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duration 15:38
Bratty School Girl Dominates Sitter video from Dani Sorrento
Bratty School Girl Dominates Sitter by Dani Sorrento I tease you, my sitter, in my tiny school girl outfit and thong. I lay there watching TV, trying to get your attention by wiggling my booty in front of you. You seem to be ignoring my teasing so I suggest we play a game together. I wanna wrestle you! You start to laugh, but then I taunt you saying that you must be afraid that I'll beat you. You take the bait and we toss and turn until I end up on top. I want you to submit, but you are stubborn. Don't worry though, I have a secret wrestling move that will finish you. I take off my panties and turn around. No one can resist my ass! Its too late to submit now though, I am gonna KO you with my big booty! When you wake you are tied up on the floor and I am completely naked. Now its time for my favorite part, I am gonna ride your cock hard and if you last at least 10 minutes without cumming then I'll let you go. If not, then I'll leave you for my step Step-Parents to find. I bounce up and down facing you and then turn around so you can see my ass. No way you will last and I am right. I guess its time for you to be KO'd again... (solo female, wrestling, sitter, taboo, slutty outfit, pigtails, light make up, long hair, brunette, perky big tits, round big ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, school girl outfit, ass shaking, twerking, booty clapping, phat pussy lips, smother, POV camera, g-string, eye contact, coerced orgasm, riding dildo, KO, femdom, giggling, cowgirl and reverse)
duration 21:06
STEP-MOM STEP-SON Teaching and Seduction video from TabithaXXX
STEP-MOM STEP-SON Teaching and Seduction by TabithaXXX "Custom Video" Your husband has asked you to talk to your stepson about girls. You go into his room. You are wearing a short skirt and no panties. You Sit on the edge of bed. He is seated at his desk. You tell him that his Dad asked you talk to him about girls because he wants me to help you to be prepared. You start to talk to him and begin the seduction as you do you uncross your legs allowing him to see up your skirt and get a view of your pussy. You reach across the bed for your phone allowing your skirt to rise up giving him a view of ass and pussy. When you turn back around you notice the bulge forming in his shorts. You seductively ask him if he has ever seen a naked woman up close. You then slowly open your legs and lift up your skirt showing him your pussy. You touch yourself as you do this. You then take out your tits and show them to him. You grab his hand because he is shy and guide them to touch you. You then move his hands to your pussy so he can touch you. After this you tell him to stand up and you pull down his shorts to see his cock. You stroke it for him then take it in your mouth. Talking to him at some point this is no longer you just helping your stepson it has become really erotic for you and you are turned on. You tell him It important to be completely prepare for a woman. You tell him to get naked and lie on bed. You stand over him and take off the rest of your clothes as you prepare to ride his cock. You tell him to just relax and let me handle everything. You lower your pussy onto his cock. As you begin to ride his cock you expect him to cum very quickly but he doesn't so you continue to ride his cock waiting for him to cum. He doesn't cum and your pussy is wanting more the cock ride goes from slow to hard as you seek an orgasm. You lose yourself and saying something like fuck mommy make mommy cum. You ride him until you orgasm. At the end he finally speaks and asked if he can tell you something but you have to promise to not be mad. You say yes. He then says to you that he is not a virgin your kind of shocked. He then ask you is it ok if we still practice some more. You say yes but don't tell your dad.
duration 16:28
Fucking My Boyfriend While His Parents Watch video from Davina Davis
Fucking My Boyfriend While His Parents Watch by Davina Davis My boyfriend Brad and I hadn’t been doing so well lately. Our relationship has had a lot of ups and downs… Well.. Mostly downs. He always seemed disappointed with our sex life, so I decided so switch it up. I went to The mall and bought a super sexy Lingerie set to wear for him.. His parents were in the other room, so I had to wear a trench coat over my lingerie while coming into the house. You should have seen the look on his face! Brad finally looked impressed!!!! I did a sexy dance As the trench coat slowly fell to the ground. I could tell he couldn’t wait to tear my panties off and shove his cock inside of me. But I was going to tease him a little bit first. I started slowly taking my bra off, then my panties, revealing how wet my pussy was. I pushed him onto the couch and ripped his pants off, shoving his dick as far down my throat as I could, until I gagged. I’d never gagged on his dick as hard as I was now, and it felt amazing. I loved showing him how big of a slut I could be. I sucked his cock sooo good that he almost blew a load in my mouth!!! I stopped just in time. He needed to fuck me first. I jumped on his cock and started riding him.. First slow, then fast, then back and fourth. He was loving the way I fucked him, but he wanted to be in control. He pushed my face Into the couch and started fucking me doggy until I squirted all over his cock! He LOVED this! He’s never made me squirt before. It was soooo hot. I started sucking his cock again after that until he blew a hot, wet, load all over my face and tits. I played with it for awhile until I heard his parents coming!!!! I hope they don’t see what a little whore Brad has turned me into!
duration 104:52
Extreme public dice game video from IviRoses
duration 3:19
PUBLIC Exhibitionist Cums in Parking Lot video from Kezia Slater
PUBLIC Exhibitionist Cums in Parking Lot by Kezia Slater Back from my sealed vaults cause I miss this video so much! Watch as I walk back from class, pinching my nipples and public flashing in front of a bus, I get to the parking lot and can't control myself. I love being such a naughty filthy slut in public that I have to cum in public. I sit back as people are going back and forth from the parking lot to class and put one of my feet up on the dashboard so I can really dig deep in my pussy ;) I love fucking myself in public! Watch as I become a creamy wet mess right in the drivers seat of my car in the middle of the day in a public parking lot at school. I show off how wet & creamy my pussy is and can't help but give it a taste. Watch as I taste my own pussy juice in public for anyone to see. Someone gets in the car next to me, and I can't stop myself, I just keep playing with my pussy and fingering my pussy deep, flicking my clit. I cum so fucking loud in the parking lot, I saw a few faces in some parked cars in front of me. I hope they got to watch me play in public ;) I can't be the only perv who loves public play. Do you like seeing my public videos? Do you like seeing me get covered in cum in public and be forceed to walk through public facing my exhilarating fear of getting caught? Do you play in public? I absolutely love playing in public. I get soaking wet in public like no other. You could probably find me in public sucking dick every single day. I don't care if it's a stranger's dick, I need cock in public 24/7. I love sucking dick in public.

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