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duration 20:49
Fuck Your Sister Like Your Dad video from Bella Bates
Fuck Your Sister Like Your Dad by Bella Bates You lie on the bed in your room when you hear your sister's voice, how she begs her dad not to cum inside her. Your dad has fucked her when she runs into your room. She is scared and shows you how your dad just cum inside her. You see hows your dad's cum dripping from her pussy. She come next to you on the bed and she is pissed of and wants to get dad responsible for it what he just did. Your sister wants to tell the police, but she has no proofs. She asks you a favor, she wants that you shoot a video when your dad fucks her again. Then you are hiding behind the door when your sister goes to your dad's bedroom. You are shooting with phone when your dad starts fucking your sister. When your dad cum again you go back to your room with your sister. Her pussy is so sore and she needs comfort from you and comes closer to you. Your sister is next to you without panties, and it makes you horny. You know it’s wrong, but you want to touch your sister’s pussy. You push your finger into her pussy. You feel how wet it is. Your sister asks how you can do this for her, and and she says that of course her pussy is wet because dad's cum is inside her. You just want to fuck your sister and go on her and you push your cock inside her. You cum very fast and you see how your and your dad’s cum flow out of her pussy. It turns on you even more and you want fuck fuck your sister again. SISTER. TABOO. SISTER AND BROTHER. FAMILY. SISTER AND DAD. FAMILY TABOO. INTRUDER. INVASION. CREAMPIE (2x). IMPREGNATION FANTASY. BAREBACK. BREEDING. VIRTUAL SEX (no real cock or dildo visible in sex scenes with sister). POV. VIRTUAL FINGERING (no fingers visible).
duration 17:32
Damsel Nosefucked to Shameful Orgasms video from Catpaws
Damsel Nosefucked to Shameful Orgasms by Catpaws Our favorite little nose slut has been caught by a twisted, relentless nose pervert! She finds herself completely bound and helpless, unable to escape her restraints, gagged so she can't call for help. She looks around frightened, but eventually has to look down the lens of the camera before her, and with one look she realizes what may happen. Gagged and completely vulnerable, she can only whimper as the intruder begins touching her face, and playing with her upturned nose, rubbing the cartilage and pinching it so she must breathe loudly through her gagged mouth. A gloved finger invades her little nostril, completely embarrassing the poor girl, and if THAT wasn't enough, the foe pushes the tip of her nose up, giving her a little piggy snout. Once the initial humiliation is over with, the experiments begin. A pair of needle-nose pliers are introduced, to her abject fear, and the assailant taunts her with them as she is clearly intimidated. The tips of the pliers slowly enter her nose, painfully pulling at the tops of her nostrils, then they open wide, stretching her sensitive nostrils to show her dirty nose hair. She can't hide this embarrassing hair anymore, and begins to cry fearfully as he nostrils are stretched and pulled to their limit. Unhappy with her conduct, the intruder uses the long pliers to completely pinch her nose shut, toying with her breathing and causing her pain once again. By the time the pliers are put away, her nostrils are pink and swollen and she hangs her head in shame - but she's given no time to mourn, as purple plastic clips are held in front of her face. The clips may look cute, but they pinch HARD, and once she feels their full power she wishes she could take out the gag and beg for forgiveness. After several threatening pinches, a single clip is left to squeeze her columella - once it's finally removed, her nostrils flare as she pants in relief. But THAT'S no grand finale - what we really want is to see the bitch utterly used! She's next shown a tiny purple dildo - just big enough to enter her nasal cavity. By the time she realizes where the toy is going, a lubricated finger plunges into her nose, thoroughly oiling both holes while she whimpers pitifully. The assailant ruthlessly takes her nasal virginity, inserting the full length of the dildo, including the knot of the toy, in one thrust. The completely new sensation shocks her. The intruder begins to fuck both