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duration 38:03
Three Slaves.mp4 video from Jason King
Three Slaves.mp4 by Jason King I wanted some new sex slaves so I went to visit a bad man who sells them. When I arrived he had six slaves for sale all lined up in restraints and ballgags on his couch. He roughly showed each one of them off to me, manhandling the girls in the process. This man must be torturing these girls something awful, which I've heard he does, because the girls were begging and pleading for me to pick them. I've never seen a group of girls so desperately want to be bought as sex slaves. I bought the three girls who caught my eye the most and took them with me. As I left the bad man was yelling at the remaining three girls for not getting picked. By the reactions of those girls I am pretty sure they're going to be punished for not selling today. That wasn't my problem. I had three new sex slaves to take home and that's all I cared about. When I got the girls home I handcuffed each one of them with their arms interlocked so they were held together as a group. I explained some basic rules to them while making out with the middle girl, Dacey, who was quickly becoming my favorite. From what the bad man had told me Dacey had just been captured and hadn't been through his training yet. I told the other girls they need to help Dacey acclimate herself to life as a sex slave. All three of the girls were still shaken from the traumas they endured at the hands of the bad man. I told them they would be treated well from now on as long as they treated me well. All three of them were very happy to hear this. The girls were so grateful to me for rescuing them from that man they would happily do anything to please me. I told the girls that, although I'd be having a ton of sex with each of them daily, all I wanted the first night was a group blowjob. As long as the trio could get me off with a blowjob none of them would have to get fucked tonight. The girls got into position and worked as a team trying to satisfy my waiting cock. The one girl, Kendra, apparently has a big ball fetish so she took the bottom position so she could suck and caress my balls while her new sisters worked on the shaft. All of these girls demonstrated mad BJ skills as they worked together toward their common goal. The girls were becoming even happier as time went on. I don't know exactly what the bad man does to his girls in their "training" but these three slaves were overjoyed to be given the chance to please me by sucking my dick. Since Dacey was the newest girl I promised her I would let her have my first load. After a while I removed the middle girl Dacey's handcuffs so I could start bringing the girls up to me one at a time so I could make out with one while her two slave sisters worked on my cock. I started off by making out with Anastasia who was starting to become my favorite. I swapped her back and forth for the new girl, Dacey, a few times. Both girls were excellent kissers. I left Kendra down bottom the whole time because she had gave great head in addition to being skilled with balls. The three girls continued blowing me for over twenty minutes. Getting frustrated at not having cum yet, I told the girls it would be okay to use their hands. I love blowjobs but I always have a hard time cumming from them so I let the girls cheat a little and mix hand jobs in with their blowjobs. I made sure the girls didn't get lazy and completely ignore their mouths. They worked together very well, jerking and sucking my cock in a coordinated effort. After about five minutes of this I still hadn't cum, so I laid the girls back down on the bed. I told the the deal was that they would get out of sex if they made my cum, but they didn't do that so now they'd have to get fucked. Anastasia was in the middle so I started off by fucking her. She was overjoyed to be getting dick from her new master. The other girls were watching with envy waiting for their turns. Since I was brought so close from the long dick sucking session I didn't last long enough to fuck Anastasia's sisters. As I felt that I was about to cum I remembered that I promised Dacey my first load so I pulled out of Anastasia and blew my load all over Dacey's hot body. I then left the girls restrained on the bed so they could get some rest. Tomorrow was going to be another long day of fucking. *** Note: This clips features Dacey Harlot's first on camera BJ scene! ***
duration 26:12
Two Creampies, One Cock: Risky Outdoor FFM Threesome video from Frankie Rivers
Two Creampies, One Cock: Risky Outdoor FFM Threesome by Frankie Rivers My latest video with Jason and Melissa (SexyHippies) from our epic road trip around the Southwest in an RV together! Here's the really awesome description they wrote for this video: We were looking for adventure and beautiful scenery out at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada with Frankie when we stumbled across a group of rock climbers. They told us about a secret waterfall that we could hike to so that we could be totally alone. We hiked high up into the rocks & as we followed the path they had described to us, the temperature dropped and the wind began to howl. We wondered how we could keep warm, as we had come somewhat unprepared. Once we arrived at our destination, we huddled together on a small blanked, shielded by some rocks. Jokingly, we suggested Jason put his cock in our mouths to help keep us warm and he obliged happily. The joke turned serious because the plan had worked and we started to warm up. We all kept turning up the passion to keep ourselves safe from the elements. In true hippie spirit, Frankie and Melissa end the love-making session with a shared creampie and clean each other up with tender kisses. Oh, and that dream of being all alone on our adventure? Well, you'll have to watch the video to find out if anyone stumbles across our little cave of love ;-) Onlyfans: onlyfans.com/sexyhippies onlyfans.com/radfrankie108 Twitter: twitter.com/sexy_hippies twitter.com/radventurebooty CB: chaturbate.com/sexyhippies chaturbate.com/radventurefrankie They did all of the editing for this video! I've been so busy with pandemic stuff that I literally haven't even watched it yet, so you get to see it even before I do! Our road trip together is something I'll remember forever and this lovemaking sesh was particularly special because we had planned on doing a hardcore bdsm video but I was feeling the need to be loved on, so we chose to have a more playful loving experience together, and it meant so much to me. They've worked so hard on this and it would make me pretty dang happy if you supported them, too - so subscribe to their Onlyfans (so much good content holy cow), follow them on Twitter, and visit them on Chaturbate sometime! They're gonna be having a baby soon - oh, and Melissa is pregnant in this video!

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