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duration 20:04
mommy gets bukkake-blackmailed 4K video from Sloansmoans
mommy gets bukkake-blackmailed 4K by Sloansmoans ***MY FIRST ACTUAL BUKKAKE SCENE*** The scene starts with your mom laying down sniffing your (her sons) boxers, as she vigorously rubs her pussy. She’s moaning loudly as she’s about to cum when you walk in. She’s surprised and she tosses your boxers to the side and frantically tries to cover her naked body. 
“Son, what are you doing home  already, you’re supposed to be out with your friends! Oh my God! Are you recording this on your phone! Son you can’t do that!”

Looking slightly passed him, she realizes he’s not alone. 

“Son, who’s, that with you” 

“Oh no, please no. Are those all of your friends in the hall way”

“Son, you can’t be serious! I’m your motherYou can’t blackmail me like this! Please son, I’m not some kind of whore, that you can just treat this way. Son, why are you talking to me like this? I’m your mom. I know what you caught me doing looks wrong, but I can’t help myself. Please don’t make me do this”

 Finally conceding to her fate she gets on her knees and looks up…

Sounding defeated, “fine, who’s first?” She then blows and fucks (POV sex) your friends in a few different positions. She takes massive load after massive load and as this goes on she becomes less reluctant and starts to enjoy it very much. She starts talking dirty about how she loves that you’re feeding her young, hard cock and she starts begging for their cum before each cumshot. She lets her spit, drool and their cum drip all along her face, neck, tits and body. Never cleaning up.

 After the last cock has cum all over her, she leans back and says, “Are you happy son, mommy’s emptied all of your friends cocks, I’m covered in cum.” “Now will you delete the video?”

 Smiling she says, “I was hoping you would say that. You want a turn with mommy too? Well take your cock out so mommy can suck that big hard cock. Not going to lie, I’ve been dreaming about it. Why do you think i was up here playing with my pussy. Oh you don’t want mommy to suck your cock, well ok son. Come down here and fuck mommy’s pussy”

 You begin to fuck mommy hard and fast. She talks dirty about your cock and how it’s everything she’s ever dreamed of. She loves having you pound her cum splattered pussy. She rubs and licks your friends cum as you continue to fuck her until she cums all over your cock. 

“Son get on your back! Mommy needs to ride that cock.”  

She starts riding you hard. 
“Isn’t this what you wanted son? To have your Mommy riding that cock?! Covered in all your friends cum? You have no idea how much your mommy loves and craves cum! You and your friends are going to have to come over more often. Now son, mommy wants your cum. I need your cum son. Please give mommy all of your cum. Please, I need to taste it. I want it all over me!! Please son give mommy all of your cum” 
 She gets off your cock quickly and she begins sucking it and jerking it right in front of her face. 

 “That’s it son. I can see it in your face! Give your cum slut of a mommy what she needs. That’s it son, let it all out. Cover mommy’s face, just like all of your friends”
 Finally you give mommy the biggest cumshot of the day all over her face and mouth. She moans loudly and takes every last drop of it. 

