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Exposing The Shy Hairy Intern video from Catpaws
Exposing The Shy Hairy Intern by Catpaws Two coworkers are brought closer together thanks to an unexpected spill! In this video you play a nondescript office worker, assigned to help set up an office party alongside the coworker you've secretly been interested in. She's shy and awkward, and it's not long until she's nervously fidgeting around you - and abruptly she spills soda all over her blouse. Horrified, she begins to panic, but you step in to assist with her clothes in a small bathroom that nobody in the building really uses. She wipes the blouse with a paper towel, but it's clearly not helping, and you suggest that she remove her clothes so they dry faster. Her face pales, but she ultimately agrees. She strips slowly, squirming under your gaze, nervously chatting to try to diffuse the tension. As she removes her clothing, the sophisticated persona she so carefully constructed for office life falls away. Her hairy armpits and jiggly stomach are exposed, and she's even more humiliated when her underwear is revealed - a frumpy bra and silly granny panties! She tries to cover herself once the underwear are gone, but there's only so much you can do with two hands and all that ass. You do your best to reassure her that her body is completely normal, but her discomfort reaches a fever pitch. In all her fidgeting she turns too quickly and trips, taking you both down... and you open your eyes to find her huge ass in your face, her hairy asshole pointed directly at you! She's horrified to the core, but when you continue to reassure her and even admit you find her hot, she realizes you're telling the truth and grows to trust you. She grows more comfortable with you and willingly spreading her ass for you and squeezing her belly. By the time you return with a spare outfit for her, she's relatively comfortable with you seeing her nude body, and you even exchange a sweet moment, having cross the boundary from coworkers to intimate acquaintances. :)
duration 10:47
Chubby girls deserve it in the ass! video from Jojo Lavan
Chubby girls deserve it in the ass! by Jojo Lavan We are on our first date.POV Everything seems to be going fine. I invite you back to my place. You tell me you think I look a little bit chubby in my dress. Then you say "Are you submissive?" I reply of course I am. Then we get back to my place, and you tell me that I am too fat and chubby to get fucked in the pussy and that I only deserve to be fucked in the asshole. I can't believe you just said this to me!! It is SO rude.. I decide to go along with it, because after all, I love it in the asshole. I am not doing this for you, I am doing it for me. But then as we start, I get really really into it, jiggling my belly , calling myself fat, saying I don't deserve it in the pussy because I am just a fat girl who knows her place. I spread my asshole wide for you while giving telling you to fuck my hard in my ass There is SO much nasty hot anal fat shaming dirty talk in this. If you love fat shaming chubby girls who don't deserve it in the pussy then you will fucking love this. You eventually cum in my asshole . Wow you fucked me so hard I feel like I can't walk. Damn, I love being a used dirty little anal slut! TAGS - BBW , CURVY , Chubby , fat shaming , fat shame , atm , asstomouth , ass to mouth , anal , kink , kinky , fetish , hoop earrings , all natural , boobs , tits , ass , asshole , butthole , ass lover , ass worship , dirty talk , JOI , POV , point of view , pointofview , jojo lavan , jojolavan , nipple ring , nipple pierced , SEXY , CUTE , CUTIE

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