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duration 10:50
Free Use Wife video from Fiona Dagger
Free Use Wife by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're hanging out at your friend's house when his wife gets home from work. She chats with the two of you for a bit then says she's sorry but she's exhausted from a super busy day - she's going to have to head straight to bed. You expect her to head up the stairs then, so you're a bit confused when she kneels down in front of her husband, and even more confused when she starts sucking his cock! She notices you watching and explains that she always gives her husband a goodnight blowjob - then she realises, how rude, she hasn't offered you one! She inists that she take care of you too, saying that as you're a guest it's her duty to look after you, and begins to suck and stroke both your cocks whilst chatting to her husband about her day. Your friend doesn't take long at all and soon covers his wife's face in cum, but she realises you're not quite ready yet and offers to ride your cock instead, as it will be quicker that way and she really does need to get to bed! As she rides your cock on the couch she keeps chatting nonchalantly to her husband about the visitors they'll be having soon, and her husband tells her that he's invited all of his coworkers round on Sunday. She gets a bit frustrated with this, telling her husband that she has loads of errands to run over the weekend, and that taking care of all of his coworkers won't leave her with much time - so how about she does them all at once, gangbang style? Your mate isn't sure about this but his wife insists it will be fine, reminding him of the time on their honeymoon when she handled all the resort staff at once! She then insists to you that you bring your wife round soon for dinner, telling you that it will be so much fun and if your wife isn't a fan of strap-ons it's no problem, she can just eat her pussy instead... After you agree to schedule a visit with your wife, she tells you that she really needs to go to bed now and starts riding you fast and hard, even offering to fake an orgasm to help get you over the edge! You agree and she suddenly and enthusiastically starts moaning as she rides you, convincingly cumming and making you want to cum as well! She encourages you to empty your balls into her, then climbs off you bidding you both goodnight and telling you how much she's looking forward to having you and your wife over soon!
duration 24:27
The Cuckold's Wife Breeded by BBC! video from The Mandingo Club
The Cuckold's Wife Breeded by BBC! by The Mandingo Club The cool thing about social media is, we keep getting hit up by real-life Cucks who enjoy seeing their wives being complete sluts for Big Black Cock. One of our couples made the connection possible, telling them to hit us up on the LL site. The wife has been busy traveling on business, and hasn’t really had much time to play. Her cuck husband made sure to set something up that he knew would be a for-sure thing. One of the shitty aspects about the whole swing lifestyle is that a lot of Bulls flake out, or worse, are complete fakes. Our long-standing reputation for turning fantasies a reality brought this couple our way. The wife wanted to make sure everything was cool, so we spoke on the phone about her likes and dislikes. One of the biggest things that drew them to us was that she is particular about Black Cock, and who she fucks. You see, she enjoys getting breeded by BBC cum, and as she’s not on the pill nor tubes tied, she enjoys that risk that she might get pregnant by a BBC. We let her know that we had no issue breeding her fertile pussy, while making sure she enjoyed her MANDINGO CLUB experience. A lot of people in the lifestyle enjoy that type of dynamic, which is why they prefer raw play. It’s a fun situation, knowing that you’re going to experience a juicy wet pussy raw, and at the same time she’s going to enjoy some big black veiny cock raw deep inside her, so she can feel that cock expanding deep in her, giving her long deep strokes. It is something that we love doing, and something that ladies absolutely love. This is how you she came ready to PLAY: we hadn’t even flipped the video camera on, and she was on her knees sucking a BBC in no time. That’s why the first minute of footage was captured on our iPhone, and thereafter everything was filmed in stunning 4K. She made sure her cuckold took a seat, and only watched/observed. As she started taking a big black cock deep in her wet pussy, her cuckold reached out and helped by pinning her leg back as best he could, so she could feel every single inch of big black cock that was plunging into her hole. If you pay close attention, you hear her talking throughout the video, saying how much she’s in love with the BBC, and various times telling the guys “Do you want to cum in me? Cum in me!”. This is definitely a hot scene that you will love. The guys take turns fucking her in front of her cuckold who is left to sit down front-and-center watching superior BBC fucking his wife raw, and culminates in each guy dumping a load each in her pussy, back-to-back. To us, one guys cum, is the next guys lube. Something women entirely love, and for those husbands into eating out that sloppy mess, it gives them a reward at the end for being a good bitch boy. We can’t wait for the next couple to approach us about breeding their sexy hot wife!
duration 17:22
A KINKY MISTAKE video from Ellie Idol
duration 32:28
The Doctor's Slut Wife video from The Mandingo Club
The Doctor's Slut Wife by The Mandingo Club ** This is a real life amateur swinger couple** A Doctor and his wife visited LA from Michigan, and beforehand, reached out to us on a swingers site. She was a true Queen of Spade, loving a good time with quality BBC. They were going to be in town for a medical conference, and wanted the MANDINGO experience. After a couple texts, we set a meet up with them. The husband is one of those pervert husbands with a fetish to not be present when his wife was taking BBC. Instead, he asked us to film the encounter, as he wanted to watch his wife on video being ravished by BBC. Upon entering the hotel room, we were greeted by the Doctors Wife, dressed in a hot Black dress and smelling like lavender. She introduced herself, made brief convo, and the fellas knew what time it was, which is when we started rolling the camera. A very sexy petite charming upscale wife, she started making out with the fellas. She had no panties on, which made eating and fingering her pussy easy. She started sucking cock, while taking one at the same time. The fellas took turns fucking her and she very much was receptive to being treated like a true Queen of Spade BBC slut. Her pussy was tight and she definitely could handle some deep BBC. She kept cummin’ as she got deep stroked deep and intense – something her cuckold husband had mentioned when setting the meet up. A third guy came in towards the end, and she didn’t skip a beat .She got him hard, and he went to town on her tight pussy, making deep passionate love to her. She kept whispering in his ear, letting him know that he was deep inside her and she loved every second of it. She kept begging him to please keep fucking her deep. They switched up, and after a few position switch-ups, he gave her one HUGE facial for the ages! You are going to want to see this facial! It’s a HOT ONE, standing over her mouth dropping a hot and heavy load all over her face!!!

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