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duration 13:16
Girlfriends Cuckold Confession video from Leila Cherry
Girlfriends Cuckold Confession by Leila Cherry I have to come clean to you about something that's been going on behind your back. Yes, I have been cheating on you actually! Good guess sweetie. Aww don’t act surprised! You and I both knew it would happen eventually. You didn’t think you could keep a beautiful girl like me satisfied all by yourself now did you? I mean, look at me then look at you. I don’t feel like pretending that your below average cock is enough to satisfy me anymore. I’m unhappy with our sex life. I have been for quite some time. That’s why I’ve been messing around with random guys on tinder for the past 2 months. No of course I don’t want to break up. I love using you for gifts and food, you always treat me so well sweetie. I really do care about you, but you’re so pathetic and useless in bed. So I’m going to give you two options. Since you seem so upset by my infidelity, we can break up. You’ll be left alone, sad, single. Knowing you’ll never find a girl as beautiful as me that will give you the time of day. You’ll have to settle for some boring girl who you’ll grow to resent because she’ll never be me. You’ll always compare her to me. You’ll always be desperate for and obsessed with me. OR you can stay with me, and come to terms with the fact that your tiny excuse for a dick will never be able to satisfy me. You’ll get to stay with me, so long as you don’t give me any gripe about my promiscuity. I’ll tell you all about every encounter I have, I might even let you watch. The thought of it is making your dick hard isn’t it? Being able to watch your girlfriend experience immense pleasure at the hands of a hot hung stud. I knew I could ease you into the idea, sweetie. I knew you’d be understanding. And I knew that you’d get rock hard thinking about all of the cocks that I’m taking. Because deep down, you always knew that you weren’t good enough. You always knew you’d never be enough to please me. You’d never be man enough. That you don’t deserve me. And that’s all very true. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying your absolute hardest to make me happy, in fact it’s what drives and motivates you. You’re eager to hear about all of the hot sex I’ve been having without you? Well, lucky for you I actually have a date that I’m about to head off to. And this time I’d like you to be involved. I’m going to lock your cock up in a chastity cage I picked up, with your credit card of course. Then I’ll have you answer the door when he comes knocking. You’re going to invite him in and politely introduce yourself. I’m going to come outside of the room and greet him, then kiss you good bye on the cheek. You’re going to wait here at home, by yourself, not able to touch your cock, thinking about what we’re doing together every second of the date. Then when things begin to get hot and steamy with my date I’ll call you on my cell phone so you can listen in on everything that we’re doing together. Every moan, every whisper, the heavy breathing, the sound of him ramming my tight pussy. All while your cock squeezes against your cage, completely restricting you. Teasing your cock with the temptation to be freed and stroked. But you’ll be a good boy and remain locked in your cage. Then when I get home, I’ll unlock you from your cage after leaving you stuck in it for hours. I’ll make you strip completely naked while I stand before you. You will then get on your knees and stroke to me while looking up at me. Worshipping the beautiful body that was just ravished and fucked by a man that wasn’t you. A man that you’ll never get to be. Then finally I’ll let you cum into your hand while you’re looking pathetic and weak. What am I going to do with this puddle of cum sitting in your hand? Make you eat it of course! To truly show you your new role in our relationship, I have to be very very clear about who is in charge and there’s no better way to do that than make you taste that disgusting seed you’d always beg for me to swallow. How does it feel to taste your own medicine, sweetie?
duration 45:03
Best Friends Become Lovers - POV GFE video from Molly Darling
Best Friends Become Lovers - POV GFE by Molly Darling [custom vid] COMPLETELY POV for full immersion :) romantic, confessing of love, best friends, gfe, purely pov, montage of sfw shots at the beginning to set narrative, Roleplay, kissing, oral sex, implied female oral sex, cowgirl sex, cuddling, sweet talk. You have known your best friend - Molly for as long as you can remember. You were friends from a young age who have stayed close all of this time. You are always hanging out and making plans together. [beginning montage of friendship moments] You are always there for each other. It’s the evening and you are sat in bed reading one of your favourite books. You hear the door opening downstairs and a “hello?” It’s Molly. She comes upstairs and tells you she left her house keys at work. It’s quite late and she doesn’t want to go all the way back so wondered if she could stay the night? You say yes, of course. She sits on the bed next to you and it looks as if she has something on her mind. She says that she’s been thinking about you a lot lately and finally built up the courage to tell you how she feels. She doesn’t want to just be friends anymore, she wants to take it to the next level. You feel the same way and she is so happy and relieved. She asks if she can kiss you and leans in. You start kissing each other and she leans back to take off her dress. She guides your hand onto her breasts, you caress each one and gently pinch her nipples. She moves down to your trousers and pulls them down. You’re already so excited and she notices. She slowly kisses your cock up and down, taking her time to build up to sucking. She sucks your cock whilst looking up at you. After a while you flip her onto her back and start touching her legs and pussy. You pull her panties aside and rub her clit. You get down between her legs and start to lick her out [implied through camera angle] she moans with pleasure whilst she plays with her nipples. She asks for you to put her fingers inside of her. You put two fingers in as she rubs her clit. It feels so good for her that she can’t help but have an orgasm. Now she wants you inside of her. She climbs on top of you and rides your cock whilst you look up at her. It doesn’t take long for the pace to quicken and you cum inside of her. She hops off of you and gives your cock some tender kisses. After the sex you lie together whilst she wears one of your t-shirts. She strokes your hand on her face and tells you how happy she is and full of excitement!

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