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Blackmailing Your Sister video from Ivy Addams
Blackmailing Your Sister by Ivy Addams Your sister Ivy has your family fooled. She's on the drama team, she gets good grades, and she never gets in trouble. Or at least that's according to mom and dad, but you know better. You know she's a filthy slut, that she goes out partying, and that she has been doing it with your parents money. Ivy thinks she is so smart and smart girls don't get caught, right? You go into her room morning while she isn't there (she's still out at a party probably with some asshole's cock in her mouth), dig through her laundry to find her dirty gym clothes and you start waiting to enact your plan. You have the credit card bills, you have the proof to show mom and dad. When Ivy gets home and demands you get out of her room, she doesn't believe you at first until she realizes that you have the evidence right in front of her. She obliges, stripping down for you so you can sniff the real thing before telling you to get out and never talk about it again. That isn't enough though - you've got the keys to ruining the reputation your good sister has built, and you are going to blackmail her into fucking you to keep the secret. She doesn't like it at first, calling you a disgusting loser and telling you that you've always been a weirdo and that's why mom and dad like Ivy more than you. You feel her pussy start to get wet and you know she likes this even if she doesn't want to say she likes fucking her brother. You pull out so Ivy can gag on your cock before reminding you that she isn't on birth control, so you better not cum in your sister's pussy. If you knock up your sister, mom and dad will definitely find out.

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