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duration 17:22
A KINKY MISTAKE video from Ellie Idol
duration 9:04
GFE | Virtual Handjob With Cum Countdown video from Nicki Young
GFE | Virtual Handjob With Cum Countdown by Nicki Young I am so glad you are home hunny, but unfortunately I have another migraine and I don't feel like having sex tonight, but I will give you a hand job, so take off your pants and whip out your cock for me. I start jerking you off and realize--oops--I forgot to take my shirt off and get some lube! I squirt some lube in my hand, and then spit in my hand for good measure. Speaking of measure, I love your big cock so I jump right into stroking it nice and slow. When I can manage to look away from you beautiful dick, I make eye contact and keep you going with some dirty talk throughout. I spit multiple times in my hand so your cock stay nice and lubed up. I even grab my tits with my spitty, wet hands a few times, because I know you love my natural, perky tits. I jerk you off slow, fast, in-between, and go at it pretty rapid for you after I give you a cum countdown and let you shoot your huge load onto my face, tits, and I'm pretty sure some hit the wall. Good aim, baby! I know handjobs are not as good as sex, but a handjob isn't a job for me when it comes to you--I enjoy it very much, and I love to do it for you to help you relax; it is so fun to stroke you. This time I did it because my head hurt too much for you to fuck me but I would gladly give you a handjob anytime. To make you cum, to make me wet, even just to pass the time. Again, when it comes to you, it's not really a handjob...more like a handhobby :) So hunny, I hope you enjoyed it.
duration 91:02
Legendary 38K-Viewer Webcam Show video from Adulting
Legendary 38K-Viewer Webcam Show by Adulting Legend has it that Sophie had an epic fourteen-hour webcam show on February 20th, 2021, that peaked at thirty eight thousand simultaneous viewers. If you missed this legendary event, or saw it and wish to relive the glory, fear not! Sophie's pussy is extremely creamy this show; all of the cream in this video is Sophie's natural body fluid. She starts by showing you her cervix inside her vagina with a speculum, and then using a vibrator on her clit to show you her orgasm with the speculum keeping her open. She discovers her cervix moves! And then that she can control the movement! She has a lot of fun sucking her cervix in deeply and then pushing it out towards the camera. Next, Sophie shows you the inside of her pink, wet pussy with an endoscope, before cumming while fans vibrate her pink bluetooth-controlled toy and bluetooth clitoris wand while you watch inside of her pussy through a clear tunnel as her white cream bubbles up! She moans and begs for your cum. Her face expresses her pleasure. After many, many orgasms (and over eight hours of masturbating) Sophie puts the speculum back inside her very tight pussy and shows you how swollen she is! She giggles and enjoys showing you her new-found skill of moving her cervix. This lovely show has been edited down from over **** hours to one and a half hours, however, it still maintains an intimate webcam show feel, including some of the funny, fascinated, excited, explorative, and interactive moments. Keywords:Endoscope,Giggling,GYNO Fetish,Pigtails,Pussy Gaping,Sex Ed,Smile,Speculum,Talking,Webcam Recording Category:Extreme Close-Ups, GFE
duration 13:07
Cervix Creampie Fuck POV 3X video from Adulting
Cervix Creampie Fuck POV 3X by Adulting Get ready to cum HARD all over Sophie’s Cervix. You have NEVER seen porn like this before. Fuck Sophie with three 4k amazing camera views. One view shows Sophie’s lovely face, wide eyes, enticing smile, and bouncing tits as you plow into her hole. Another view shows her wet pussy, hips, and waist bucking as they receive your thrusts, legs up, feet soles on display, and toes curling in ecstasy. And best of all, view inside of Sophie's bright, pink, pussy in smooth, glorious, high definition, viewing her cervix each time your cock rams her tiny hole. Her pussy is so juicy and creamy, she loves taking your cock, and seeing her cream build up on your shaft. Start out teasing Sophie with a good slow fuck, nice, long strides in-and-out, edging you both along as you get harder and she gets hornier. Take in the exquisite view of Sophie’s pussy, your cock seamlessly gliding from just inside to deep all the way until the head of your dick is pressed against her silky wet cervix. Once your cock is swollen and throbbing, it’s time to rail Sophie’s willing hole. The best part? WATCH your creampie shooting onto Sophie’s cervix before she shows you your massive load dripping out of her closeup spread pussy. Hear the sounds of Sophie’s wet pussy as you thrust into her, the slapping of your body against her pussy, her softly moaning and begging for your cum, and her heavy breath as you pound into her cervix with intense, primal lust. Enjoy fucking Sophie at various stroke lengths and speeds from slow to ultra rapid before you unleash your load deep into her craving hole. Channel Tags: Cervix, womb, uterus, reproduce, breed, pregnant, impregnate, breeding, cum, creampie, cream, cunt, closeup, close-up, 4k, dirty talk, eye contact, asmr, internal, endoscope, cinematic, professional, wedding, wedding night, honeymoon, newlywed, bride, wife, bred, raw, primal, horny, lustful, animalistic, intense, hard, ram, thrust, fuck, sex, missionary, POV, intimate, Internal, Extreme Close-ups, Magnified, Microscope, Endoscope, Dirty Talk, Moaning, Face, Eyes, Eye Contact, Smile, Giggle, 18, 19, 4k, POV, body, Adulting, Anatomy, Breeding, Clit, Creamy, Cute, Dildo Cam, Exploration, Face, Giants, Giantess, Gyno, Gynecologist, Internal, Labia, Lips, hymen, Magnification, Medical, Microscope, cream, creampie, moan, Squirt, Swollen, Talk, Teens (18+), Tight, Tongue, Vagina, Pussy, ahegao, fuck, hard, loud, sex sounds, novel, unique, 360, tits, elf, fantasy, fairytail, Vore, Unbirth
duration 5:22
Sweaty Girlfriend POV Pussy Eating video from Dani Sorrento
Sweaty Girlfriend POV Pussy Eating by Dani Sorrento I just got done working out and I desperately need a shower. I change out of my clothes and notice you just laying there, in the exact same position I left you in. I told you to clean up the house and you didn't. I am not happy, but I have another option for you. If you can make me cum in under two minutes then I will clean up the house. The catch is, I am all sweaty and not going to shower first before I straddle your face. So you'll be licking up my sweat as you try to make me cum. Deal? The time starts as soon as I sit on your face. Focus on the clit and really work that tongue! I start to grind on your face and get more and more aggressive with my movements. I wanna cum and you are nowhere near getting me there. I keep trying and yelling at you to really get in there. The time is up and I didn't cum, but you did! I start laughing at you as I stand up to turn around and sit back on your face. Now I want you to clean my sweaty ass before you gotta clean the house. (custom clip, dirty talk, mean girlfriend, femdom, domination, roleplay, close views, tall, curvy body, thick thighs, chubby belly, bbw, sweat, hot and sweaty, hair up, brunette, brown eyes, shaved pussy, tattoos, sports bra, leggings, changing, strip tease, grinding, close up pussy, pussy spreading, naked, ass spreading, POV face sit, bubble butt, huge ass, jiggling cheeks, round ass, pawg, whooty, big tits, 52in ass, 32in thighs, 38DD tits, humiliation, fetish talk, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)

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