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duration 11:46
GFE: hotfasthardfuck 4K video from Sloansmoans
GFE: hotfasthardfuck 4K by Sloansmoans We’ve been going out for a while but we haven’t gotten the chance to be alone… that is until… now. My parents left the house for a few minutes and I quite literally jump at the opportunity to ride you. My pussy has been wet for weeks waiting for this moment. No time for talking! No time for foreplay! I hop onto your dick and start riding. Hard and fast right out the gate. I tell you that I’ll be quiet so the neighbors don’t hear us but… that mentality goes quickly out of the window. I’m ravaging your dick with my pussy. Bouncing frantically in so much pleasure, I can’t help myself. I’m starting to lose control. My moans get louder, my tits shake and bounce with vigor. This is all for you, babe. No one handles me like you and I don’t care who can hear us. Let them fucking hear us! I’m not going to stop! I need to cum, I need your dick, I unravel completely as I ride you. You hear people downstairs? My parents are home. But I’m a bad girl, I’m insatiable and I need to get off. I ride you harder as I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. I’m moaning so fucking loud. They're right outside the door. I don’t care. They open the door and see us. I double down on you and make my parents watch as I cum all over my boyfriends dick. That’s right. I’m a bad girl… enjoy me, xo ROLE PLAY/GFE/COWGIRL POV SEX/NO FOREPLAY/ARMPIT/ARMPIT FETISH/HAIR PULLING/DIRTY TALK/INTENSE FUCKING/BIG TITS/LOUD FUCKING/MOANING FETISH
duration 22:37
Breed Cervix 3X POV video from Adulting
Breed Cervix 3X POV by Adulting It’s time to breed! Immerse yourself in the sound and dirty talk of your new bride, Sophie, as she sweetly, lustfully, demands for you to impregnate her on your wedding night. Sophie gazes deeply into your eyes throughout, talking to you throughout. Your cock will swell as you watch three 4k amazing camera views. One view shows Sophie’s lovely face, constant eye-contact, dirty-talking mouth, and bouncing tits as you plow into her hole. Another view shows her wet, fertile, bouncing, pussy as your cock thrust intensely in-and-out. And best of all, view inside of Sophie's bright, pink, pussy in smooth, glorious, high definition, viewing her cervix extremely close up each time your cock rams against her cervix hole. [Timestamp 00:00 - 01:09] Begin your wedding day, your bride gazing into your eyes as you listen to her recite wedding vows. See the beautiful wedding bed you will share with her tonight. And feel your cock grow as Sophie looks directly into your eyes, close-up, and tells you she wants you to breed her tonight. [Timestamp 01:10 - 11:29] You thrust rhythmically into her horny, fertile cunt. Listening to the wetness and impact of your cock plunging into Sophie’s pussy and plowing into her cervix. Feel her body jolting each time you passionately thrust into her hole, and listen to her talk to you, telling you to plunge your fertile fuck rod deeply into her horny cunt, fuck, and fuck, and fuck, until you empty every drop of your fertile load deep into her thirsty womb. [Timestamp 11:30 - 19:00] You thrust faster, Sophie’s talking becomes even more intense, both of you getting closer and closer to the moment your cock will press against Sophie’s cervix hole and shoot cum directly into her womb, up to her egg, and make her pregnant. [Timestamp 19:01 - 22:37] You explode on Sophie's cervix, watching as your cum shoots directly onto her cervix hole until all you can see is white cream. Sophie needs all of your seeds, she fingers her pussy, ensuring every single drop of your creampie stays inside. The moment she gives birth, she wants you to breed her again. She wants you to suck her milky tits while you breed her again. She wants to be constantly pregnant, over and over and over. You’re the best husband ever. Channel Tags: Cervix, womb, uterus, reproduce, breed, pregnant, impregnate, breeding, cum, creampie, cream, cunt, closeup, close-up, 4k, dirty talk, eye contact, asmr, internal, endoscope, cinematic, professional, wedding, wedding night, honeymoon, newlywed, bride, wife, bred, raw, primal, horny, lustful, animalistic, intense, hard, ram, thrust, fuck, sex, missionary, POV, intimate, Internal, Extreme