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duration 11:56
Naked 420 smoking and deepthroat blowjob video from WillowSnow
Naked 420 smoking and deepthroat blowjob by WillowSnow Its a 420 celebration! What better way to celebrate than my soft sexy supple body naked baking myself silly then deepthroating your cock. Blowing big clouds of smoke then blowing you, you get to see my amazing fat bbw body in multiple positions as I smoke up. Stare at every part of me including my deliciously juicy huge ass. I keep eye contact while I take your hard cock deep into my throat, drooping and gagging on your cock, before taking off my glasses and going even harder on your cock, the ultimate 420. Tags: smoking, bbw, juicy, fat, chubby, thick, 420, naked, big tits, big ass, socks, saggy tits, big bbw ass, thick thighs, Gothic, blow job, dildo, alternative, glasses, long hair, all natural, bush, hairy, smoking out of pipe, bbw smoking, deepthroating, gagging on cock, eye contact, blue eyes, bbw blow job, dildo blowjob, bbw 420 smoking, bbw with big tits, bbw with big ass, saggy tits, amateur bbw, all natural bbw, doggystyle smoking, twerking, jiggly bbw ass, blowing smoke, big clouds of smoke, drool, spit, bbw in socks, gothic bbw, alternative bbw, bbw dildo deepthroating, bbw with bush, hairy bbw, bbw cock sucking, belly fetish, bbw fetish, fat fetish, bbw with saggy tits, bbw with long hair, bbw with big belly, pale, bbw blowing big smoke clouds, glasses fetish, pierced, tattoos, stretch marks, bbw belly fetish, bbw with piercings, bbw with tattoos, glasses fetish, sock fetish, bbw drooling on cock, bbw gagging on dildo, eye contact blowjob, teasing, bbw tease, bbw in socks, closeup, closeup deep throating, closeup blowjob, bbw spitting on cock, dildo sucking, amateur bbw dildo sucking, amateur bbw blowjob, amateur bbw deepthroating, naked smoking, smoking naked, bbw smoking naked, 420 naked smoking.
duration 27:48
Stephie Starr - Step Sister Sloppy Deepthroat Training video from Tiptobase69
Stephie Starr - Step Sister Sloppy Deepthroat Training by Tiptobase69 My step sister, Stephie Staar, recently moved in with me. It hasn't been so bad....when she's not stealing the money right from my wallet! Stephie has been on the edge of getting kicked out o the house, even her mom is on her last nerve. So when I find Stephie steal again, something has to be done. Unless of course Stephie can convince me otherwise :)

Stephie gets right at it and knows what I want, my cock trying to pound it's way into the back of her throat. How'd she know? My step sis knows me too well. Stephie starts getting facefucked on her knees and deepthroats my cock as far as she can. I let Stephie off a little easy and dont go as hard fucking her face as I usually do, she needs a bit of training. Hell, Deepthroat training is my favorite thing to practice, im happy to help her out. After some sloppy attempts at getting my cock into her throat (in POV too), Stephie lays on her back and opens her throat as wide as she can for me. I can feel her throat clench and tighten as each thrust brings her closer to her breaking point. Stephie is dripping throat spit right onto her face and makes for such a great sloppy blowjob. I start getting closer to cumming but I had a feeling Stephie would back ut of taking a load of cum.I pin her down on the bed so she has nowhere to go. Sitting on her chest, I push my dick as far as I can - her throat is so tight and wet - I press further and further, harder and harder until I cant contain myself anymore. I start cumming right in Stephies mouth, with no where to go she spits it out and onto herself.

Should of let me facefuck you even harder Stephie, maybe then we could of kept this secret :P
duration 22:11
Neighbors Wife Cheats | BBC Creampie video from Cattie
Neighbors Wife Cheats | BBC Creampie by Cattie You and your neighbors have always been on good terms and fairly close. You've gone over to Cattie's to visit but, her husband's out. While you're catching up with each other, she confides that things haven't been soo great lately. But she feels bad ranting about her problems and asks about you and your wife. Seems you're both in the same boat... And you both have needs! Suggesting you both support each other's needs... Cattie's a bit unsure... it's still cheating... and she'd feel... well... somewhat bad for her husband... But... what if... we take off our rings? That's not cheating then, right? She makes a deal with you: show her your cock and if she's as impressed as she thinks she'll be, she'll take off her ring. But you have to take yours off too! The BIG reveal makes her jaw drop! She knew you'd be hung but, she wasn't prepared for the monster in your drawers! Instantly, her appetite for dick sky rockets! She tries shoveling as much of your massive rod into her mouth as she can. Gagging and drooling all over it! Her eyes crossing in delight! Mouth watering uncontrollably. She needs more and so do you! Exhilarated, there's no time to waste! Just pull her panties to the side and work that beast into her tight cunt! Her legs shaking; ass bouncing in your face! In all the excitement, Cattie forgets where you're going to cum!! We forgot to slip on a condom when we started... You tell her your going to cum inside of her and she becomes uncertain for only a split second. Fuck it! Flipping her over and drilling deep into her guts until you bust your nut soo deep inside of her she can taste it! In a euphoric state, she devours the pool of cum leaking from her slit. Making ahegao faces in pure bliss! You've always got a friend in her! LOTS of role play themed dirty talk, great POV/virtual fuck views, messy creampie cum play and more!
duration 19:17
Babysitter Gets Tied Up, Ballgagged, And Slapped Into Giving A Double BJ video from Davina Davis
Babysitter Gets Tied Up, Ballgagged, And Slapped Into Giving A Double BJ by Davina Davis A long time ago, I got my massage license so that I could give my boyfriend a good rub every once in awhile. Well that was a fucking mistake. He decided to cheat on me with some disgusting whore because she was "rougher" in bed. He wanted rough huh? From that moment on I decided that no man would ever treat me with disrespect again. I am a goddess, and I shall be worshipped, not degraded. I locked my Ex in the basement and trained him long and hard to become the perfect bitch boy. I didn't want my massage license to go to waste, so decided to pick up an extra shift at the parlor down the street, while my Ex was slaving away doing my chores. Today I had a first timer. Mmmmmmm I just love new girls. This one, however, is a worthless little cunt. She kept demanding that I go harder, then slower, then softer. This ignorant whore thinks she can get away with ordering me around during the whole fucking massage, just because I'm on a payroll. To make things worse, I found out that she wrote a Yelp review, saying "I should stick to sucking dick and giving happy endings." She clearly doesn't know who she's screwing with. This miserable twat is going to pay. BIG TIME. I did some hardcore Facebook stalking, and figured out that she's actually a babysitter, so I decided to hire her to "watch my kids" When this ugly skank knocks on the door, I'm going to knock her out, tie her up, and make her suffer, like she did to me, having to listen to her cunt ass attitude. When the lazy cow finally woke up, I decided to take the ball gag out of her mouth so she could use it to gag on my little bitch boys cock. Now SHE'S the one whose going to be giving a happy ending. Stupid useless whore. Watch as I shove this cunts head down and she cries like a whiny pig. I'm slapping this ugly slut until she can't take it anymore, then I demand that bitch boy gives her a huge facial and blinds her with his bitch sperm. This retarded cum pig actually thinks I'm going to let her go. HAHAHHAHAHA. I'm pushing her down the stairs, into the basement, so she can rot right next to my useless pussy slave boy. Neither of them will ever get the chance to humiliate me again. NEVER!!!!

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