt you’re wearing throwing piece by piece onto the fire to keep it going. You’re nearly naked, other than your once perfect silky shirt hanging in shreds off yourbody. So you rip the rest of it off, wrap it around a large stick, and light it creating a torch. You walk off holding the lit torch.

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