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Boy/girl: BBW Sub Slut fucked hard and used video from Vaga Bong
Boy/girl: BBW Sub Slut fucked hard and used by Vaga Bong [Candid] A glimpse into my REAL sex life with my second ever boy/girl vid!! I'm a good little slut for my French Dom. I love him calling me a slut with his accent! He slaps me and sticks his fingers down my throat before he makes me suck his cock. He grabs my hair and shoves my head down making me spit and gag many times on his huge dick. He slaps my tits before I suck even more cock! Then I finger myself a little before we change positions: he stands on the bed to fuck my face. Then he pushes me back to eat my pussy for a little bit. I must be making too much noise because he puts a ball gag on me. We engage in a little more mutual masturbation before he takes my pussy missionary position. My tits bounce everywhere as he fucks me and he slaps my face many times more while calling me a slut.. I LOVE IT. We move to doggy style facing the camera, and he fucks me hard, sometimes spanking my big ass. We switch back to missionary from another angle and he grabs my thighs hard and fucks me to the point of almost cumming. But he wants to cum on my face! Unfortunately alot of it missed my face in the explosion but I lick some of it off his dick and thigh ;) -------This video is mostly uncut to show you what our sex is really like, likewise the lighting is 'natural' and not ideal, again this is because this is unscripted candid sex ;) -------- *** Tags: bbw, punk, blue hair, dreads, tattoos, piercings, green hair, pink hair, alt girl, alternative, emo, goth, freckles, ginger, pale skin, pale tits, brat, submissive, moaning, big ass, pawg, belly, thicc, freaky, kinky, shaved pussy, boy/girl, sextape, toy, fucktoy, gagged, gagging, sloppy, thick thighs, bdsm, real sex, amateur

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