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duration 24:43
Giantess Feet Cervix Clit Tits Mouth video from Adulting
Giantess Feet Cervix Clit Tits Mouth by Adulting Enter a magical world of Sophie, a friendly, cheerful, sensual giantess. Become completely immersed in the world of fantasy. Experience being a tiny little man exploring the lovely giantess through your tiny point of view. You are not only tiny, you are shrinking! Shrinking each time you cum! [Timestamp 00:00 - 4:43] You are on Sophie’s floor, enjoying the view of her lovely feet and toes. You look up just in time to see Sophie’s foot above you traveling downward towards you! Sophie notices you just in time to keep her foot from stepping on you! Sophie bends down and picks you up, she talks to you and asks you questions, but you are so tiny you can’t understand her giantess voice. Sophie is confused and concerned, although you are pretty adorable as a teeny tiny person, she admires your tiny body parts. Oh! Well, your libedo hasn’t shrunken any! You’ve got a tiny little boner! Sophie giggles. Sophie places you back on the floor. Sophie feels you tickling her toes and thinks you’ve begun giving her a foot message. How kind! Thinking of her at a time like this. Oh my! You have taken a fancy to Sophie's toes! You hump near her big toe until you squirt cum onto her toe. As soon as you cum, you shrink even smaller! [Timestamp 4:44 - 18:32] After Sophie sees how tiny you are now, and how quickly you’re able to thrust your tiny pelvis, she has a good idea! You should thrust your tiny pelvis on her clit. She scoops you up and places you down at the top of her clit. She is so aroused. You can see how engorged her clit is, you can see the veins, and it is swollen and hard. You hump Sophie’s clit until her muscles are contracting as she cums. You’ve made Sophie feel so good! She needs you deeper, she needs you inside her! Sophie puts you inside her pussy, using a speculum to keep her open. Her pussy is so wet and creamy. Her cervix is dilated, thirsty for your cum. She moans as you hump her insides, she messages her clit, and then uses her vibrator on her clit while you are inside her pussy. You enjoy riding inside her pussy as she has two intense orgasms. After Sophie cums, you stay inside her pussy, you can hear her heart pounding and see her cervix throbbing, you both rest a moment, before Sophie asks you to fuck her nipples next! [Timestamp 18:33 - 22:20] You’re lifted up to Sophie’s nipple, where you briefly hump her nipple and cum again! And after cumming you shrink even tinier! Sophie begins speaking to you about this shrinking problem and how to fix it. She brings you close to her lips, you get another boner from being near her mouth! She giggles and kisses and licks you until you cum on her tongue! Sophie keeps licking you, your teeny tiny itsy bitsy little body is unintentionally blown up into the air by Sophie’s breath and you land on her soft bed covers. [Timestamp 22:21 - 24:43] Oh no! How will Sophie find you now? You’re so tiny! Luckily, Sophie has a magnifying glass, and looks around until she spots you. She brings you close to her face, your view alternates between her one giant eye and her giant lips while she tells you how we can get you back to normal size. For now, since you enjoy her feet so much, you will live between her toes, and she will take you everywhere she goes, to work, on errands, to the gym. Naturally, a lady never sweats, but, well, knowing you’re down there, Sophie just might get a little hot and bothered! Channel Tags: Feet, Toes, Foot, Foot Fetish, Internal, Cervix, Speculum, Close-ups, Extreme Close-ups, Magnified, Microscope, Endoscope, Dirty Talk, Moaning, Face, Eyes, Eye Contact, Smile, Giggle, 18, 19, 4k, POV, body, Adulting, Anatomy, Breeding, Clit, Creamy, Cute, Dildo Cam, Exploration, Face, Giants, Giantess, Gyno, Gynecologist, Internal, Labia, Lips, Magnification, Medical, Microscope, cream, creampie, moan, Squirt, Swollen, Talk, Tight, Tongue, Urethra, Uvula, Vagina, Pussy, ASMR , fuck, hard, loud, sex sounds, novel, unique, tits Foot Fetish, Giantess Extreme Close-Ups, Eye Contact, Giantess Special Effects, GYNO Fetish, Mouth Fetish, Oiled Feet, Shrinking Fetish, Special Effects, Speculum, Tiny Man POV,
duration 18:59
shrinking and playing with tiny slave video from Lily Ann
shrinking and playing with tiny slave by Lily Ann I am a teacher at the local college. Currently working through my latest project, a shrinking serum. I've already used it on one of my human testers. I get the said human out of the front of my underwear and puts him on the desk talking about how small I could possibly make him and all the things I can get away with now he’s in my control, all the while hovering my bare feet above his body. I start to get horny playing with his tiny body between my toes and decide to rub him over my boobs and panties under my skirt, using the human tester to pleasure myself in my panties. I'm naked on the desk rubbing the tiny man over my nipples and pussy, still mentioning about how insignificant he really is, I start to run the tiny man on my asshole, proceeding to fart him out onto the table. later my curiosity and libido get the best of me, I still needs to preform one more test. I stop abruptly and goes back to the desk shrinking the human one more time. Once shrunk I begin to tease the man who is laying down on the desk with my nipples, boasting about how huge they are compared to his minuscule body. Finally I turns around and teases the tiny man with my ass mentioning about how my asshole could devour the microscopic man, laying down on the sofa or floor I proceed to put the tiny man onto my asshole and clench and use him to clean it. After a moment I get bored and proceed to fart him out over and over, eventually toying with the tiny man pushing him Inside and back out over and over, using him as the worlds smallest butt plug. Eventually pushing him in far enough that you can no longer see him.
