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duration 5:55
Upskirt Dirty Talk Role Play video from BlackxRose92
Upskirt Dirty Talk Role Play by BlackxRose92 We don't know each other, but we're in the same waiting room. You're already seated in a short chair when I walk in. Maybe I shouldn't have picked such a sexy dress, but I have a date right after this and, truth be told, I'm really hoping to get fucked. I'm so damn horny that every pair of panties I tried to wear today was soaked right through.... This dress is dangerously short, revealing more leg than not. I carefully perch on the edge of the chair, but you've already noticed. You've seen my secret, and now I'm even hornier than I was before I left the house. You can clearly see that I'm not wearing any panties when I cross and uncross my legs, giving you upskirt flashes. I quietly plead with you to be quiet when someone walks in. My crossed legs are squeezed tight, and my high heels tap gently as my toes bob, anxiously waiting to see if my upskirt secret will be revealed to all in this tiny waiting room. It's such an intimate fit in here, that if you stretched your hand out, you could easily stroke my leg and slide your hand up my thigh. My sequined minidress inches even higher, but I open my legs wide and flash my pierced pussy. It's finally my turn to be called, I carefully stand up and bend over. My hemline is riding even higher, giving you those upskirt teases and whispers of dirty talk that keep you throbbing on the edge of your chair even as I turn around and walk out, leaving you staring at me from behind long after I've gone.
duration 16:10
Blackmailed Into Ass Fucking video from Fiona Dagger
Blackmailed Into Ass Fucking by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've gone round to your girlfriend's house only to find that she's not there - the only person who's in is her sister, who's always been pretty bratty and rude to you! She tells you to get lost and come back later when her sister is around, but you ask her what that funny smell is - has she been smoking weed? She tries to brush it off like it's no big deal but you threaten to tell her parents, and suddenly she's begging you not too and admitting that they'd be super mad if they found out! She acts nicer with you now, trying to get you not to rat her out, but you say she'll need to do something for you if she wants you to keep her secret! She reluctantly asks what, and you tell her you want to smell her ass! She's disgusted and says no way, that's too weird and she's self conscious because she hasn't showered today - isn't there anything else she could do? You say nope, and eventually she agrees, though with much complaining! She pulls off her shorts and her thong to let you smell her ass, and then you decide to take it a bit futher! You inform her that you're going to fuck her, and she has to say yes or you'll be talking to her folks about the smoking... She's furious but eventually agrees and you bend her over the couch and fuck her tight pussy as she calls you names and talks about how much of a gross pervert you are for making her do this! Then you pull out of her pussy and push your cock against her asshole, telling her she has to let you fuck that as well! She says she's never done that before and she's absolutely not going to lose her anal virginity to you, but you remind her of the trouble she could get in and after a while she says fuck it, fine! As you start fucking her tight virgin asshole she begins to enjoy herself more and more, and soon is begging for you to cum in her ass!
duration 16:19
Accidentally Fucking My Brother video from Fiona Dagger
Accidentally Fucking My Brother by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You and your sister are hanging out in your room when an earthquake hits! Your sister is so scared and distacted that she forgets to keep her legs closed, and you realise that she's not wearing any panties under her skirt. She notices that you hurt your leg during the quake and makes you take off your jeans so she can examine and massage your injury; completely unaware that she's giving you a great view of her pussy. She's just beginning to calm down when other quake hits, and she instinctively jumps into your lap! The room is shaking so violently, and your sister is squirming in panic so much, that her pussy grinds into your crotch and pushes down your boxers! For a few moments her bare pussy is grinding and rubbing into your hard cock as she twitches in fear, then as another big shockwave hits, your cock slips inside her! She's so distracted that she doesn't seem to notice until the earthquake finally calms, then she awkwardly mentions to you how you've gone inside of her. She says she's too scared to get down from your lap yet, and she knows it was only an accident that you ended up inside her, so it's fine, you can stay like that for a bit as long as you try not to move too much! But soon you both find yourself distractedly grinding on each other as you wait nervously to see if the quake will return, and the grinding gradually becomes more and more intense until your sister has to admit that you've pretty much started fucking each other now! She says you definitely shouldn't be doing this, but as you've started now and it feels so nice, you might as well carry on for a bit - just as long as you don't cum in her! She begins riding your cock in earnest, reminding you often that it's fine as long as you don't cum in her pussy, then you flip her onto her back to pound her in missionary for a while. She then demands to get back on top and quickly cums on your cock, which sets you off! She tries to tell you not to cum but it's too late and you flood her pussy with your seed as she moans and grinds on you, telling you that you'll both have to make sure this stays a secret!

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