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duration 24:50
Let's Cuck Your Wife Together video from Fiona Dagger
Let's Cuck Your Wife Together by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and the name Ryan is used throughout) Your longtime friend Fiona has come round asking for advice and spiritual guidance on how to change her life, as you and your wife are such morally upstanding people. Fiona tells you that she's been having real trouble giving up sex, as her libido is very high, and steers the conversation round to your own sex life with your wife. You feel uncomfortable and shy, and try to change the subject, but Fiona is persistent and slyly asks if you and your wife have a satisfying and adventurous sex life together... After some pushing you eventually admit that no, you're not satisfied with the amount of sex you're getting. You don't even get to do anything other than missionary, and it's very rare! This seems to spark something in Fiona and she shocks you by saying she bets you'd love for her to suck your cock right now... Before you know what's happening she's showing you her tits and hiking up her skirt to play with her pussy, and though you tell her that your wife is in the house and she should stop, she soon manages to convince you to get your cock out and stroke it for her... She makes you admit that you've always had a crush on her, since the 3 of you were at school together, and when she asks if she can go up to your bedroom with you you're too turned on to say no. Luckily your wife is in the kitchen so the two of you sneak upstairs and lock the doors, with Fiona then kneeling down to worship and suck your cock, saying you deserve it after so long with your prudish wife. Soon, to your horror, there's a knock at the door and it's your wife, who's figured out that someone's in there with you! Fiona gleefully taunts her through the door as she sucks you off, and when your wife calls your phone Fiona makes you answer it and tell your wife exactly what's happening! She makes sure your wife stays on the phone by threatening to show the whole town pictures of her fucking you if your wife hangs up, and then she gets up on the bed to ride your cock, talking dirty to you and humiliating your wife down the phone the whole time! Your wife is furious but after a while seems to be getting a little turned on in spite of herself, even as you and Fiona both humiliate and cuck her. You pound Fiona's pussy in doggy, taking out all your frustration on her and telling your wife how much better Fiona feels around your cock, then cover Fiona's tits in cum so she can make sure your wife sees just how much better you like her!
duration 20:43
Wife Cuckolds You on Valentine's Day video from MsCakes
Wife Cuckolds You on Valentine's Day by MsCakes You arrive home on Valentine’s Day to find your bedroom decorated and your wife all dressed up in sexy red lingerie. Since it’s your first Vday together as a married couple, she’s planned an extra special surprise for you tonight! She puts a blindfold on you and tells you to wait a few minutes for her to prepare. Five minutes later, you remove the blindfold and are surprised to see another man sitting on the bed next to your wife. She smiles and explains that since the two of you have shared a cuckolding fantasy for a really long time, she decided to surprise you for Valentine’s Day by finally making it a reality! You’re definitely surprised, but super excited at the prospect of finally getting to watch your wife fuck another man like you’ve dreamed of for so long. She introduces you to her friend John, who’d kindly volunteered for the job of fucking her in front of you tonight. She starts things off with a striptease out of her lingerie, teasing you both to get your dicks nice and hard for her. She encourages you to take yours out and stroke it while you watch her strip naked and finger her dripping wet pussy. Then she takes John’s hard cock out of his jeans and starts pleasuring it with her mouth and tongue. You love the way she keeps her eyes on you the whole time while she sucks his dick, putting on a real show for you. Then she lays back and spreads her legs wide open so John can get on top and slide his thick cock inside her pussy. The sight of your wife being fucked hard by another man is even hotter than you imagined, especially when combined with her lustful gaze and moans of pleasure. She turns to face you while John bends her over and fucks her from behind, and you love the way she looks deep into your eyes while telling you how good his cock feels thrusting deep inside her. Then she gets on top and starts riding him in cowgirl position, giving you a great view of her tight ass and pussy gripping his cock from behind. You can tell she’s getting just as turned on as you are, with the cuckolding situation really bringing out her slutty side. When she’s close to cumming, she turns around to face you once more while she continues riding John's big dick. She can tell you’re both getting close as well, so she tells you to keep stroking and John to get ready to cum inside her. The three of you share a mind blowing simultaneous orgasm, with your wife locking eyes with you as she receives a big creampie from her lover. What an amazing Valentine’s Day present, and surely just the beginning of many more cuckolding experiences!
