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duration 23:01
Wife Fucks Husbands Boss to Save Job video from Mrs. Betty Darling
Wife Fucks Husbands Boss to Save Job by Mrs. Betty Darling Custom video POV - I invite my husband’s boss over to discuss his employment. My husband has been growing increasingly concerned that his boss is going to fire him. I ask his boss if there’s anything I can do to save his job. I offer to help out at the office, but you tell me the only thing that could save his job is me. I’m confused and taken aback at what you’re suggesting. I look down at my wedding ring and tell you that I’m a proper and faithful wife. I rationalize with you, and then finally agree to it, just to save his job. I slowly strip down to my black sheer lingerie for you. I agree with you that you were really the one who bought my pearl necklace and lingerie, since you’re his boss. I crawl over to you, take your cock out (dildo). I tell you that it’s bigger than my husband’s cock. I start to use my right hand, but you tell me to use my left hand, and I realize it’s because you want me to realize the depravity of the situation and you want me to confront what I’m doing. I then plead with you to be quick, because my husband could be home at any time. I’m on my back in bed, and slowly slide your cock (dildo) into my pussy. I don’t let on at first that it feels good, but slowly become corrupted into your little whore. I start to get into you stretching me and fucking me better than my husband. When I’m close to cumming, you pull out and I ask you why. You want me to tell you who owns my pussy, so I tell you that you own my pussy, Daddy. I call you Daddy and Sir, telling you that yes I love cheating on my husband with you, I didn’t know it could feel so good, and you’re getting me wet. I tell you I’m going to be your little fuck toy whenever you want. I tell you that it’s my husband’s fault I’m in this position. I tell you I’m going to be your little whore of a wife whenever you want me. Then you cum inside me and I tell you I’m excited to be dripping your cum out of me when he gets home. It ends with us in bed together and me telling you how good it felt, and asking if you’re sure you don’t need a secretary.
duration 43:36
Cheating With Your Coworker video from Fiona Dagger
Cheating With Your Coworker by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Kenneth is used throughout) You and Fiona have been on the road for a few weeks, travelling together and training new staff for your job. Over dinner in the hotel one night, Fiona steers the conversation towards your girlfriend, asking you if you miss her? She admits to you that she misses her boyfriend, but mostly she just misses sex... You feel a bit awkward having this conversation with your coworker, but she laughs and insists that you're both adults, you can admit that you have needs. You chat and flirt a bit more at the table, before Fiona suggests you both go up to her room for a nightcap. Once you're up there, she confesses to you that she's always found you attractive, and you admit the same to her! You both try not to give into temptation, but soon the chemistry and atmosphere are too much to resist, and you find yourself kissing... You stop yourselves and talk about how you shouldn't, it would be so wrong... But you're both so frustrated... Fiona suggests that since fucking would be really bad, maybe you could just do other stuff instead... She tells you that she has a vibrator in the room, and says that maybe you could take turns using it on each other? Then it would basically just be like you were masturbating, not really cheating... She uses the vibe on your cock for a while until she can't stand it anymore and begs you to let her suck you off. She thoroughly worships your cock with her tongue, then admits that it's just gotten her even more frustrated, and she pleads with you to just fuck her this one time! You don't take too much convincing, and pound her pussy in doggy and then missionary until she cums hard. She then asks if you'd like to fuck her ass, and you admit that your girlfriend never lets you do that to her! Fiona insists you treat yourself, so you fuck her tight asshole in multiple positions until she cums again, then begs for you to shoot your load deep into her asshole!
duration 28:03
Homewrecking Secretary video from Fiona Dagger
Homewrecking Secretary by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your secretary Fiona has had her eye on you for quite some time, and it seems she's gotten fed up of waiting for you to notice her and leave your wife... So she hatches a plan! You gave her a key to your house for emergencies, so one day when she knows you and your wife will both be safely out of the house, she lets herself in and starts to cause some trouble! First she masturbates on your couch, fantasising out loud about how you'll soon be hers, then leaves her messy panties where your wife is sure to find them. Then, just to be sure your wife catches on, she takes a load of naked pictures of herself on your couch, from the neck down so your wife won't realise it's her husband's secretary, and sends them to her from a burner email address! Of course, your wife immediately kicks you out of the house, and that evening you find yourself at your secretary's door, explaining to her what's happened and asking her to book you a hotel. She's incredibly sympathetic and insists that your wife is crazy and doesn't deserve you, you're the perfect loyal husband! She offers to let you stay with her instead of at a hotel, and says she'll cook you a nice dinner and you can relax. Once you're in the shower, however, she sneaks into the room and undresses as you continue showering, unaware of her. Once she's naked she jumps into the shower, shocking you, but she quickly hushes you and tells you to just relax and go with it, kneeling down to give you a blowjob. She takes expert care of your cock, showing you just how badly she wants to replace your wife, and dirty talking constantly about how much better she'll be than her. You fuck her in doggy in the shower, then take her to the bedroom to let her ride your cock until she cums, then she begs for you to cum in her mouth, saying she's been fantasising for so long about tasting your cum! After she's swallowed your load she quickly takes her phone out to snap a photo of her with your dick in her mouth, gleefully sending it to your wife before you can stop her!
