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duration 21:04
PAWG Booty Call Ends in Impregnation POV video from Gwen Adora
PAWG Booty Call Ends in Impregnation POV by Gwen Adora Practice Makes Pregnant |||||||| I'm feeling incredibly horny and can't get to bed; so I decide to give you a call. I know you're my best friend's boyfriend, but who else am I supposed to go to? Please can you come over to help? We can play a game while you're here... You quickly decide to leave your girlfriend in bed to come and see me. I'm waiting with my legs spread open on the bed for you. I tease you and tell you to come eat my delicious fertile pussy, which you happily oblige. After some foreplay, I'm ready to have your cock, and bring out a condom for us to use. We should really use it, it's way to risky for us not to.. ugh I wish we didn't have to though. Oh well, I'll still be happy to feel your cock inside me regardless. You slide inside me in the missionary position and fuck me slowly, but I as much as I'm enjoying it I really want you to to take the condom off. I can't take it and remove it for you, and tell you we can put it back on in a bit; I just need to feel you bare cock first. You get on top of me and really start fucking me, my big boobs are bouncing everywhere as I look into your eyes. I don't care now; I want you to creampie me. We're both getting closer now, and fuckkkk you cum all inside me, letting your sperm slide inside my pussy. Mmmm fuck, that was amazing. You're going to have to leave your girlfriend now, we've played baby roulette and we lost - or did we win? ;) Tags: impregnation fantasy, blackmail fantasy, transfer fetish, tease and denial, seduction, pregnant, cheating wife, cheating, pussy spreading, pussy teasing, pussy play, pussy denial, bloated belly, belly fetish, countdown, games, cum play, curvy, creampie, cream pie, creamy, feet, dirty feet, foot fetish, foot play, foot worship, custom, HD, booty call, virtual sex, BBW, redhead, big boobs, huge boobs, bouncing boobs, big ass, PAWG, big butts, eye fetish, eyelash fetish, blue eyes, lingerie, POV, games, edging games, masturbation games,
duration 9:23
Meredith Tourmaline in Black Lace & Fishnet Thigh-Highs with Long-Haired Rocker Boy DD R'Moan - 69 - Ass Fingering, Licking, & Eating, Anal, Blowjob, Noisy video from MeredithTourmaline
Meredith Tourmaline in Black Lace & Fishnet Thigh-Highs with Long-Haired Rocker Boy DD R'Moan - 69 - Ass Fingering, Licking, & Eating, Anal, Blowjob, Noisy by MeredithTourmaline Watch DD R'Moan straddle me as I lie on my back and suck his cock, before making me get on my knees and massage his balls while I keep sucking, thrusting faster. Then he's on his knees, too, his ass facing the camera as I crouch before him, fingering his sweet little asshole, my own ass up in the air, inviting him to touch me. I hold his thighs as I take his cock down my throat, and then I make him bend over. I want my tongue in his ass right now.

My legs, in black lace thigh-highs, are wrapped around his body, holding him close as each of us eats one another's ass, moaning louder and louder with pleasure. DD turns me around to give you, my naughty viewer, a better angle, an enticing full body shot with glimpses of my full bush, lush and ready to be devoured, a vision that much more powerful when framed with black lace. I spread my legs for him, and then I pull him toward me. He's fully nude, wearing nothing but black nailpolish, his fingers painted by me. I'm not finished with him yet. I bring my face to his ass and continue jerking him off, his cock hard between my small tits, throbbing against my sternum.

And I watch the camera, too, our bodies captured on film making me more and more horny, taking pleasure in watching our own scene, feeling almost impatient to share it with you, but of course, not willing to stop. Not yet.

My body shudders as he fingerfucks me, and as I feel orgasmic waves rush through my cunt, my thighs, he shoves his cock down my throat again, making me come almost immediately. For a moment, he takes hold of camera, making sure to capture an extreme close-up of my tight, beautiful pink asshole.
duration 23:02
Lil Sis Tells You To Stroke It video from Fiona Dagger
Lil Sis Tells You To Stroke It by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're hanging out with your little sister, talking about her recent breakup and her frustration that her ex didn't seem to find her sexy anymore. She tells you about how she'd get dressed up in sexy lingerie to please him but it would completely fail to get a reaction! Then she tells you that she's actually wearing the lingerie in question right now; could she maybe show it to you just to see what you think of it? She opens her robe to show you the lacy lingerie and stockings she has on, and giggles as she sees the expression on your face and notices that you're getting hard. She teases you a bit, asking if you liked seeing her in her underwear, then tells you about another ex of hers who used to like her to pretend to be his sister - did you ever try anything like that...? She asks if you enjoy taboo porn and seems pleased when you shyly admit that you do, offering to let you have another look at her lingerie. She stands up and lets you admire her, teasing you about liking seeing your sister like this, and making you confess to occasionally jacking off to her. She then tells you that she wants you to jack it for her right now and to worship her body, telling you not to be shy and just to do what she says. She slowly strips off, showing off her body to you and telling you how nice your cock looks and how much bigger it was than her ex's! She gives you gentle jerk off encouragement while teasing and giggling, telling you how wet this is making her pussy, and edges you until you can't hold it anymore - then she finally lets you explode everywhere as she watches!
duration 20:17
Tattooed Goth Weirdo with Glasses and Long-Haired Scruffy Rocker Boy - Meredith Tourmaline & DD R'Moan - Anal Galore! Hardcore Anal Sex, Dirty Blowjob, Spanking, Finger-Fucking, Hair-Pulling video from MeredithTourmaline
Tattooed Goth Weirdo with Glasses and Long-Haired Scruffy Rocker Boy - Meredith Tourmaline & DD R'Moan - Anal Galore! Hardcore Anal Sex, Dirty Blowjob, Spanking, Finger-Fucking, Hair-Pulling by MeredithTourmaline Ah! This is one of my favourite scenes I've shot thus far!

