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duration 41:16
Taboo family Science Experiment video from Delphoxi
Taboo family Science Experiment by Delphoxi Mommy is a scientist and she's been working on a new top secret experiment, but she's been working too hard and has been making mistakes at the lab so she's sent home to rest. Mommy brings home her experiments so she can continue tinkering with the new mutation serum from home.....but she doesn't expect what will happen next... YOU (her son) see the serum on the kitchen counter and confuse it for headache medication, you mention to mommy that you just drank some of the serum and she instantly panics!!! Mommy can't believe you drank her experiment!! She notices that you cock is already bulging and she knows soon you'll be horny and in pain!!! Mommy acts quickly and starts sucking you off, apologizing over and over for doing this to you! Mommy feels awful for what she's done to you, and now feels even worse that she's now sucking off her sweet boy!! She disgusted at first, but soon starts to enjoy tasting your cock!! The serum kicks in even more and your cock mutates into a big pink monster cock!!! But mommy doesn't stop, she continues to suck you off even after your transformation! She knows she has to fix this!! And the only way to do that is to drain your balls completely!!! After getting a good sucking you blow a giant load all over mommy's face! Nut keeps pulsing out of your cock onto mommy's face!!!! But it doesn't look like you're slowing down! You'll have to cum more! Mommy keeps sucking when.....BUSTED! Your sister arrives home from school and catches mommy gobbling up your cum! Sister is shocked! and disgusted !! Why is mommy sucking your cock and why is her brother's cum every where? But mommy quickly coaxes your sister into taking over where mommy left off! Sister is disgusted and reluctant but obeys mommy when she says to fuck you! Sister spreads her legs and lets you fuck her deep all while your mommy encourages it!!!
duration 14:15
not the usual workout 4K video from Sloansmoans
not the usual workout 4K by Sloansmoans CUSTOM FOR ANDY: Watch as you meet up with your hot friend to workout together. You love working out with her because you’ve always enjoyed staring at her tits during gym sessions. Today she’s looking especially hot and you get hard as you watch her stretch. Usually you’d cover it up but you don’t this time. She notices your cock is hard but doesn’t say anything, instead she turns around giving you a perfect view of her ass as she talks about the workout ahead. When she turns back around you have your cock completely out and she is just as shocked as you suspected her to be. She is visibly uncomfortable and she asks what you’re doing and that you guys should just get on with the workout. But you grab her towards you and tell her that you want to fuck her. She’s nervous and hesitant. She tells you that she really shouldn’t and that she should probably leave but you tell her that you want her to strip for you. You’re becoming impatient so she reluctantly pulls up her shirt and lets her tits drop right in front of your face. You tell her that you want her to take her leggings of as you jerk off. She’s still so unsure but she does it anyway. You tell her to start touching herself as you jerk your cock and she listens as she whines and moans about how wrong this is. You tell her to finger fuck herself and she does. You really want to fuck her since she’s being such a good little slut for you so you tell her to stop and to lick her fingers to taste her own pussy. You tell her that you’re going to fuck her and she tries to talk you out of it, in the end she lays back and spreads her legs for you. You start fucking her and she is still hesitant and unsure but she begins to call herself your little slut as you go harder and deeper. She moans and tell you that it feels so good. You love what a good little gym slut she is that you fuck her harder and harder and you cum inside her without telling her. She feels the trickle of your cum seeping out of her pussy but she doesn’t have time to be upset because you’re still hard and you’re still fucking her. She tells you that she loves that you’re fucking your cum deeper inside her and that she wants more of it. She wants to take all the cum you have to give her. She loves being your submissive little gym slut. You tell her that you’re going to cum again but this time all over her face and she tells you she wants it. You pull out just in time to cum all over her pretty face and she’s covered in your cum by the end of this “workout”… enjoy me, xo ROLE PLAY/POV SEX/FACIAL/FINGER FUCKING/BIG TITS/SUBMISSIVE SLUT/WORKOUT/LEGGINGS
duration 27:28
Sweet Exotica of London video from Jay Kennedy
Sweet Exotica of London by Jay Kennedy Australian Escort Sweet Exotica is in the UK at the moment, but can often be found travelling around Europe. Great news for our European members – why not send her a message and ask if she is visiting your country soon? Punter Andy caught up with her while she was touring Leeds and her next stop was York. The incall place was a nice apartment and Andy had to wait for a few minutes as Sweet Exotica was running over from her previous client. Often the case with Escorts who are busy and actually a good sign! Andy was greeted by her at the door just wearing a shirt. It was a bit like visiting a girlfriend. Sweet Exotica is super cool, chilled and tactile. She puts you at ease straight away – a good choice then for newbies to punting. During a chat on the sofa Andy discovered that Sweet Exotica started escorting by first doing Seeking Arrangements and being a Sugar Baby. One of her UK Sugar Daddies introduced her to Adultwork and the rest is history. She actually prefers escorting and wish she had discovered it sooner. She finds punters so much better than Sugar Daddies! It was Andy who suggested they move to the bedroom. Andy got undressed and Sweet Exotica removed her shirt so she was now totally naked. “How would you like me?” asked Andy. “Lay down” replied Sweet Exotica. He did just that and they kissed. Sweet Exotica played with Andy’s cock and then gave him OWO. Once hard she started deepthroating him. Sweet Exotica has a very interesting oral technique when deepthroating. She will take all you cock in her mouth, down her throat and then hold it there while sucking for a good few minutes. “Fuck me” exclaimed Andy “you know how to suck cock.” It turns out she has no gag reflex. Andy was soon rock hard and suggested it was condom time. Sweet Exotica quickly bagged his member and then jumped on top to ride cock. She rides cock well. They switched position to mish and Andy upped the pace giving her a good seeing to. He was enjoying his session with this sexy Aussie. “So you’re a squirter?” asked Andy. “Yes but it’s hard for me to do it via penetration” replied Sweet Exotica. Andy pulled out and tried using fingers. Unfortunately he could not get her to squirt, but Sweet Exotica did say it was hard to get her there. Andy did not mind though he wanted to fuck her some more. He suggested doggy. “Wow that’s a lot deeper” noted Sweet Exotica. Andy took it easy for a while so she could get used to his big cock. After checking it was OK for her he upped the pace giving her a good seeing too. “Sexy body” noted Andy as he slammed her hard from behind. Andy wanted to try an unusual position now – fucking her while holding her up. Unfortunately this did not really work out for him and he decided to give up on it and fuck in mish again instead. After he tired of this Andy switched it to spoons. “Where can I cum baby?” asked Andy. “You can cum in my mouth” replied Sweet Exotica. Andy was well up for that and he pulled out and removed the condom. He cleaned his cock and returned to find Sweet Exotica on her knees by the bed. She popped his cock in her mouth and sucked him off. Once he was near the edge Andy took over and wanked himself off into her gaping mouth. He filled her up with his white spunk. She sucked the last drops out of him. Very horny! What a great ending to a good punt.

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