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duration 10:57
Extremely hairy asshole : Exposed & Fucked video from KinkyCuntboy
Extremely hairy asshole : Exposed & Fucked by KinkyCuntboy First I do a shameless show of exposing my extremely hairy asshole for you. I know you wanna see my anal pucker. I get down on my knees, my big round ass raised in front of your eyes, and teasingly slow start pulling down my undies. My hairy ass crack is revealed first. Then step by step the undies are lowered, till my asshole and even part of my moist pussy flaps are exposed to you. My horny anal fuck hole is twitching and flirting with you, and I spread my most private part wide with my hands. Here’s the tight hairy hole I wanna get fucked in. But that’s not enough. Being a shameless anal slut I give you a real hairy asshole show. I press my hairy pucker against glass and start rubbing my ass and pink asshole against it. Obscene and hot hairy ass grinding against the glass, very… very close up, arouses you as well as me When I return to the room I see an armrest - a perfect spot to bend over and fuck myself in the asshole. I’m an anal slut so I pull down my undies, place my bare hairy asshole for fuck, and lube it up. My very hairy asshole raised high up over the armrest, anal begins. First a smaller dildo penetrates my tight ass, readily waiting to be sodomized. I assfuck myself bent over.. squatting… legs spread on the armrest, while my cunt opens hungrily. The anal fuck over the armrest continues, and a glass dildo takes its turn in my needy hairy asshole being fucked. …However, those are only dildos… in the end Im spreading my hairy ass wide and telling you how I REALLY need assfucking. NB! If you already have my vids Shameless Extremely Hairy Asshole Show and Extremely Hairy Asshole Needs A Fuck, you already have this full version! TAGS: hairy asshole, very hairy ass, very hairy asshole, extremely hairy ass, extremely hairy asshole, hairy ass, very hairy, extremely hairy, hairy, ass, asshole, against glass, on glass, pushed against glass, rubbing against glass, spreading ass, ass spreading, ass against glass, ass on glass, hairy ass against glass, spreading against glass, spreading on glass, big ass, hot ass, sexy ass, ftm, transman, hairy pussy, big pussy, big clit, ass up, anal, big hairy ass, asshole fetish, asshole exposed, exposed asshole, asshole show, tease, teasing, revealing, spread asshole, anal slut, tight asshole, tight ass, closeup, close up, obscene, shameless, explicit, raw, bent over, hairy anal, anal dildo, dildo, hairy legs, fuck, fucked ass, fucked asshole, assfuck, bent over anal, hairy ass fuck, hairy ass fucked
duration 31:37
Edging Myself Brainless in Self Bondage video from Catpaws
Edging Myself Brainless in Self Bondage by Catpaws Pardon me while I indulge my bondage kink... by taping my mouth shut, securing a vibrator in my pussy with a crotch rope, and restraining myself to endure an extended edging session! I'm wearing a bright green bodysuit, with my ankles secured together and my wrists fastened behind my back. The vibrator under the fabric is already on, its U-shape stimulating both my clit and my g-spot, and when I writhe and squirm the crotch rope digs the toy in deeper. The vibrator is on its lowest setting so it's impossible to cum, I just have to endure it. Soon I'm writhing in pleasure and frustration, causing the high-cut leotard to ride up and reveal more and more of my thick bush - but this is the last thing on my mind, since all I can possibly think of is cumming, even though it's unattainable. I expend my energy too quickly struggling to pleasure myself, and only a few minutes in I'm exhausted and resigned to my orgasm-denied fate. I try my best to keep eye contact with the camera, but my eyes glaze over and roll back as my thoughts are overridden by pleasure, head empty. Gradually I lose the interest in appearing cute, and my noises evolve from subdued to raunchy... soon I'm totally brainless, hips thrusting as my eyes stare off into space. As I get more edged and sensitive, I realize I might actually be able to cum if I put in the effort - all I have to do is buck my hips like a good mindless slut to finally drive myself over the edge. My orgasm is intense, but I have no way to stop the vibrator, and the overstimulation leaves me twitching and shaking - Almost immediately another orgasm begins forming, and after the neighbor knocks on our shared wall (oops), I have to bury my face in the bed to muffle my loud, pitiful whimpering. I noticed some shoulder pain and decided to end it there, so I unfasten my cuffs, pull the vibrator out, and spread my satisfied pussy for you. :)

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