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duration 16:32
knotty doggy video from Sloansmoans
knotty doggy by Sloansmoans ***MYVERY FIRST PET PLAY VID* Watch as I’m a sexy, lonely girl living with her dog. I come home after a long day and I’m so tired. I say hello to my sweet doggy and begin to strip naked. I just want to relax and watch tv naked on the couch. I lay down and he lays at my feet, playfully licking them as I’m watching tv until I drift off. I end up laying on my chest, with my ass slightly perked up and I wake up feeling my dog rubbing his huge, hard doggy dick against my back. I don’t like this feeling or sensation, I really want him to stop. His dick is SO big and hard but I let him rub on me because he’s lonely and has never had sex and I love my puppy so much. He speeds up and squirts pre-cum all over my back and I’m disgusted but I still let him rub his giant dog cock on me. Plus this doesn’t count as sex because it’s just rubbing. He keeps rubbing faster until he slips his cock into my asshole unexpectedly. I shriek out and tell him to stop but he won’t. He’s stretching my asshole with his doggy cock and I feel his Knot getting bigger and bigger. I haven’t had anything in my asshole and it hurts and I try to push him off but he’s pounding me so hard and his Knot is so big, he’s pushing his dick so deep into my asshole. He thrusts so hard and deep until he finally stops and he cums inside my ass. It’s so much cum, too much. I feel it leak out of my asshole and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m in disbelief and want him to get his cock out of me, but he continues to drain his doggy balls into me, he’s stuck inside. I lay there until I feel his cock shrinking and finally I’m able to push him out of me. I get up and lay him on his back and scold him for being such a bad dog… enjoy me, xo TABOO/PET PLAY/DOGGYSTYLE/POV SEX SIDE VIEW/POV SEX DOGGYSTYLE/DIRTY TALK/SUBMISSIVE
duration 19:56
pegging punishment video from Sloansmoans
pegging punishment by Sloansmoans I ask you, my student to meet with me after school for a meeting. You can probably tell by the expression on my face and my body language that I’m far from happy. You received yet another “F” on a test. This is unacceptable and you seem to have no explanation as to why. I know you’re a smart boy, I know you’re capable, so I decide to do some digging to find out what’s been distracting you lately. I find EXACTLY what I’m looking for on your laptop… Strap-on porn?! Yes, pages and pages on hot girls pegging and fucking men. You have a guilty look on your face as I tell you that I’ve called you into my office for you to receive punishment for being distracted and getting bad grades. A punishment I bet you’d never expect. I push you onto your knees and tease you with my body before I reveal that I am wearing a strap-on. I have what you want and you’re going to take it as punishment. I give you JOI to completion as I dirty talk about how I’m going to fuck you. You cum (visible cumshot) and I tell you to lay back for me to fuck you. I get on top and begin pegging you. Hard. Fucking you so hard and rough, giving you the discipline you deserve. My goal is to make you cum. I know your balls are full of cum again and I want it. I keep pumping into you, mercilessly until you explode onto my tits (visible cumshot). You think that’s the end, but I tell you not to get up. Now I’m going to ride YOUR cock until I cum. You get hard for me again like a good boy and I push your cock into my wet pussy. I ride you as I jerk off and I tell you that from now on you’re to be obedient in class. I won’t stop until you make me cum and I can tell I’m close. I bounce and ride and ultimately I cum all over your chest (visible cumshot). I’m just as satisfied as you are. You promise me that you’ll pay attention in class from now on… otherwise, there’ll be more punishment for you… enjoy me, xo TABOO/TEACHER ROLE PLAY/PEGGING/FEMDOM/NO HUMILIATION/ROUGH SEX/STRAP ON SEX/POV SEX/CUMSHOTS/IMPLIED ANAL PENETRATION/
duration 25:57
big sister shares your bed video from Sloansmoans
big sister shares your bed by Sloansmoans CUSTOM FOR JONATHAN: *My first sister roleplay* Watch as your big sister comes into your room and asks if she can lay in your bed because she’s cold. She gets under the covers with you, snuggles up and tells you that she loves you so much. She tells you that if you ever have any questions about sex, you can ask her. You tell her you’ve never kissed a girl and she tells you that she can help with that. You’re surprised, but she tells you it's not wrong, it's just kissing. She lovingly gives her little brother a peck on the mouth. She tells you to use your tongue. She starts to get turned on, and she tells you it's kind of hot kissing her little brother... it turns her on that it's so forbidden. She tells you she’ll teach you more if you want. You do. She pulls your pants down and exposes your rock hard cock. She can't believe how big it is for your age. She tells you this won't be wrong and she wants to show you something. She starts sucking your cock. Then she looks at you and tells you she’s really horny from all this. She tells you it’s forbidden but she wants you to make love to her. She wants her little brother to fuck her. She’s never had sex, and she knows you’re a virgin too. She finds it so hot that you’re related. She gets on her back and encourages you inside her. She can't believe how good it feels, her little brother's cock inside her. It feels so good that she cums and she kisses you. She tells you to keep fucking her, she wants to feel her little brother's cum inside her. She wants you to impregnate her. You both cum together and she loves that her little brother is breeding her… enjoy me, xo SISTER ROLEPLAY/TABOO/MISSIONARY POV/IMPREGNATION/BREEDING