This video opens with me wiggling my bum for DD R'Moan and teasing him as he stands over my bent-over body, until he spits on my asshole and penetrates me with his hard cock. My ass is raised high, and DD is on all fours, thrusting his cock in and out of my ass as I squeal and moan. I'm wearing black lace fishnet thigh-highs, a black lace bra, and nerdy glasses, gripping the pillows and blankets before me, bouncing my ass against DD. He pulls out and slaps his dick between my butt cheeks, then holds my hips as he penetrates me again, pulling my hair, spanking me as I rub my clit.

I grab the camera and pass it to him to show close-ups of his glistening hard cock being shoved in and out of my asshole, and then I hold the camera as he finger-fucks me, his black-painted fingertips moving quickly, expertly, stimulating my g-spot and clit simultaneously, nearly making me scream as I come.

DD pulls my small tits out from my black lace bra, and presses his cock between my butt cheeks, massaging my ass as he rubs his cock against me. We fuck each other hard, spitting, moaning, biting my lips. And a little bit of kissing, too! He spanks me and takes the camera from my hand, capturing POV dirty blowjob close-ups. I swallow his entire cock, licking his balls as I do so, and then I spit all over his dick, getting messy, and he jerks off as I slobber all over the head.

While I suck his cock, he leans over to take close-ups of my delightfully hairy asshole, soaked with spit and pussy juice, spanking me and penetrating me with his middle finger. Then he flips me over, my hard nipples still peeking out over my black lace bra, and fucks me missionary, slapping my cunt with his dick before sticking it in. As we thrust our hips against one another, he leans down to french kiss me, our tongues playing games as I hold onto him and moan. He pulls out and flips me over again, giving me another spanking, bending me over for the camera, and he grabs hold of my hair and fucks my pussy hard.

He finger-fucks me as my ass rises for the camera, lifts my head to take in his cock. My cheeks are spread for the camera as I suck.
duration 5:51
Meredith & Evan Jazz - Real Couple - Tattooed Weirdo Artists Undressing One Another - Passionate Kissing, Spanking, Cocksucking, Finger-Fucking & Pussy-Eating - Evan Holds His Camera for Close-Up POV Shots as Meredith's Camera Films It All - Part 1 of 4 video from MeredithTourmaline
Meredith & Evan Jazz - Real Couple - Tattooed Weirdo Artists Undressing One Another - Passionate Kissing, Spanking, Cocksucking, Finger-Fucking & Pussy-Eating - Evan Holds His Camera for Close-Up POV Shots as Meredith's Camera Films It All - Part 1 of 4 by MeredithTourmaline Come watch real life couple Meredith Tourmaline and Evan Jazz get playful!

A hot video of Evan and I kissing passionately as we undress one another - I'm in a vintage slip Courtney-Love-style, he's in a t-shirt and jeans. Our bodies writhe against one another still standing, and Evan, a sexy long-haired, bearded redhead, pinches and twists my nipples as he lifts my slip to reveal my luscious ass, which is facing the camera. He finally tosses the slip away and kisses and sucks my small tits, digging his strong hands into my pale tattooed flesh.

I unbuckle his belt and undress him, getting on my knees to suck his cock. He leans over my small frame to finger my wet pussy as I keep sucking, spanking my ass as he does so. Then he takes out his camera. Our screens capture one another from multiple angles; my camera shoots our full bodies in my bed, while his captures POV shots. He then pushes me back and kisses my inner thighs and pussy, licking my cunt as I spread my legs, feet in the air. pausing now and then to take out his phone for close-up shots. Evan rubs my clit with his thumb as he films.

He finally shoves his hard cock inside me, and he kisses me gently at first, as I moan, then fucks me harder and faster, holding my ankles to my shoulders...

Lotsa sweet laughter and strong eye contact.

duration 10:31
Kinky Wife Life: Jerk Off On Your Day Off video from BlackxRose92
Kinky Wife Life: Jerk Off On Your Day Off by BlackxRose92 It's your day off and I want you jerking it as often as possible, husband. Today you're going to sit around and do nothing but watch the porn I posted for you while you jerk off continuously. Your day off is going to be spent on a masturbation marathon binge, but first I'm going to film this video and then go fuck your brains out. Oh yea, while I'm filming this right now, stripping, teasing, spreading my pierced pussy, and encouraging you to jerk off all day tomorrow, you're in our bedroom right now. You're probably playing video games, right? Go ahead, enjoy your quiet time because in about 10 minutes, I'm going to straddle you and ride you until your cock begs for a break. This way I know you'll be watching my porn and jerking off to me all day tomorrow. When you see me walk into the bedroom dressed like this in 10 minutes, demanding to fuck, you're going to drop your pants and fuel your mental spank bank material for tomorrow. You'll watch this video, along with all those hot, slobbery face fucking videos that I posted for you, and then you're going to spend hours jerking off and cumming, again and again. You're going to remember how fucking hot it was when I rode you like this, and then you're going to keep stroking it, only pausing long enough for water breaks and to text me. I hope your balls are ready for this mega draining marathon, because my pussy is feeling greedy as fuck tonight and that's exactly what we're going to do to get you prepped for your day off. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored

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