Close-ups, Magnified, Microscope, Endoscope, Dirty Talk, Moaning, Face, Eyes, Eye Contact, Smile, Giggle, 18, 19, POV, body, Adulting, Anatomy, Breeding, Clit, Creamy, Cute, Dildo Cam, Exploration, Face, Giants, Giantess, Gyno, Gynecologist, Internal, Labia, Lips, hymen, Magnification, Medical, Microscope, cream, creampie, moan, Squirt, Swollen, Talk, Tight, Tongue, Vagina, Pussy, ahegao, fuck, hard, loud, sex sounds, novel, unique, 360, tits, elf, fantasy, fairytail, Vore, Unbirth Creampie, GFE Bald Pussy, Cute, Dirty Talk, Extreme Close-Ups, GYNO Fetish, Impregnation Fantasy, POV, Pregnant Fantasy, Romantic, Smile,
duration 91:02
Legendary 38K-Viewer Webcam Show video from Adulting
Legendary 38K-Viewer Webcam Show by Adulting Legend has it that Sophie had an epic fourteen-hour webcam show on February 20th, 2021, that peaked at thirty eight thousand simultaneous viewers. If you missed this legendary event, or saw it and wish to relive the glory, fear not! Sophie's pussy is extremely creamy this show; all of the cream in this video is Sophie's natural body fluid. She starts by showing you her cervix inside her vagina with a speculum, and then using a vibrator on her clit to show you her orgasm with the speculum keeping her open. She discovers her cervix moves! And then that she can control the movement! She has a lot of fun sucking her cervix in deeply and then pushing it out towards the camera. Next, Sophie shows you the inside of her pink, wet pussy with an endoscope, before cumming while fans vibrate her pink bluetooth-controlled toy and bluetooth clitoris wand while you watch inside of her pussy through a clear tunnel as her white cream bubbles up! She moans and begs for your cum. Her face expresses her pleasure. After many, many orgasms (and over eight hours of masturbating) Sophie puts the speculum back inside her very tight pussy and shows you how swollen she is! She giggles and enjoys showing you her new-found skill of moving her cervix. This lovely show has been edited down from over **** hours to one and a half hours, however, it still maintains an intimate webcam show feel, including some of the funny, fascinated, excited, explorative, and interactive moments. Keywords:Endoscope,Giggling,GYNO Fetish,Pigtails,Pussy Gaping,Sex Ed,Smile,Speculum,Talking,Webcam Recording Category:Extreme Close-Ups, GFE
duration 16:27
A Night Alone With Hermione - GFE video from Molly Darling
A Night Alone With Hermione - GFE by Molly Darling custom vid] You, Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Madam Hooch have been racing to find the Horcruxes and fight off bad wizards, hoping to make it back to Hogwarts in time. You all have recently escaped Gringotts with Belatrix's Horcrux. You have decided to travel back to Hogwarts, sneaking in via Hogsmeade. The journey will take a while so on the way, you all have taken refuge in a hideout for a much needed rest. Ron is in a room with Madam Hooch, Harry is with Ginny.. so you and Hermione have a room all to yourselves. Hermione is your girlfriend, she loves you very much. It's been a hard time and you both have a lot of pent-up horniness which needs to be released! Everyone is in their rooms and Hermione has cast a door curse spell to keep everyone out. No one will be bothering you. She unzips her jacket and shows you her big, wonderful breasts. You love them, she has the biggest out of all the girls. She is so happy to see your huge, hard cock. She licks you and lightly sucks the tip, getting you ready for her pussy. She climbs on top of you and slides your cock inside of her. It feels so good. She moans in ecstasy. She rides you until she cums on your cock. She switches around so you can see her juicy arse whilst she glides up and down your cock. It's not long before Hermione is cumming on your cock again. She could sit and ride you all day long. Now that she is good and satisfied, it's your turn. She strokes your cock, encouraging you to cum on her. Release all of that stored up cum. Cum for Hermione, Cover Hermione! british, roleplay, pov, virtual sex, facial, blonde, big tits, curvy, girlfriend experience, simulated
duration 19:22
First Time Fuck Machine Friendly Post BJ video from OmankoVivi

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