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duration 24:08
Doctor Wants Your Body video from Fiona Dagger
Doctor Wants Your Body by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is a medical fetish roleplay. It starts out very slow and soothing with ASMR vibes and gets gradually more sexual!) You're going for your yearly general check up and your doctor starts out by soothingly questioning you about your health and habits, before performing simple tests on you such as listening to your heart and lungs, checking your eyes and ears etc. Once she's been through the basics she asks you about your family's history of skin cancer and suggests she check over your body for anything that looks out of the ordinary. You remove your shirt for her to look over your torso and she seems impressed with your body, asking you to remove your trousers as well so she can check your legs. She gets gradually more and more flustered as you stand before her in only your underwear, and she asks you to remove those too so she can have a really thorough check, just for your peace of mind. She insists that she'll remain completely professional but you get the feeling that she's actually quite excited by having you naked in her examination room! She shyly suggests that there's another test she could perform; she could do some manual stimulation of your penis for you to check everything is working smoothly there, and you agree. She puts on latex gloves and begins to stimulate you, asking you questions about your sex life, and after a while admits that she's become quite excited and thinks she will struggle to focus on her work after this. If you wouldn't mind, would you possibly consider helping her out and fucking her quickly in the office, so that afterwards she can get back to work with a clear mind...? Of course you say yes and she gets up on her desk so you can fuck her, quickly bringing her to orgasm and then cumming in her pussy. She thanks you and suggests you don't leave it so long to come back for another check up - you can come back and see her any time!
duration 13:37
All About Me video from BlackxRose92
duration 15:36
Fucked In A Medical Trial video from Fiona Dagger
Fucked In A Medical Trial by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is NON EXPLICIT - the sex is simulated off screen) You've entered into a medical trial and are going for your first appointment. Your doctor seems immediately attracted to you, complimenting you on your physique and telling you that she would remember you if she'd seen you before! She tries to stay professional as she walks you through what to expect from this trial - the pill you'll be taking will alter your suggestibility and make you more open to new experiences. She tells you that there shouldn't be any unpleasant side effects, in fact most participants report feelings of euphoria and peace. You say you understand and are ready to proceed, so she gives you a pill to take, then does a few basic tests on you while you wait for the effects to start - slipping in a few questions about your love life, how often you work out etc, which you're not 100% sure are entirely relevant to the test... Soon you begin to feel a warm glow and a tingling sensation in your body, and your doctor notices that you seem flushed and happy, asking you if you're beginning to notice some effects. You tell her you're feeling good, and she informs you that for the next part of the test she'll need you to disrobe completely. This seems fair enough to you so you happily strip your clothes off while the doctor watches, then stand there as she examines your body closely. She seems impressed with what she sees, taking her time to move around your body, and touching you gently. She checks with you that you're still feeling that euphoric glow, and when you confirm that you are, she tells you that for the next part of the test she'll need to remove her pants as well. You don't see anything strange about this so you tell her to go ahead, and watch as she quickly pulls off her trousers and panties. She tells you to lie back on the couch behind you and when you do she climbs on top of you and begins stimulating you with her hand, telling you that she's testing your responsiveness. You become hard very quickly, which seems to please her, and then you lie there as she mounts you, beginning to slowly ride your cock as she murmurs about how this is all a part of the test... She gets faster and faster, her breathing becoming heavy and flustered until you watch as she cums hard on your cock, just as you reach orgasm too! She quickly grabs a tissue to clean you up, then tells you that she got some very interesting data from you today but she'll want to see you next week for some further tests!

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