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duration 12:05
Boob Science video from BlackxRose92
duration 9:57
Inflated To Burst video from BlackxRose92
Inflated To Burst by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "*Scene based on an old slapstick comedy movie in which the detective has to save his ex girlfriend detective from her ex boyfriend detective while she's naked in the shower. The detective pushes the bad guy out of the bathroom into the hall where they wrestle and the bad guy ends up with a hose in his mouth, in which the detective quickly turns on the water, inflating the bad guy until he pops like a water balloon.* She is sneaky, but not fast enough, because just as Rose is tiptoeing in, she gets caught! The metal hose is teased above her red lips as she gasps in alarm. It all happened so fast that it felt like slow motion as she saw the hose coming at her face, right towards her open mouth, but she was unable to close her lips in time. Unable to cry out, Rose's mouth is plugged with the hose which WHOOSHES in a loud rush of air. Her body inflates quickly, and makes her face balloon out with puffy cheeks as she expands. The stretching of her body is noisy as she transforms from a slim stomach to a bloated belly that keeps growing and growing. It grows right out of her shirt! It pushes so hard that the buttons just open right up and stretches her dress to its max. Rose tries to pull the hose out of her throat, but it's now been jammed too far down as she feels her entire body inflating. The expansion is so intense that Rose can only flail about as her heavy bloated belly weighs her down. She struggles under the weight as the hose continues pumping her fuller and fuller, tighter and tighter, until she feels like she could explode at any moment!"
duration 12:43
Belching HiccupBurps video from BlackxRose92
Belching HiccupBurps by BlackxRose92 I've got lots of gas, and these burps are rumbling out of me in deep belches. Do you want to smell them as they come out from between my sexy red lips? There's so many that they just keep coming. I can feel the burps gurgling around in there, until....wait! HICCUP! Did I just give myself the hiccups?! Oh my! HICCUP! Oh wow, now I'm having the hiccups and belches that are coming back to back repeatedly. The spasms on my body are so intense, that I can feel the ripples of my hiccups and belches vibrating through my belly. It makes me yawn to have such intensely deep hiccups and burps. They start to merge, melding into each other until my hiccups cause belches that turn into hiccupburps that come one after another, making huge yawns push from my mouth. My red lipstick covered lips open wide in huge belches and yawns as the hiccup push their way out in between and interrupting my yawns. I can't hold them back, and when I try to stifle my yawns, the hiccups prevent my yawn from finishing. I strip off my clothes and encourage you to masturbate while I giggle about my newfound hiccup powers. I know I promised I'd let you fuck the hiccups out of me this time, but there's just so many of them in between the burping and yawns that it starts to take a toll on my body, shaking my belly so hard that I can barely catch my breath. In the midst of my belching hiccup fit, my belly starts to growl with demands for dinner. You'll have to cum hard and fast before my hungry tummy yells for the food it craves, because if you don't, the hiccups will cease under the pressure of my stomach's pleas for food!
duration 24:01
Yuri DDLC Masochist in Love JOI video from OmankoVivi
Yuri DDLC Masochist in Love JOI by OmankoVivi You've opened up Doki Doki Literature Club for another fun day with Yuri, who asked you yesterday to meet her here. She's just as cute and timid as usual, so when she professes her undying love for you, you're taken aback! And what's more, she wants to show how DEEPLY she loves you via the enticing and erotic route of JOI! (She read about it online...) After swearing she isn't as perverted as you think, she begins with some cute and light teasing. Yuri lifts up her skirt and eventually starts glitching and stripping, while encouraging you to stroke your cock to her. However, she stops at her shirt and shyfully admits that she hasn't stripped before, and growing bored, you jump into her files and adjust her personality traits. You add an exhibitionist tag and watch as your Yandere love unfolds in a dark, erotic way before you! She shows you nipple clamps she has been hiding, and she glitches them on and off. Yuri pulls off her panties and plays with her soft, pink schoolgirl pussy. She continues to tell you to stroke, giggling and pulling out a flogger. As she teases her pussy with the soft leather, Yuri starts to lose control of herself more and more. She moans loudly n ahegao's, bringing out another leather two-strip impact toy, smacking the inside of her creamy thighs until they are bright red and welting! Yuri can't wait anymore, her fingers aren't enough!!! In the (otherwise) quiet library, Yuri rides your enormous cock, grinding her pussy on it and telling you how much she loves you. She begs for your hot, fertile cum deep in her womb!!! The best waifu for laifu.

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