duration 28:41
brother gets shrunken video from Sloansmoans
brother gets shrunken by Sloansmoans Watch as you’re playing a competitive game with your brother. The stakes are high because if I win, I can shrink him down to tiny man size. I tease you by saying that if I win you’ll be going straight into my mouth. Naturally, I win and I shrink you down, down, down… Once I see your tiny, shrunken self I get so excited. I tease you and tell you that I’m so excited to play with you all day long. I play with you in my mouth for a bit until I realize that I have to go run some errands before I can fully play with you. I decided to put you into a vial and insert you into my pussy for safe keeping while I’m out and about. I return back after a long day and I’m even more thrilled to play with you. I push you out of my pussy and tell you that I was actually getting pretty aroused having you in my pussy all day. I tease you about all the ways I could play with you and I see that you’re a bit nervous. I tell you that nothing will hurt you while you’re shrunken. Although, you may take a trip through my body at some point, hehe. I place you on the tip of my dildo and roll a condom over you. I tell you that I want to use you to pleasure myself as a reward for winning the game. I tease you some more as I begin to drool and suck on the dildo. I get more and more horny until I decide that I’m going to take you back into my pussy, but this time underneath the condom and on the dildo. I slide the dildo in and out of my pussy as I tease you and tell you how good it feels that my shrunken brother is fucking me. I switch positions and starts fucking myself hard until I cum all over you. I still want more so I decide to ride the dildo again until I’m satisfied. I take you out of the condom and relax for a moment as I suck on you. I tell you that all that fucking has worked up an appetite and I need a cold, refreshing snack. I grab a bowl of ice cream and drop you in. I eat around you, sometimes scooping you up and taking you into my mouth and over again. I tease you some more until I tell you that you’ll be soon going into my stomach and that I might grow you back what’s you come out. Finally… I swallow you whole. Everything goes dark but you wake up back in the vial with me looking down at you. I tell you that I’ve had so much fun playing with you that I’ve told everybody that you won’t be around for a while because I’m not going to grow you back just yet. I suck you out of the vial smile cunningly as I walk away… enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/TABOO/MOUTH FETISH/FOOD PLAY/DILDO FUCKING

duration 30:37
mommy's sneaky valentine video from Sloansmoans
mommy's sneaky valentine by Sloansmoans For my son, "Adam": I'm getting ready for my Valentine's Day date night with Dad. I put on sexy, red, lacy lingerie as a surprise. I feel someone watching from inside my closet. I assume it's my husband and I tease him saying that this is supposed to be a surprise for after dinner. I giggle to myself and decide that a little sneak peek won't hurt. I pry open the closet door and I'm shocked to find it's you, my SON. I'm taken aback. Why is your cock in your hand? Have you been watching me the whole time? I really should be angry but I have to admit... seeing your big, thick cock is making me feel some very naughty feelings. Feelings that I haven't felt in so long. I start to admit to you that seeing your cock reminds me of our past... I can't believe I'm actually telling you this, Dad's downstairs waiting for me! But I can't hold back. I take you to the bed and share all of my naughty memories with you as I stroke your cock and take it into my mouth. It's so naughty, so wrong but we can't help it that we're cut from the same cloth... You cum in mommy's mouth but I need more. Plus, it wouldn't be a valentine's day treat if we didn't fuck, right?... I straddle you and bounce on your dick as I talk so nasty and dirty to you. Your cum is drying on my face, mmm, you love it. I ask you to fuck me and we switch to missionary. You pound into me and I beg for a creampie. Be mommy's sneaky valentine and cum deep inside me, son... enjoy me, xo TABOO/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/FAMILY/VALENTINE'S DAY/POV SEX/DILDO SUCKING/CUM IN MOUTH/CREAMPIE/IMPREGNATION/BREEDING/SENSUAL
duration 16:09
a quickie with teacher 4K video from Sloansmoans