duration 51:02
FULL 51Minutes College Hottie Mya First Footjob SLOW-STROKING SOLES MAKE Me Cum HARD As Meredith Instructs Her! video from FootJobVirgin.com
FULL 51Minutes College Hottie Mya First Footjob SLOW-STROKING SOLES MAKE Me Cum HARD As Meredith Instructs Her! by FootJobVirgin.com This is the FULL Session Video from Start to Stop! Mya was first auditioned by Meredith on BrandNewAmateurs and was very willing to learn about different kinks and fetishes and was excited about the idea of getting a guy off with her feet. And since Meredith was still around we went ahead and had Meredith tell her what to do! I kind of like when girls boss me around and I think Meredith enjoyed giving the orders here. Mya SURE Didn't mind following them! BTW At some point we will get to see Meredith give her first footjob as well!See Mya's Porn Audition on BrandNewAmateurs Mya's Porn Audition on BrandNewAmateurs!This Clip is The Full Video but it is also available in lower-priced parts "a la carte" style. Other Parts Guide:~ Part 1 Minutes 0 - 19: Starts by taking off her sexy heels in a nice Foot-Reveal & then I Worship her feet Nibble & Suck her Toes. Next I begin to use my Powerful Vibrating-Wand to make her Moan & Wiggle SO Sexy!~ Part 2 Minutes 16 - 29: gets her Shirt & Shorts off as I continue with the Wand-Tease & Start Stroking my Pre-Cumming Cock with her very soft & warm Feet.~ Part 3 Minutes 26 - 36: Off goes her Bra, & Panties then Mya has an intense Moaning & Breathy Orgasm filmed with 3-camera Instant-Replay while continuously Edging me between her soft perfectly tight arches. In Part 4 Mya Cums TWICE from the Wand and is Edging me Perfectly bringing me loser and closer to cumming! And Im SO Ready to!~ Part 4 Minutes 32 - 44 Mya Cums TWICE from the Wand and is Edging me Perfectly bringing me loser and closer to cumming! And Im SO Ready to by now!~ Part 5 Minutes 39 to 50 The End: Mya has a very sexy 2nd orgasm from the Vibrating Wand and then Meredith directs her to finish me off with a couple minutes of slow and steady Footjob Strokes tight between her beautiful arches. GOD It felt so fucking good and I came really REALLY Hard. I LOVE Footjobs!!
duration 25:17
Attack on Hange Titan Bukkake video from OmankoVivi
Attack on Hange Titan Bukkake by OmankoVivi Hange has requested aid in her Titan Research facility, but is surprised when a NEW assistant shows up! She certainly wasn’t expecting anyone to send YOU to help her with this perverted mission, but either way, you’re here for the ride now! As long as you can hold your own with a giant titan around, I’m sure you’ll handle the mission fine! Hange admits to experimenting on Titan semen!!! She has collected beakers and beakers of steaming, hot titan cum! But she needs even MORE! As her assistant, you help her wrangle her favourite titan, Bean! You’re amazed as Hange quickly dilutes into a perverted mess of a Scientist, going completely crazy over Bean’s enormous dick! She loses her mind on his enormous head, drooling and spitting and gagging all over it like a total slut! You’re shocked that titans can even cum, but soon, Bean unloads on her face! Suddenly aroused and confused, you watch in awe as Hange becomes more and more primal, becoming hugely affected by the Titan cum! Soon, she is an insatiable cum slut, coaxing Bean to cum over and over as you fill buckets of sperm for Hange to experiment on~!!! She dumps it all over her body, letting it drip over her tits pussy and ass, before she dumps it all over her head!!! She is in pure ahegao bliss, coated in this steaming hot bukkake bath. Hange plays with her pink pussy, making herself cum over and over as she continue’s to pour Bean’s cum over her, while he continually ejactulates on her filthy whorish body!!! (Toy is a Cody Cachet replica by HankeysToys!

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