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duration 16:43
WET DREAM COME TRUE FOR AN INNOCENT JOURNALIST by Ellie Idol You're a journalist who will be interviewing me, a writer of notable success, on film in a private room at a local cafe. I show up with my hair in a bun, a black leather skirt and a trenchcoat...one of your favorite looks. This is intentional. After our interview is over, I ask to talk about YOU for a bit. We can leave the camera rolling in case something else pertaining to my job is brought up. I place a hand on your thigh because I like touching things I like and want. You're a little nervous over it, having a girlfriend and all, so I lean back and begin to unbutton my top. Look, you didn't get this interview because you were the best man for the job. Your boss Kyaa only sent you because she wanted to bring out the slut in you. And yes, her "accidental" touches of your crotch in the office were very much intentional. I'm here to corrupt you which seems like it will be very easy, as I'm your dream girl. I have the looks, the smarts, the attitude, and the outfit! Let's play a little blowjob game. I'm going to suck it, but when I do you MUST hold your breath. You've had an erection the entire interview, so I imagine you'll do ANYTHING I say. I am calling the shots here, slut! You'll be my obedient sex slave. After a bit of oral, I hop on for a ride, while slapping, scratching and spitting on your sexy body. To me, you're just a piece of meat made for my pleasure. You'll be giving me that camera card for my personal collection with the intention of filming a sequel. Oh, and be sure to avoid fucking your girlfriend for a few days so she doesn't see all those scratch marks. She'll know you cheated on her if she sees. ;)
duration 19:05
My Last Orgasm Before Hysterectomy video from BlackxRose92
My Last Orgasm Before Hysterectomy by BlackxRose92 I'm NOT supposed to be doing this. I was told NOT to orgasm, masturbate, or have sex at all. But fuck that! I'm already living with chronic pain and my hysterectomy is on March 15, 2019. What more damage can be done by giving myself one last gift before they remove my uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes? This is my LAST chance to have an orgasm for months. I've been banned from sex, exercise, masturbation, heavy lifting, squatting, and orgasms since August 2018, so I'm taking this for myself anyways.

I haven't been able to enjoy any of life's perks for months. My sex drive is through the roof, but I won't be completely denied. There will be, at minimum, 6 weeks after my hysterectomy before I'm allowed to orgasm again. This dalliance will likely have me bedridden for the next 2 days writing in agony, but it will be worth it for the reprieve on my libido. I haven't felt the joys of sexual release in months!

What, did you think I would stop with one orgasm? FUCK NO! My pussy is greedy and I want it all. I masturbate as long as I can handle it, and as long as my vibrator can hold out. I masturbate for so long that when I lay back, you can see my vulva throbbing and swollen, gushing juices with each orgasmic ripple pulsing through me. There were so many orgasms, I didn't even bother bother counting them all. After being on complete pelvic rest for so many months, did you really think I would do anything other than masturbate until my body gave out? LMAO, just try and keep up. ;)
duration 20:43
Fucking A Filthy Policewoman video from Fiona Dagger
Fucking A Filthy Policewoman by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Craig is used) You've been called in to the station because you match the description of someone who's been indecently exposing themself in public - the policewoman asks you a few questions about where you live, what you were doing on the night of the incident etc, before asking you to stand up so she can compare you to the description of the perpetrator. When you stand she can't help but notice the large bulge in the front of your pants - she seems flustered but excited, and mentions that it's rather distracting! She tries to carry on with the questioning but keeps coming back to the bulge... how big exactly is it? Maybe if you show it to her it could be useful for the investigation, in case anyone reports how big the indecent exposer's package is, then she can compare it to yours... She says it would be really helpful if she could take a look. You're happy to oblige her and when she sees it she gets visibly more excited, seeming pretty turned on now! She mentions that she's booked this room and nobody will interrupt you, so you don't need to worry about privacy. She can't stop talking about your cock and how big it is, and what she wants to do to it! She strips off and gets down on the floor to suck it, talking lots about how horny seeing that bulge in your pants made her. Soon she's riding your cock on the floor of the examination room until she cums, and then sucking your cock again until you spurt all over her face!
duration 20:13
Sex Ed 3: Boy Girl Positions and Creampie 3 video from Buffy LeBrat
Sex Ed 3: Boy Girl Positions and Creampie 3 by Buffy LeBrat This is the third installment in my sex education series, and this time it features my co-star Jack Rush. We further your education by demonstrating sexual positions between male and female partners, and advise on how to enjoy sex more with your partner. We talk about getting affirmative, enthusiastic consent, and demonstrate how to make sure this happens before engaging in sex with your partner - it's as simple as just asking. When we're both ready to go, we talk about the important of taking your time with foreplay, and chat about a few options that might put you in the mood, such as stripping off for each other, touching, kissing and setting the scene with other items to put you in the mood such as music or lighting candles. We touch on the importance of communication, making sure you're checking in with your partner to see what they like, and recommend using this 'checking in' as a form of dirty talk to heighten the pleasure. We talk about introducing sex toys and other sex acts as a form of foreplay, such as oral, before even getting to P-in-V sex. When it's time for some penetration, we try doggy style penetration, missionary, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, with some variations to spice up these favourite positions. We both pace ourselves, and cum at the same time, but remember, that the pleasure doesn't have to end if one person has an orgasm first. Jack's cum fills up my creamy pussy, and you watch the cream pie drip out of my pussy as he pulls out, and get a nice view of my pussy after it's been well and truly served when I turn around to kiss. We talk about how it's nice to connect with your partner and cuddle after sex, as intimacy doesn't just end with an orgasm. We recommend some ways to follow up sex with some after care, and relax together. We hope our video helps you to feel more informed and spices up your sex life!

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