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duration 10:12
Big Booty Brief Panties: Model and Ride video from Dani Sorrento
Big Booty Brief Panties: Model and Ride by Dani Sorrento I get all dressed up for you in white thigh high stockings, a sexy dress and your favorite style of panties underneath. Some big full back briefs! These are light pink with thin white stripes on them and they are super stretchy. My ass still pokes out a bit cuz it is so round and juicy. I start by teasing you in my outfit, showing off the panties from all sides. Then it is time to enjoy the outfit even more as I ride a big hard cock til I cum. I slide down onto the cock, just sliding my panties a little to the side as I do. First my big ass faces you so you can see those big cheeks bounce and clench. I switch between riding up and down and then just grinding on the dick. It is feeling so good, but I don't cum yet. I switch around so you can see my face as I enjoy the dick to an intense orgasm. Grinding, sitting up and then leaning back to bounce hard! All in my dress, stockings and panties that you love. (custom clip, brief panties, fullback panties, light color underwear, light pink and white panties, tight sexy pink dress, white thigh highs, sheer stockings, panty modeling, full body view, long brown hair down, brunette brown eyes, tall, curvy, bbw, chubby, belly, thick thighs, long legs, perky tits, no bra, VPL, visible panty line big ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, huge booty, ass shaking, booty bouncing, ass clenching, clench cheeks, 51in ass, 38dd tits, size 11 feet, grind on dildo, white torso sex doll, male torso toy, solo female, face view orgasm, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, tattoos, tattooed girl, make up, bouncing tits, boobs bounce, solo orgasm, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
duration 12:24
Fucking Your Escort Friend video from Fiona Dagger
Fucking Your Escort Friend by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) One of your closest friends has come round for a catch up and tells you all about starting her new job - she's become an escort! You chat about how she's enjoying it before you cheekily suggest that you could hire her services... She laughs and says that would be weird, you guys have been friends forever and you've never even kissed! Besides, you probably couldn't even think of her that way. You tell her that actually you think she's really hot, and she seems surprised and flattered! She starts to take your offer a bit more seriously but is worried that if you guys fuck it will affect your friendship... You assure her that it will be fine, and she decides that you guys can start slow, and if either of you decide it's too weird to be doing this with your friend then you can stop it at any time. She strips off and kneels down to give you a handjob, complimenting you on your cock and beginning to relax a bit. She starts to suck your cock and you can see her getting more and more into it, before she eventually says okay, if you want to fuck her you can! You bend her over the sofa and slowly slide into her pussy, feeling how tight and wet she is, then begin fucking her hard before flipping her over onto her back so you can watch her expressions as you bring her to orgasm. As she cums she begs you to cum with her and creampie her pussy, and then afterwards laughs about how much fun that was and offers you a discount on any future sessions you want!
duration 18:43
I Need You To Teach Me How To Fuck video from Fiona Dagger
I Need You To Teach Me How To Fuck by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name James is used) Your girlfriend's super religious and conservative best friend comes over one day with a strange request - she's recently split up with her husband, the only man she'd ever been with, and your girlfriend suggested that she get a bit more experience before she goes out into the scary world of dating... You guys are in an open relationship so your girlfriend has no problem with you doing anything with her friend, in fact she's encouraging it! Her best friend is nervous and feels really awkward asking you to do anything with her; she's had next to no experience and pretty much only had missionary sex with her husband, in the dark, under the sheets. She's never given so much as a handjob before! She asks if you'd be willing to show her some stuff to help get her ready for dating again, and of course you oblige her. She nervously asks to see your cock and when you pull it out she's fascinated, it's so much bigger than her husband's, and she's never seen one this close up in daylight before! You gently talk her through touching it with her hands, and then her mouth, and as she relaxes a bit she starts to enjoy herself. After a while she asks if you'd be willing to lick her pussy, as she's never had that done before! You happily oblige her and she starts to get super turned on as you eat her out. She's getting less and less shy and more and more filthy the more she gets into it! Soon she's begging you to fuck her pussy and using language that shocks herself, but she's so wet and horny now! She even gets on top of you to ride your cock, which she's never done before, and gets really filthy with the dirty talk until she cums hard on your cock and then begs you to fill her with your cum! She's a little embarrassed at how carried away she got but she enjoyed it so much she asks if you'd be willing to fuck her again sometime...
