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#18-57  Korean WebCam Hottie Pounded Out Proper video from Jay Bank
#18-57 Korean WebCam Hottie Pounded Out Proper by Jay Bank QUICK NOTE! Going forward I am going to send photos (for free) when you buy the clip. No strings attached, I'll send them from my DropBox account to your email. I just want to offer some more value going forward for what you purchase. Thank you! ////// Hello Everyone! I'm going to be doing massive amounts of editing over the next few months and get out all of my backlog. I have a little over 20 scenes now left to do. This one here was shot last summer actually and I just didn't get it out yet. She is a Korean cam girl from California and when I originally reached out to her she only had one shoot out from another (amateur) guy. She did a few boy/girl things on her camming profile (I think he was her boyfriend) but she never did anything professional. With that said, she definitely IS a cam girl, so she's a bit animated but not in an overly annoying way. Plus...she is Asian! Hot Asian girls that will agree to do this are just hard to find. Hot girls in GENERAL that are willing to do this are hard to find. The only bad thing about this video is that she asked me a few minutes before I was about to nutt in her if I would NOT do that. The problem is I didn't set those parameters before our shoot. I saw her do creampies with her xboyfriend and also that other amateur dude so I just assumed that was fine. Going forward, I'll never make that mistake again. These girls need to be nutted IN.. not facials, not bodyshots, etc. Every once in a while it's fun to nutt on a girls face, but for the most part, they need to be pie'd up like god intended. It's the Circle of Life Ladies & Gentlemen.. we don't need to fuck with that! /////// PS - This girl did a handful of pro shoots after we did this. I don't think she's still active at all but I just wanted to note that. I know she's actively camming. You guys should check her out if you like her!

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