nostrils, switching back and forth and making both slippery and messy. She's never felt anything like this before, and as the purple mini dildo tickles her sinuses, she begins to sob in shame and moan in unexpected pleasure. She is completely under the stranger's control, and as the mini dildo slams into both holes, she realizes the relentless nose fucking is going to make her cum whether she likes it or not. She climaxes in complete agony, sobbing and moaning with her eyes rolling back in extreme pleasure. As the post-orgasm shame wells up inside her, a single mascara-stained tear rolls down her cheek. But her foe doesn't stop toying her, and she is made to cum again, sobbing, eyes rolling, grunting and moaning loudly, mind broken... successfully converted into a certified nose-play slut. The stranger smears the used dildo across her face, then leaves, as the poor girl is left to grapple with what just happened to her...
duration 32:57
The Silent Treatment: Part One - Elise Graves & Utmost Restraint video from Elise Graves
duration 14:22
**** Whore Fucked And Pissed On video from Davina Davis
**** Whore Fucked And Pissed On by Davina Davis My mother always told me NEVER to walk alone after dark.. I usually always listen, but last night, I decided to disobey her for the first time EVER! It was a terrible idea! I was at the bar with my boyfriend Tom, and we got into a HUGE fight. I didn’t want to be anywhere near him, so I decided to leave early and walk home. Little did I know, Some creepy old man was watching me the whole time! He saw me screaming at Tom and took it as an opportunity to follow me out! I didn’t see him following me at first.. It was so dark.. By the time I realized I was being watched, it was to late. The assailant grabbed me and threw me in his van, bringing me to some sketchy location. When I got there he tied my hands behind my back and shoved a ballgag in my mouth to keep me from screaming. I tried sooo hard to escape, but it was impossible. He kept telling me he would end me If I did shut up. Just when I thought It couldn’t get any worse, He shoved me into a corner and started pissing on me! All over my face, my tits, and my pussy. It was soooo warm, and It smelled sooo bad. I couldn’t help but cry. He didn’t like that very much. He told me I was a stupid, worthless, whore and that he was pissing on me as payback for being a bitch to Tom. I started crying and screaming even louder, and he started to get really angry.. So angry that he ripped the ball gag out of my mouth, pushed me onto my knees, and told me to gag on his dick. I could feel his throbbing cock hit the back of my throat. It hurt sooo bad. The assailant pushed me on the bed and started fucking my pussy, while my hands were cuffed behind my back. I was helpless. At that moment I knew I wasn’t going to see my mother, or anyone, ever again. I figured since there was no escape, I mine as well try and enjoy my last dick. He yelled at me and demanded that I cum on his cock. Right when I was FINALLY about to cum, he started laughing at me and told me a dirty whore like me doesn’t deserve to cum. Then he pushed me onto my knees again and told me to be an obedient slut and swallow all of his cum. I listened with tears in my eyes, as he started blowing his dirty load all over my face. After he finished, I wondered what would happen to me next. Would he hold me here forever and make me be his sex slave and piss whore? Or would he let me go so I could see Tom and my family again? To be continued.....
duration 23:43
Meredith & DD R'Moan - Real Couple - Our First Consensual **** Scene - Struggle & Clothes-Tearing, Bound Wrists, Forced Orgasms & Face-Fucking, Squirting, Multiple Positions - Part 1 of 4 video from MeredithTourmaline
Meredith & DD R'Moan - Real Couple - Our First Consensual **** Scene - Struggle & Clothes-Tearing, Bound Wrists, Forced Orgasms & Face-Fucking, Squirting, Multiple Positions - Part 1 of 4 by MeredithTourmaline DD R'Moan and I get into some sexy trouble and roleplay together. I'm late for my job interview at the library, but DD won't let me leave. He wants to posses me. As I step toward the door, all dressed up in my brand new fuchsia blouse and grey wool pleated skirt, he grabs ahold of me and circumvents my escape. He pushes me back into bed, forces my boots off my feet, and starts ripping my clothes.

