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Post Hysterectomy Vaginal Speculum Exam video from BlackxRose92
Post Hysterectomy Vaginal Speculum Exam by BlackxRose92 It's been a few months since my hysterectomy, and I'm eager to know what my vagina looks like inside. I'm due for vaginal cuff reconstruction due to a vaginal cuff abscess in barely a few months, so this is my chance to see what the inside of my vagina looks like for myself before it changes again. I haven't seen the inside of my vagina since I still had my cervix. The last time I used a speculum to look inside my vagina, I had cervical ectropion, also known as cervical erosion, but that was before my radical hysterectomy removed my uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, separated my uterus from my bladder, and removed over a third of my vagina. I have no clue what my vagina is going to look like when I slide in the speculum and slowly crank it open. Feeling my new vagina stretch so much after having my female reproductive organs removed due to endometriosis and essure has me feeling tight, and you can see the muscles and walls of my vagina move all around because of it. I slowly position the speculum in all angles so we can explore my new vagina completely and learn all about it. The vagina without the cervix moves in incredible ways and gains new flexibility that doesn't happen with vaginas that are still attached to the uterus via the cervix. You can see my delicate, sensual muscles working all around the speculum, flexing and squeezing for the duration of the exam. I gently explore as deep as possible, looking everywhere I can to get in every detail of my post hysterectomy vagina before vaginal cuff reconstruction removes even more of my precious vagina.

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