duration 12:09
It Won't Happen Again Cuck Roleplay pt 1 video from 420sextime
It Won't Happen Again Cuck Roleplay pt 1 by 420sextime This is part 1 of a new cuck series that we're filming. The videos in this series will get progressively more mean/bratty/domineering and I'll continue cheating on you until you become nothing but my pathetic sexless cuck. Hey babe, I just got back from Jessica's costume party and I have something to tell you. It's nothing to worry about! This cute guy was staring at me the whole time so I decided to go over and talk to him, I could tell he was really into me by the huge boner he had bulging through his pants. I told him about you but I also mentioned that I've always wanted to suck a big cock like his and he suggested an idea... This is what I want to talk to you about... We have such a great relationship, I love you, and I always want to be honest with you. You know that I would never cheat on you. This guy said that it would be really kinky if I sucked his big cock and that you could watch if you wanted to! Doesn't that sound hot? It would just be a one time thing, it won't happen again! You know how much I've always wanted to be with a guy with a big dick and this is my chance to see what it's like. Your dick is great, it's just average, so what do you think? I'll text him and tell him to come in. I promise I'll never talk to him again after this! You want me to be happy, right? :) Includes: cuckolding, cheating, facial cumshot, blowjob, eye contact, sloppy blowjob, big dick, big cock, confession, uncut, uncircumcised, spit, costume, Halloween, angel, halo, wings, brat, bratty, mean, gfe, girlfriend, blue lingerie, cum on face, cum in mouth, spit cum, roleplay, dirty talking, cute, evil
duration 21:22
Cucked on Your Anniversary video from Delilah Cass
duration 14:24
Cheating Office Slut Gets Fucked At Christmas Party video from Molly Darling
Cheating Office Slut Gets Fucked At Christmas Party by Molly Darling [Originally filmed in 4k but compressed to 1080 because of file size! Mixed POV and tripod angles. POV blowjob, POV fucking, POV Facial] It's the office christmas party! Molly is helping herself to another glass of red, you approach her for some light chit-chat. She mentions how great it's been to work for your company.. and she's got her eye on a promotion for next year. She's recently gotten engaged and is getting married next year, she tells you how proud her Fiance is of her. She is really eager for that promotion and wants to know if there's anything she can to do make sure she gets it.. what happens at the christmas party, stays at the christmas party.. her Fiance wont find out... Molly gets to her knees, she's heard a rumour around the office that the boss has a big cock.. now she wants to find out for herself.She gets your cock out and starts licking and sucking you, getting you nice and hard. She sucks your cock eagerly whilst looking up at you. Now she wants to get her pussy pounded. You lift up her skirt, caress her tight ass in pantyhose and rip a hole in the crotch. You fuck her over the countertop as she moans. She gets down on the floor like the filthy slut she is, showing off her holes to you. You spit on her pussy and fuck her doggy style on the floor. She can't wait to tell her Fiance that she got the promotion! Once you're close to blowing your load, Molly gets back in front of you, sucks and rubs your cock until you cum all over her face and hair. office, office party, christmas party, slut, office slut, British, english, pantyhose, nylons, pov blowjob, pov sex, doggystyle, heels, facial, christmas, holidays, cheating, cheating fiance, cheating girlfriend, boss, boss employee, promotion.