a quickie with teacher 4K by Sloansmoans CUSTOM FOR ERIC-PART TWO OF "TIME FOR TUTORING 4K": Watch as you walk into your teachers office one day after school. She allows you to come in and makes a comment about how you did so well on your last exam after the last "tutoring" session you two had. She then quickly brushes you off, telling you she needs to leave soon, but you... you have another plan. You tell her that you came to her office to do something dirty and naughty with her. She scoffs and tells you that you guys can't do anything in her office because she's at work. She asks you to leave and you stand firmly and tell her that you want her now. She is taken aback at how demanding you're being, after all, you were so timid and shy the first time you two were together. You tell her that you want her to strip for you. She can't believe your new found confidence and it actually starts to turn her on so she gives you a strip tease. As she's showing off her ass to you you slap it hard multiple times and she is in shock at your behavior. She tells you that you shouldn't be acting this way because it's really turning her on and she can't be so horny here. She sits in her lingerie and exposes her tits thinking that you'll be satisfied but you want more. You want her completely naked AND you want to have a quickie. She is once again in disbelief and says that she really shouldn't because if someone found out she would be in so much trouble, but your dominant demeanor gets the best of her and she relents. She tells you that you have to be quiet and quick. You have her get in the "face off" sex position with her facing you on your lap and she eases her way onto your cock. It feels so good but then you start fucking her harder and faster than before. You're pushing her up and down on your cock and she has no choice but to take it. She starts moaning loudly and she doesn't even care if anyone can hear her because you're fucking her so good and hard and you're driving her wild. She starts telling you that she wants you to get her pregnant. She wants you to claim her pussy as yours. She want you to mark your territory with your cum and she wants all the cum in your balls to seep into her pussy. You fuck her until you cum and she's completely out of breath, it takes her a bit to finally compose herself. She then tells you that someone surely heard her moaning but she couldn't help it. She tells you to leave so that no one comes in to find that a teacher was fucking a student... enjoy me, xo TABOO/TEACHER FETISH/POV SEX/STRIPTEASE/SUBMISSIVE SLUT/DIRTY TALK/QUICK FUCK
duration 14:15
not the usual workout 4K video from Sloansmoans
not the usual workout 4K by Sloansmoans CUSTOM FOR ANDY: Watch as you meet up with your hot friend to workout together. You love working out with her because you’ve always enjoyed staring at her tits during gym sessions. Today she’s looking especially hot and you get hard as you watch her stretch. Usually you’d cover it up but you don’t this time. She notices your cock is hard but doesn’t say anything, instead she turns around giving you a perfect view of her ass as she talks about the workout ahead. When she turns back around you have your cock completely out and she is just as shocked as you suspected her to be. She is visibly uncomfortable and she asks what you’re doing and that you guys should just get on with the workout. But you grab her towards you and tell her that you want to fuck her. She’s nervous and hesitant. She tells you that she really shouldn’t and that she should probably leave but you tell her that you want her to strip for you. You’re becoming impatient so she reluctantly pulls up her shirt and lets her tits drop right in front of your face. You tell her that you want her to take her leggings of as you jerk off. She’s still so unsure but she does it anyway. You tell her to start touching herself as you jerk your cock and she listens as she whines and moans about how wrong this is. You tell her to finger fuck herself and she does. You really want to fuck her since she’s being such a good little slut for you so you tell her to stop and to lick her fingers to taste her own pussy. You tell her that you’re going to fuck her and she tries to talk you out of it, in the end she lays back and spreads her legs for you. You start fucking her and she is still hesitant and unsure but she begins to call herself your little slut as you go harder and deeper. She moans and tell you that it feels so good. You love what a good little gym slut she is that you fuck her harder and harder and you cum inside her without telling her. She feels the trickle of your cum seeping out of her pussy but she doesn’t have time to be upset because you’re still hard and you’re still fucking her. She tells you that she loves that you’re fucking your cum deeper inside her and that she wants more of it. She wants to take all the cum you have to give her. She loves being your submissive little gym slut. You tell her that you’re going to cum again but this time all over her face and she tells you she wants it. You pull out just in time to cum all over her pretty face and she’s covered in your cum by the end of this “workout”… enjoy me, xo ROLE PLAY/POV SEX/FACIAL/FINGER FUCKING/BIG TITS/SUBMISSIVE SLUT/WORKOUT/LEGGINGS

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