duration 18:46
Awkward Virgin Wants To Fuck video from Fiona Dagger
Awkward Virgin Wants To Fuck by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your shy friend Fiona comes over to your place, after telling you that there's something she needs to talk to you about. She nervously explains to you that she's been having some money troubles recently, and since she knows you're doing well for funds, has come up with a bit of a crazy plan. You're very curious about what she means, and she eventually manages to gather her courage enough to explain that she's willing to offer the use of her body to you, if you'll help her out financially. You're quite shocked, and bemused by the awkwardly straight forward way she is propositioning you, and you don't agree immediately. Fiona apologises for how nervous and odd she must be coming across and reminds you that she's a complete virgin, but insists that she's very willing to try her hardest to please you. You're still not convinced, so she suggests you have a look at her body first and then decide - then she stands up to show off her curves to you, keeping her clothes on at first and awkwardly describing each body part and how she hopes it would please you - then, seeing you're still not quite on board, stripping off her clothes and doing the same naked; letting you get a good look at her body, all over. She uses awkward language, describing her 'breasts' and 'vagina' to you, and clearly feeling uncomfortable using sexual terms, but trying very hard to get you excited about using her body. She lies back on the bed and spreads her legs, allowing you a close look at her 'vagina', and telling you in detail how tight it is and how nice it would feel for you. Eventually you agree to her proposition, and she's thrilled; keeping up her cute and awkward dirty talk as you begin to fuck her, but now trying to use sexier words like 'pussy' and 'cock' but giggling shyly each time she does. She insists you shouldn't worry about her pleasure at all, since you're paying her you should focus entirely on your own orgasm; and keeps up her sweet and nervous dirty talk, insisting that she wants you to ejaculate deep inside her, until you can't hold it any longer and flood her tight pussy with cum. She asks if she did okay, checking that you enjoyed everything, and then tells you that anytime you want to repeat the arrangement she's ready and willing!
duration 21:27
Sis Wants To See You Cum video from Fiona Dagger
Sis Wants To See You Cum by Fiona Dagger (This was originaly filmed as a custom video and the name James is used throughout) You're hanging out in the living room with your parents and sister, but you're finding it hard to concentrate on the tv - from where you're sitting, you can clearly see that your sister isn't wearing any panties under her skirt! She catches you looking and begins to mischieviously tease you, opening her legs wider to give you a better view, whilst chatting with your mum about what they'll be doing this weekend, and then poking fun at you for being lonely and not having a girlfriend. Eventually she says she's going upstairs to play a pc game and guestures for you to follow her... Upstairs, she sits down on your bed and pats the covers, telling you to sit and chat with her. She asks if you enjoyed the view downstairs, and laughs it off when you try and pretend you don't know what she means. She spreads her legs again to flash her pussy at you, asking does this jog your memory? You're embarrassed and flustered but she seems to change her mood and apologises for teasing you. She admits that she's also been having a hard time being shut up in the house with mum and dad; she's been really horny and frustrated, and she bets you've been feeling the same. So she offers to help you out a little... At first you suspect she's pranking you, but she eventually convinces you that she's sincere, and she wants to help you work out some frustration. She saw you staring at her pussy under her skirt, so how about a better look? She strips off and lets you admire her naked body, teasing you playfully and demanding that you get your cock out so that she can see. She makes you stroke it for her, admitting it makes her pussy super wet to see you touching yourself, and eventually tells you she really wants to watch from up close as your cock spurts!!
duration 17:40
Shy Virgin Sucks Your Cock video from Fiona Dagger
Shy Virgin Sucks Your Cock by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're catching up with an old friend, who you haven't seen since before you both went to university. She tells you how she wishes she had more crazy stories to tell you about, but she actually had a pretty tame and uneventful time! She says she's always been shy, and that you probably have loads of fun tales to tell, as you were always far more adventurous. You admit that you do have a few stories, and tell her about the time you streaked naked across campus in the middle of the day! She's fascinated and tells you she could never do something like that - she's never even seen a naked man in person before! You laugh and say that well, since half of your university has already seen you naked, it wouldn't be a big deal to let her have a look. She laughs it off initially, but then seems to change her mind, asking if you're sure you wouldn't feel uncomfortable having her look at your naked body? You insist that you'd be perfectly comfortable, so she shyly and excitedly asks you to do it! As you slowly take your clothes off she seems completely captivated, staring and blushing as you get naked in front of her. She asks if it would be alright if she could take a closer look, and gets right up next to you to closely examine your body, before getting your permission to touch you as well. She slowly touches your whole body, giggling and blushing, then kneels down to touch your legs - but gets completely distracted by your now-erect cock! She examines it closely, then finds herself touching it without thinking, and even beginning to kiss it... She then realises what she's doing and apologises, saying she should have asked before she touched it, but you assure her that it's fine. She begins to slowly lick, suck and stroke your cock, telling you how exciting this is for her! She gets more and more into it until you have to warn her that if she carries on much longer she'll make you cum, but she seems thrilled by this and insists that she wants to make you cum, and she really wants to try swallowing it! She goes back to sucking you enthusiastically, desperate to make you cum in her mouth, and when you shoot a huge load down her throat she swallows every drop!

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