duration 27:37
Babysitter Coerces You Into Cheating video from Marissa Sweet
Babysitter Coerces You Into Cheating by Marissa Sweet This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: 20 minute roleplay with elements of JOI, homewrecking, virtual sex and impregnation fantasy. You are a babysitter training as a masseuse who has convinced her employer to let her practice her massage techniques. You are very focused on releasing all of his stress as he's returned from a long after-work gym session, with his wife still hours away and the little ones all in bed. Your actual plan is to seduce him into having sex with you, and making sure he cums hard and long enough that you just might get pregnant. You also want him to enjoy his "massage" so much, that you're all he can think about from now on. Scene starts early in the massage session, with you working from his shoulders down much much lower. You notice his bulge, and convince him to start jerking off - you're all alone, it will help relieve his stress, and it's not like he doesn't already jerk off to porn. He can even think about you if he'd like. You masturbate thinking about him, sometimes, so it's only fair. Eventually you take over and start giving him a handjob so he can really relax. He's extremely excited. You tell him you'll tell nobody, to just relax and enjoy it, and you promise to let him finish himself so he doesn't feel guilty about it after. Of course, by the time it feels too good, it's easy to tempt him with the idea of letting you finish him, letting him cum all over your hand. You know he wants it. At some point in the handjob, it becomes obvious that you are masturbating, and you're stripping, telling him to touch you. When naked, you tell him that you really need help with your own stress now. You show off you full perfect body, then get on top, and grind your pussy against his cock. You ignore his protests, promising not to go any further. You just need his hard cock rubbing against you a little longer before he cums. After the grinding gets you close to cumming, there really one thing left. You take his cock inside you - he's begging you not to let him cum inside you, but you swear it's only for a little while, just to help you cum, and you'll stop before he does. You're practically begging for him to fuck you now, you know it's dirty and wrong, but it's only this one time. By the time you cum, there's really no stopping what comes next. You promised to let him pull out, but you insist he keeps going, just a little longer. But when he gets close, you become very different - dominant, even bratty as you tell him to give you what you want, and he's going to give in or you'll tell everyone about this "massage", and how obviously he enjoyed it. When he tells you he's going to cum, you ride him harder, this was your plan the whole time, to get his babysitter pregnant. You've seen all his babysitter porn, you know this is the hottest sex he's ever had. No wonder he can't control his cock around you. He cums inside your pussy, now he'll never stop wanting you now, and you think his stress issues may need a lot more sessions.
duration 31:59
Playing Games With My Husbands Friend video from Marissa Sweet
Playing Games With My Husbands Friend by Marissa Sweet This is a custom video and is tailored to the individual, the script reads as followed: Continue with the premise of you being a hot wife teasing your hubby's friend around the house. Wearing a tennis outfit and sneakers (no panties or bra)....as if you have just come home from the country club. The cam should be the POV of the friend (me). Please begin with me watching you as you come in from your day out playing. Your husband is home working around the house, and you can't be as blatant with your teasing ...so you leave your skirt on, but still make a point to provide quite the tantalizing view. You come in and sit in front of me....making small talk, asking my how my day was, etc. Casually open your legs in front of me a couple times to give me just a peek...enough to let me see that you're not wearing anything under the skirt. After a few minutes, you ask if I have any plans for the afternoon. I say not really... and it's kind of bored just sitting around. So you suggest playing cards while your hubby finishes his tasks. Cutting to next scene, you are sitting on the floor in front of the couch and facing me...with the camera at floor level, sitting only a few feet away, and positioned so that I can see up your skirt. The pile of cards should be placed about 4-5 inches in front of your pussy...so that whenever I reach for a new card, my hand is enticingly close. As we play, I would like you to tease me with gradually more provocative up-skirt views...eventually leaving your legs wide open and your skirt completely up. You open your legs wider each time I reach, and smile slyly...having fun with the torment you are creating. I would like the closeup scenes of your pussy to be spliced in whenever it is my turn to reach for a card...just a couple seconds to mirror the target of my gaze. As I continue to lose the game, you ask me if I am distracted by something. If possible...at some point, pretend that your husband walks into the room over to the side. You close your legs and pretend to be innocently playing cards. After a bit of small talk, he leaves and you go back to teasing. I will let you use your creativity to end the video.

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