I don't just let it happen. I put up a fight. I beg him to let me leave. I can't be late. But he doesn't listen. He lifts my skirt and rips my black lace tights, revealing rose-pink lace underwear, which he pulls aside to finger-fuck me. It's tempting to stay - I don't want to admit how good this feels. I've got other things to do.

I struggle some more.

And then he unbuckles his belt.

I know what's next. As he lowers his tight jeans, old and faded and soft, I kiss his hard cock through his underwear, hoping to placate him. If I do this, will he let me go? My hot pink lipstick stains his underwear, his stomach, his thighs.

I'm a brat. When he removes his underwear, revealing his hard cock, I refuse. I reach for my mug of morning coffee and stare him down as I take long, slow sips. I make him wait. I frustrate him. I thwart his attempts to intimidate me.

But he splashes my coffee in my face and forces his dick down my throat anyway. He straddles me, weight on my chest, and face-fucks me, shoving his cock quicker and quicker. He chokes me, spanks me, pulls my hair. He tears my clothes some more, as I still refuse to take them off for him. He uses the cuffs of my torn-up blouse to bind my wrists.

And though I don't want to be here, he forces me to come.

I'll never make it to my interview at the library on time. I'll probably never make it at all. I am grouchy and petulant.

I've lost so much.

He fucks me in multiple positions. Sometimes I struggle, sometimes I give in. After all, it feels good. I don't want to admit it, but it does.

I moan in aggravated pleasure. DD makes me spread my legs for the camera, makes me squirt.

When will he let me leave?
duration 20:13
Daddy's Girl is an Online Slut video from Carly
Daddy's Girl is an Online Slut by Carly *TW: Intense & taboo themes/language* Daddy's girl is supposed to be getting ready for another dinner party with her parents, but she's not in the mood to dress up & behave.. she'd much rather be naked & horny, doing slutty things online with strange men! She gets a message from someone online, he's a daddy dom and babygirl is instantly wet... She starts talking dirty with him, sending him videos of her naked, showing off her holes! Her fun is interrupted when she hears a knock at her door, its her actual daddy! She throws on a towel to talk to him but then quickly realizes that he knows what she's been up to... He was the one who's been messaging her all afternoon! Babygirl is upset and embarrassed, and daddy is MAD... and turned on! He f*rces her to talk him off, giving him JOI while showing off her tight holes until he cums all over her ass! Babygirl thinks it's over and they can go attend to the guests downstairs, but daddy isn't finished with her yet.. He bends her over and f*rces his cock up her tight ass, making her cry out so much that he has to gag her!! This is an intense r*pe play themed roleplay with a nice build up, spanking , JOI , dirty talk & anal play with my dildo! Ends with a (fake) creampie in my ass!! One of my hottest daddy videos yet! For lovers of: anal , anal play , bdsm , gagged , kink , submissive , spanking , ball gag , redhead , slutty , caught , embarrassed , rough , anal creampie , daddy , daddy kink , dd/lg , hairy , hairy ass , hairy bush , dirty talk , pawg , JOI , ass worship , cum shot
duration 19:17
Babysitter Gets Tied Up, Ballgagged, And Slapped Into Giving A Double BJ video from Davina Davis
Babysitter Gets Tied Up, Ballgagged, And Slapped Into Giving A Double BJ by Davina Davis A long time ago, I got my massage license so that I could give my boyfriend a good rub every once in awhile. Well that was a fucking mistake. He decided to cheat on me with some disgusting whore because she was "rougher" in bed. He wanted rough huh? From that moment on I decided that no man would ever treat me with disrespect again. I am a goddess, and I shall be worshipped, not degraded. I locked my Ex in the basement and trained him long and hard to become the perfect bitch boy. I didn't want my massage license to go to waste, so decided to pick up an extra shift at the parlor down the street, while my Ex was slaving away doing my chores. Today I had a first timer. Mmmmmmm I just love new girls. This one, however, is a worthless little cunt. She kept demanding that I go harder, then slower, then softer. This ignorant whore thinks she can get away with ordering me around during the whole fucking massage, just because I'm on a payroll. To make things worse, I found out that she wrote a Yelp review, saying "I should stick to sucking dick and giving happy endings." She clearly doesn't know who she's screwing with. This miserable twat is going to pay. BIG TIME. I did some hardcore Facebook stalking, and figured out that she's actually a babysitter, so I decided to hire her to "watch my kids" When this ugly skank knocks on the door, I'm going to knock her out, tie her up, and make her suffer, like she did to me, having to listen to her cunt ass attitude. When the lazy cow finally woke up, I decided to take the ball gag out of her mouth so she could use it to gag on my little bitch boys cock. Now SHE'S the one whose going to be giving a happy ending. Stupid useless whore. Watch as I shove this cunts head down and she cries like a whiny pig. I'm slapping this ugly slut until she can't take it anymore, then I demand that bitch boy gives her a huge facial and blinds her with his bitch sperm. This retarded cum pig actually thinks I'm going to let her go. HAHAHHAHAHA. I'm pushing her down the stairs, into the basement, so she can rot right next to my useless pussy slave boy. Neither of them will ever get the chance to humiliate me again. NEVER!!!!

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