“That’s mommy’s good boy. God son, you taste so good. Next time, you’re going to have to fill mommy up.” Enjoy me, xo BUKKAKE/CUMSHOTS/CUM PLAY/CUM IN MOUTH/CUM ON TITS/FACIAL/TABOO/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/DILDO SUCKING/DEEP THROAT/SPIT FETISH/POV SEX/BLACKMAIL FANTASY
duration 25:33
Hayley Hazard of Liverpool video from Jay Kennedy
Hayley Hazard of Liverpool by Jay Kennedy Hayley answered the door already dressed for the session in nice lingerie (black stockings & suspenders) with her fantastic 30H tits on display. Very perky! Andy was shown in and they sat on the sofa next to the bed for a chat. Hayley is a true Scouser and a very friendly lady who immediately relaxes you. Good choice for newbies! Andy had a massive crush on Sinead O’Connor so Hayley’s alternative look was ideal for him. During the chat Andy learnt that Hayley used to work at the famous Sandy’s Superstars under the name Storm. It was Hayley who moved things forward suggesting they get started. Andy got undressed and Hayley moved to the bed. They started off snogging. Andy then admired Hayley’s bottom. He was getting hard already. Hayley suggested getting her lips round his cock and gave him some OWO. “Fuck yea” groaned Andy as she worked her magic. Andy made himself comfortable on the bed and Hayley continued the blowjob. “Oh fuck you know how to suck dick babe” said Andy. “Thank you” replied Hayley in between moutfulls. Andy suggested Hayley sit on his face so they moved into sixty-nine. “You’ve got a sweet tasting pussy” complimented Andy. They stood up again and Andy enjoyed a quick tit wank and another blowjob before they sorted out a condom. They started off fucking with Hayley riding cock. Andy slapped her arse as she fucked him hard. He got her to squat on his cock. “That’s a beautiful bald pussy on my cock” said Andy. “Do you want me to turn over for you?” asked Hayley. Andy agreed and he now had the delightful sight of her curvy arse on his cock. Hayley is certainly energetic on top! It was a great fuck. They decided to switch position. Andy got a quick suck before doing so and spanked her arse some more. “You’ve got a very spankable arse” he said. “There’s plenty of meat on the bone isn’t there” agreed Hayley. Andy stood up and Hayley got on all fours. He pushed his cock back into her tight pussy and fucked her some more. Andy was really enjoying this punt. “You like a good pounding don’t you” noted Andy. Hayley agreed! Andy decided to taste Hayley’s pussy. She lay back and he got to work with his tongue. From the noises she made Hayley enjoyed this as much as the fucking. At one point she seemed to cum. This got Andy fired up again and he pushed his cock up her once more and fucked her in mish. He got nice and deep in this position really giving it to her. Hayley loved it. “You are very flexible” noted Andy. “My balls are getting full” said Andy. “Should I get my lips round your cock?” asked Hayley. Andy readily agreed and they moved to the side of the bed. He enjoyed slapping his cock on Hayley’s shaved head as she licked his balls. Hayley then sucked and wanked him. Andy likes to finish himself off so he took over. It did not take him long to shoot white hot creamy spunk all over her face and mouth. It dripped down on to her big tits for a lovely finish. Excellent punt.
duration 14:30
Humiliated Live | Girlfriend's Revenge video from Cattie
Humiliated Live | Girlfriend's Revenge by Cattie You come home to find your girlfriend hooking up a camera to her laptop. She tells you she's preparing for a meeting she has later in the day but, she thinks there's just enough time before that to try something fun that she's been thinking of all day While she finishes setting up, why don't you go strip down and she'll be done in a minute! Excited about what kind of surprise she has in store, you waste no time getting into your birthday suit. After a brief moment she comes in, giggling that you're already rock hard. Your imagination really went wild thinking about what she had in store, huh? But she has something very specific in mind. She pulls off one of her thigh high stockings and tells you to put your hands behind your back. You hesitate but, you trust her, don't you? Things quickly go downhill for you from there... After your hands are tied she grabs you by the balls and squeezes tightly. She knows you cheated on her... and now you're going to pay for it! Wanna make it up to her? You'll really have to prove it! She begins to kick you in the dick. Stepping on your balls and crushing them beneath her barefoot. But she's loving it! After all, you deserve everything coming to you. And with that being said, she has yet ANOTHER surprise for you! She removes her other stocking and blindfolds you with it. You're left alone to recover from the ball bashing you'd received when suddenly your chair begins to fall back. Don't worry! She's reclining you so you can be more comfortable. With the way she's speaking to you as she removes the blindfold, you start to think the worst is over... but she reveals a big black strap-on! The fun has only JUST begun! As she begins to peg you, she lets you in on her last little surprise: this is being streamed LIVE! To MILLIONS of people! How embarrassing! And sure enough, one of those viewers just sent a BIG tip to make you cum on your own face! This couldn't get any better! The PERFECT revenge for a cheating piece of trash!
