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Goddess Smoking And Teasing In Leather Jacket Braids video from DiaLynn
Goddess Smoking And Teasing In Leather Jacket Braids by DiaLynn Hey smoke lover, aren't you so happy to see me today, looking so sexy as always. Wearing my leather jacket, hair in braids, spiky bracelet, hoop earrings, and pretty rosy lipstick on my lips. I am ready to rock and roll. You just love watching me smoke my strong long Marlboro Red 100 cigarettes. My deep smoking style draws you in deeper making you even more addicted than you were before. I slide a Marlboro Red 100 cigarette out of my pink pack with my teeth. Dangling my long smoke from my pretty rosy lips. Just dangling and dangling from the side and the front. Dangling and showing off my braids for you. I just know how bad your addiction is to smoking, you just can't stop watching. So addicted and always ready for more. For a brief moment I talk about all the different smoking styles, then I spark up my smoke taking deep long inhales. Feeling the nicotine running through my body is the most pleasurable thing. I play with my smoke, and blow all my clouds right at you. With my perfect back lighting, you can see every twirl and cloud from my sexy exhales. Want some ash on your tongue? Do you want to taste my ashes? With my seductive sensual ways you will be hooked to me like glue. You love how you feel when your with me. Addicted hopeless and can't look away. I unzip my leather jacket revealing my sexy bikini top. I squeeze my tits together and lightly flirt with you as I enjoy the rest of my smoke all the way down to the filter. Related Categories: Smoking, Goddess Worship, Leather Fetish, Leather Jacket, Bikini, Brunette, Long Hair, Finger Nail Fetish, Lipstick Fetish, Eye Fetish, Classic Smoking

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