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Doctor Drains Your Balls video from Fiona Dagger
Doctor Drains Your Balls by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is a NON NUDE medical fetish video) You've gone to see the doctor because you've been experiencing some aches and tingles in your balls recently, and you're a bit nervous and embarrassed to tell your doctor about it, but she's very calm and professional and tries to put you at ease. She asks you some questions and makes you tell her about the last time you ejaculated - you awkwardly inform her that you haven't cum since you had a run in with a street prostitute 3 weeks ago where she squeezed your balls painfully until you gave her a load of money! Your doctor takes some notes and asks if she can examine your testicles; she squeezes and massages them to check for irregularities, then informs you that she wants to empty them today and then get you back in next week to see if there's any difference. She'll make you ejaculate today with her hand and then get your sperm sent off for testing. You freak out at this and she has to coax you back into the room, reassuring you that she's a professional and that there's no need to be nervous. You reluctantly agree to come back into the examination room and she begins to work your penis with her hand, being very firm. She squeezes your balls tighter and tighter as she jacks your cock, all the while calmly asking you how it feels, how long does it normally take you to cum etc. When you get close to cumming she makes you hold out a cup to ejaculate into and she grips your balls very tightly as she milks your cock into the cup. She then tells you to be sure to book in at reception for next week so she can take another look at your balls, and to let her know in the meantime if the aching or tingling comes back.

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