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duration 31:36
step-son's birthday bukkake video from Sloansmoans
step-son's birthday bukkake by Sloansmoans Happy birthday to my most special boy, you, my step-son! ... Step-Mommy has some BIG surprises for you. Your friends are all over for your birthday party and their step-parents are all distracted by the festivities so I take it upon myself to sneak you and all of your friends into my bedroom. You're all confused as you stand in a circle around me but I quickly begin to strip down and tell you that it's about time that you had your first official ejaculation. And step-mommy’s going to give it to you while all your friends watch! Don't worry though because I'm going to give them all a turn to spill their first cummies all over your step-mommy. I take my panties off and gift them to you as another surprise. I encourage you to smell them and lick them and taste them as I run through your friends. After I'm done draining each boy I tell you that the last surprise is step-mommy is going to let you fuck her since watching me get cummed on while smelling my panties has you rock hard again. I guide you and show you how to fuck (missionary POV). I cum all over you and right as you're about to creampie me, all your friends' step-parents walk in! They're in shock. but I don't give a fuck, I tell you to keep fucking me until you cum. You're a good boy and listen to step-mommy… Hey, wait a minute, is that one of your friends in the back that I missed??? Oh no, step-mommy has to fix that and it doesn't matter who's watching... enjoy me, xo TABOO/BUKKAKE/CUMSHOTS/CUM ON FACE/CUM ON TITS/CUM ON ASS/WET AND MESSY/SLOPPY/DILDO SUCKING/POV SEX/FEMDOM/TABOO DIRTY TALK/PANTY FETISH/PANTY SMELLING FETISH/DIRTY PANTIES/8 CUMSHOTS
duration 46:20
cuck slut wife video from Sloansmoans
cuck slut wife by Sloansmoans Steve, you and I have fucked countless times whilst talking about what a good little whore wife I am. I’m a cock-loving, fuck-crazed woman. We talk about your friends dicks constantly and you always cum so hard when I tell you that I want to suck and fuck each of them. You love the idea of me slutting around your friends and taking their cocks deep in my mouth and pussy and ass and tonight is finally the night we are going to make this fantasy into a reality. You’ve invited them over for a poker game and I can’t wait for you to watch me get used by your friends Jim, Dave, and Michael. Jim is our neighbor and I’ve fantasized about going over and feeling his cock grow hard as I kiss him and rub my tits in his face. Dave is your employee and I’ve heard so much about how big his dick is from other people at the office. I’ve always wanted to sneak away with him at the office parties to have him fuck my brains out in the bathroom. Michael is my girlfriend’s black boyfriend with the biggest, juiciest bbc I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for him to stretch my tight little pussy and… ass. As I suck and fuck them, I turn to you often to ask you if you love how I look with their cocks in my mouth and pussy. I know you’ve been aching to cum all night and after I’m used up and cummed on, I jerk you off and have you drain your balls all over my pretty face. Like a proper whore wife... enjoy me, xo CUCK/CUCKOLD/CUM SLUT/CHEATING/CHEATING WIFE/DILDO SUCKING/DILDO FUCKING/POV SEX/IMPLIED ANAL/CUMSHOTS/CUM ON ASS/CUM ON TITS/CUM ON FACE/SLOANSMOANS
duration 18:44
professor and the good girl video from Sloansmoans
professor and the good girl by Sloansmoans I’m a dedicated student and a traditional “good girl”. I easily have the highest grade in the class and overall I’m most likely the smartest, but… there’s a lot that I don’t know, a lot that I haven’t learned yet. I ask to speak to you, my professor, after class about an, uhh, embarrassing topic. I’m a bit nervous to bring this up but I don’t know who else to turn to. I tell you that the boys have been starting at me and I want to know why. You tell me that you’ll help but I have to answer all of your questions honestly. “How do they stare at you? Do you like the attention? Do I want to please them? How do you feel about your body? Why are you a good girl?” I’m visibly flustered and anxious as the conversation progresses. I’ve never thought about anything like this before. In between my answers you tell me to loosen up and relax by unbuttoning my top. I’m hesitant