duration 26:21
Gagging For Ganja: Amelia Grace video from JK Films
duration 22:27
The Cost of Doing Business video from Dani Sorrento
The Cost of Doing Business by Dani Sorrento Chris finished fixing my car and is waiting for payment, but I figure since he is already up in my apartment that maybe he would take a more personal payment. I pop out my tits and we instantly go at it. I think he is gonna enjoy this way of paying better! I drop to my knees and suck his already hard cock. I gag and drool all over it, making sure to play with his nice juicy balls along the way. I don't wanna just suck him off though, I think he deserves a more thorough payment. I strip out of my dress and panties, bending over on the couch for him to fuck me from behind. My giant ass bouncing like crazy right off of his body with each thrust. We then move to me taking him for a ride! I get on top and move my big booty fast and hard. Switching it up so he gets all the works. Still not ready to cum yet, he lays me down and first fucks me on my side and then moves to missionary. He is gonna make me cum pounding into me so hard! I can't help, but wanna taste myself off his throbbing cock. I get back on my knees and suck him until he blows his load all over my face and tongue. Getting to swallow some of his delicious jizz. Now I think he won't mind the next time I have him work on my car...(first half of cumshot is not on camera, but you see second half and cum on face and tongue)(Chris Cardio, @cstylesxxx, Dani Sorrento, spankdani, role play, car mechanic, porn storyline, moving camera, professional cameraman, the sinematographer, strip tease, kissing, dirty talk, porno, sheer panties, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, tattoos, interracial, boy girl, fucking, sucking, gagging, messy bj, sloppy blowjob, doggystyle, cowgirl, riding cock, big dick, 10 inch cock, bbc, brunette, brown eyes, make up, long hair, missionary, multiple positions, facial, cumshot, partial cumshot, big tits, perky boobs, bouncing breasts, jiggling ass, ass shaking, cheeks bouncing, tall curvy body, barefoot, size 11 feet, 51 inch ass, 36dd tits, bbw, naked) (video is also posted on Chris Cardio's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on his sites)
duration 35:27
Voyeur Cam Pt. 1: Casey Kisses Seduces New Roommate Korra Del Rio video from Jessica Fox
Voyeur Cam Pt. 1: Casey Kisses Seduces New Roommate Korra Del Rio by Jessica Fox Casey and Kylie are sneaky, slutty, perverted pornographers who find unsuspecting, sexy roommates to move in on the cheap. They don’t need a deposit or credit check, just loose morals and a willingness to fuck in every room in the house. Korra is the newest in a long line of hot roommates. After lingering in the hallway as she watched Kylie and Casey kissing, fingering and sucking on each other, Korra runs to the bathroom flustered, incredibly turned on by the hot couple. She gathers her composure, wraps a towel around her body, and goes to her new bedroom. To her delight and surprise she finds Casey hanging out on her bed in a bikini. Casey has already set the sneaker camera up and it is recording. Casey tells her she thinks they wear the same size lingerie and wants Korra to play dress up with her. After Korra puts a black lacy set on, Casey quickly puts her over her knees and spanks her ass. Korra loves every minute of it as she grinds her hard cock onto Casey’s thigh. Korra hungrily licks and sucks Casey’s throbbing cock as her own bursts out of her sexy black underwear. And that’s not all Casey entices Korra to try on. Casey pulls out open mouth gag in the shape of lips that she immediately spits into once it’s on Korra. She bends Korra over and thrusts her dick deep into her ass eliciting a breathy moan. She then blindfolds an innocent trembling Korra and continues to pound her ass as she strokes her cock. Korra begs for more. She has never done anything so kinky before and she loves it. Casey has her completely in her control. She comes on Korra’s beautiful face dripping hot white come down her chin and into her mouth. Korra licks it up like a good girl. This new housing situation is going to work out just fine.

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