duration 17:36
Hot Teacher Cheating Encouragement video from Delphoxi
Hot Teacher Cheating Encouragement by Delphoxi You son is failing a class and his teacher has beens ending you letters over and over asking you to come to a conference to discuss his grades. you can't believe your son could possibly be failing so you continue to ignore the teachers urgent messages about seeing you. Finally the teacher even goes as far as inviting you to her home to make the conference easier for you to attend so you FINALLY agree to go to her home and have the conference with her since she seems extremely adamant about about you doing so. The teacher's letter clearly stated that she needs to speak with ONLY YOU, her student's father first so that she can get to know you one on one. you think this request is strange but you arrive at the teacher's home and tell your wife and son to wait in the vehicle while you do your solo portion of the conference. You wife agrees and waits in the car for you. You begin your conference with the teacher. You noticed the teacher locked the door upon your entering her home and you think that's a little strange but you ignore it. She takes you to her bedroom and has you take a seat infront of her, you think all of this is odd, this teacher seems to be odd but you're willing to do this for your son. You instantly notice that the teacher is wearing a very short dress . . and doesn't appear to be wearing any panties. You feel like she may be trying to be sexy for you but you can't tell because she just keeps talking about how your son's grades are slipping and YOU need to bring him to her everyday for tutoring and YOU will have a one on one conference with her each day to discuss his improvement. You agree to the strange request and you think the conference is over when the teacher suddenly confesses to you . . . "wait. I can't keep lying. Your son isn't failing my class, in fact he's on of my best students, I'm just so attracted to you, but I knew you were not only a student's father but also MARRIED so I've just been pretending that your son is failing to get you to come to a conference and see me!" You're shocked! Your son isn't failing! The hot reacher just wanted to be alone with you. You understand now why she insisted that your wife and son wait outside. She apologizes and tells you to punish her for lying to you! She grabs your dick and starts sucking it before you can even say no! You know the door is locked but this is still risky! Your wife is right outside waiting for you while you're inside with the teachers mouth around your cock! It feels so good, and you haven't done anything this wild in years so you accidentally cum in the hot teachers mouth a little bit, but she doesn't seem bothered! She just eats up your cum and starts begging you to fuck her hairy pussy raw and impregnate her! You can't resists! She's hot and your horny! She encourages you to cheat on your wife and impregnate her! Knock up your son's teacher with your wife right outside! She never has to know about it !!
duration 15:00
Cheating Roleplay BBC Blowjob video from Amber Adams
duration 18:31
Your Boss's Wife - Homewrecking Fantasy video from Darling Kiyomi
Your Boss's Wife - Homewrecking Fantasy by Darling Kiyomi I'm your Boss's Wife. You've stopped over to drop off some papers for my husband, but I tell you he unfortunately isn't home. I feel bad you drove out all this way- so you may as well stay with me until hes back. You're awfully young to be working for him- and I'm sure you can tell how much younger I am than him too. I never got the chance to.. go out and explore my youth. He's the only man I've ever fucked, and I'm curious if you have a girlfriend. I don't want anything too serious.. I just want, a chance to try something new. Don't you think you'd be a good man for the job? Besides, you can't resist looking at my big titties. They're practically falling out of my dress, begging for you to squeeze them. So go ahead.. you can touch them. Look at how big they are, and tell me you can say no to them? But you know.. the best way to feel them would be wrapped around your Cock. You don't mind if I suck you off first, right? Just to get your dick nice and lubed for my big tits. Even when my husband calls, I keep myself deep on your dick. I don't really care if he hears me slobbering all over your big cock- it feels so fucking good down my throat- how could I? Now that I've been on the phone with him.. I think it's time for the main event. I get up on your cock and ride you. I tell you to watch my big titties bounce up and down while I tell you how fucking hot I think cheating on my husband with a man like you is. When I'm done cumming all over your big cock- I decide to give you something I'd never do for my husband. I let you cum all over my face and titties, perfect for when he finally comes home. You didn't get any cum on those papers, right!?!

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