and nervous but I trust you so I listen. Your final question is, “Do you want to see what it’s like to be a bad girl?” I tell you that I’m scared…. Because I know that once I know what that’s like I won’t be able to go back… still, I agree. You tell me to lie back and I do. I spread my legs for you and you go down on me. I moan and tell you that a good girl shouldn’t be enjoying this. Finally I give way to my pleasure and tell you I want more. You then get on top of me and I ask what you’re about to do, but instead of answering you push your cock into me. I wince, and bite my lip in pain and pleasure. As You fuck me I begin to enjoy it more and more with each thrust… professor, the boys are going to have to work really hard to have me, but I’ll always be ready to be your naughty, bad girl… enjoy me, xo TABOO/POV SEX/SLOW BURN STORY/BIG TITS/STUDENT ROLE PLAY
duration 25:57
big sister shares your bed video from Sloansmoans
big sister shares your bed by Sloansmoans CUSTOM FOR JONATHAN: *My first sister roleplay* Watch as your big sister comes into your room and asks if she can lay in your bed because she’s cold. She gets under the covers with you, snuggles up and tells you that she loves you so much. She tells you that if you ever have any questions about sex, you can ask her. You tell her you’ve never kissed a girl and she tells you that she can help with that. You’re surprised, but she tells you it's not wrong, it's just kissing. She lovingly gives her little brother a peck on the mouth. She tells you to use your tongue. She starts to get turned on, and she tells you it's kind of hot kissing her little brother... it turns her on that it's so forbidden. She tells you she’ll teach you more if you want. You do. She pulls your pants down and exposes your rock hard cock. She can't believe how big it is for your age. She tells you this won't be wrong and she wants to show you something. She starts sucking your cock. Then she looks at you and tells you she’s really horny from all this. She tells you it’s forbidden but she wants you to make love to her. She wants her little brother to fuck her. She’s never had sex, and she knows you’re a virgin too. She finds it so hot that you’re related. She gets on her back and encourages you inside her. She can't believe how good it feels, her little brother's cock inside her. It feels so good that she cums and she kisses you. She tells you to keep fucking her, she wants to feel her little brother's cum inside her. She wants you to impregnate her. You both cum together and she loves that her little brother is breeding her… enjoy me, xo SISTER ROLEPLAY/TABOO/MISSIONARY POV/IMPREGNATION/BREEDING
duration 30:37
mommy's sneaky valentine video from Sloansmoans
mommy's sneaky valentine by Sloansmoans For my son, "Adam": I'm getting ready for my Valentine's Day date night with Dad. I put on sexy, red, lacy lingerie as a surprise. I feel someone watching from inside my closet. I assume it's my husband and I tease him saying that this is supposed to be a surprise for after dinner. I giggle to myself and decide that a little sneak peek won't hurt. I pry open the closet door and I'm shocked to find it's you, my SON. I'm taken aback. Why is your cock in your hand? Have you been watching me the whole time? I really should be angry but I have to admit... seeing your big, thick cock is making me feel some very naughty feelings. Feelings that I haven't felt in so long. I start to admit to you that seeing your cock reminds me of our past... I can't believe I'm actually telling you this, Dad's downstairs waiting for me! But I can't hold back. I take you to the bed and share all of my naughty memories with you as I stroke your cock and take it into my mouth. It's so naughty, so wrong but we can't help it that we're cut from the same cloth... You cum in mommy's mouth but I need more. Plus, it wouldn't be a valentine's day treat if we didn't fuck, right?... I straddle you and bounce on your dick as I talk so nasty and dirty to you. Your cum is drying on my face, mmm, you love it. I ask you to fuck me and we switch to missionary. You pound into me and I beg for a creampie. Be mommy's sneaky valentine and cum deep inside me, son... enjoy me, xo TABOO/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/FAMILY/VALENTINE'S DAY/POV SEX/DILDO SUCKING/CUM IN MOUTH/CREAMPIE/IMPREGNATION/BREEDING/SENSUAL

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