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duration 20:51
Witch Pegs You video from Fiona Dagger
Witch Pegs You by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and is part 4 of the Witch series) You've returned for your fourth and final session with the witch, and are nervously excited for what she has in store for you today. She teases you about last time, when she made you watch her with her lover, and asks if you're feeling extra frustrated today since you were cucked the previous session! You admit to her that you're very frustrated, and she mischievously informs you that although today will be more involved for you than last time, it still might not be exactly what you were hoping for... She explains that for this final session she is planning to take your anal virginity, and lets you know that the only way you'll be orgasming today is while she's fucking your ass! You're nervous but can't help getting quickly aroused as she describes what she's going to do to you, and when she gets you to suck and lubricate her strap on so it's ready for you ass, you're feeling intensely turned on. You surrender yourself completely to the witch as she talks you through sucking the dildo, then lying back to give her access to your hole. She begins by fingering your ass to get you ready, then slowly begins fucking you, building up the pace until she's pounding you hard and fast. At first you're banned from toughing your cock at all, and the intense sensations in your ass coupled with the complete lack of stimulation on your cock are driving you crazy, until the witch decides to be nice and stroke your cock for you, since you've been taking your fucking so well. She edges and torments you, jacking your cock as she pounds your hole, until you can't take it any more and you're begging for her permission to cum. At the last second the witch takes her hand away as she keeps pounding you, and you watch in frustration as your cum dribbles out all over your stomach, while she giggles cruelly! TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, femdom, domme, sensual, ruined orgasm, pegging, strap on, pov, dirty talk, cruel, dildo, anal, ass, long hair, small boobs, small tits, pale, big ass
duration 13:02
Black Mailed by Feet video from Princess Melanie
Black Mailed by Feet by Princess Melanie you’re bothering Me, because you clearly see that I’m trying to read and yet here you are, staring at My feet like a fucking creep. you want to touch them, lick them, worship them? What the fuck is wrong with you? I think you’re a little foot freak! My feet can turn you on more than anything else, you love them, they’re the only thing that gets your dick hard, and I wonder what your wife would think about that? I wonder what She would do if She found out how pathetic and weird you are… how you can only cum when you fuck Her by thinking about My perfect soft soles? I wonder what your friends and loved ones and co-workers would think lol should I tell them all?? you know your wife can’t turn you on like My feet can, She’d judge you and probably leave your ass if you let Her know all your fetishes, and so maybe letting out your dirty little secret will be good for you! you can find freedom and devote your entire existence to Me and My feet, which I know is exactly what you want. But at the same time, your friends would probably want nothing to do with you, they’d make fun of you and your loved ones would shame you into oblivion, and your life would change forever. But at least you always have My feet! Well, little do you know I’m filming you… and it’s up to you to decide your fate. If you’d like to keep your boring, sad life exactly the way it is, and keep this thing between us, you’ll do as I say, and you will pay whatever it takes for Me to want to keep your secret. I don’t owe you anything, and I know you would do anything for My feet… and you will, unless you want everyone knowing how much you love and worship them.

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