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duration 15:15
Daddys little girl sucks & swallows cum for forgiveness HD video from Rosemarieloves
Daddys little girl sucks & swallows cum for forgiveness HD by Rosemarieloves Daddy's little girl has a confession to make to, She sits next to daddy batting her eyes and laying her head on his thigh. She's ashamed and hopes daddy doesnt look at her differently because all she wants is to be his perfect little girl. She finally comes out with whats been eating her up inside. "Im pregnant" she tells daddy and quickly daddy disgraces her and shows disappointment in his eyes.Daddy's little girl cant help but repeat, "im sorry" feeling like a whore. Daddy wants to tell mommy and hates how his little girl is now his little slut. "mommy doesnt have to know, You'll keep this a secret right daddy?" Desperate and eager daddy's little girl coax's him into accepting his true feelings for her. "I see how you look at me sometimes daddy"... "is there something I can do to make you forgive me?" Taking off his shorts leads to daddy's little whore working her way to forgiveness by taking in his nice hard cock in her mouth. She sucks and strokes his smooth dick making daddy accept his deeper love for his whore daughter. "you need to make me cum honey, mommy's going to be home soon".. Surprised and desperate to keep everything a secret including sucking daddy's cock she takes daddy in deeper in her mouth and strokes him faster..moaning and ready to make daddy cum. "where do you want to cum daddy?".. "Im going to cum in your fucking mouth" .. faster daddy's little girl goes making his dick sloppy with spit as her mouth continues to go up and down, she can feel daddy's cock throb in her mouth as he's ready to cum. Too much cum explodes in her mouth she pulls away and daddy shoots more cum out in the air.. Hoping to stay on daddy's good side she takes im back in gobbling up the rest of daddy's gold nectar i her mouth... She drools some out and quickly swallows it back in her mouth down her throat." Do you forgive me now?" .. "we sure wont have to tell your mother about all this ", daddy says. Daddy's little girl can only be daddy's little whore from now on
duration 99:41
BBW Sex Party #2 Full Length Film video from TROUBLEfilms QueerPornTV
duration 17:31
Breastfeeding husband- Kissing, Suckles, Riding and cumming video from Rosemarieloves
Breastfeeding husband- Kissing, Suckles, Riding and cumming by Rosemarieloves Part custom video (email me for customs)

Request- Start off by you and husband french kissing.then husband will come and massage your breast and take off your top and suck on your breast for 10 mins, hard sucking and swallowing milk.

Mommy and daddy send some much needed quality time together. To warm things up we start with some light kissing that leads to deeper kissing with tongue. You can hear the messy smacking of our lips touching and loving each others moist mouths. Hubby gets hot and starts to grope my breast as we kiss and this leads to him taking off my bra so he can take me in his mouth. My breast exposed daddy takes his turn at sucking and licking my milky tits. He takes my milk in sucking hard and making me tender but I fully enjoy it even with a little nipple pain. Hear me moan softly as he continues to have me, sucking and groping my breast. Im his and that turns him on, I ask if he's leaking pre cum in his pants because of me. "Yes" After a long suckle session this custom video was finished but we kept filming here's the extras. I get on top of hubby fully naked and he glides right into me. He suckles on my breast as I ease myself to riding daddy slowly. Things move quickly as I ride a little faster moaning more and more. I ask daddy to squeeze my milk out a little as I ride him and that only make me closer to climax.. I have to stop myself for a second and slow it down again. But What turns me on the most is making my daddy cum its the hottest thing For me pleasing him, pleases me. I ride him telling daddy to go. I ride and usually I cum moaning but this time it felt so good im left speechless as I cum only making sweet faces of pleasure as I take in hubby's cum..Once my climax and his come to an end I make sure to hump a bit to make sure he gets all his sweet cum inside me. I hope this didnt get me pregnant :O oops

This is how our ANR/ABF relationship makes goes from sensual to sexual creating a closer connection for love making.
duration 19:47
Blindfolded and bound by boyfriend. Daddy sucks and plays with daughter secretly. taboo POV video from Rosemarieloves
Blindfolded and bound by boyfriend. Daddy sucks and plays with daughter secretly. taboo POV by Rosemarieloves hey babe guess who's parents are going to be working late tonight? hehe mine. SO I figured maybe you could come over and me and you can have some us time on my mom and dads bed. hehe. Please come over I have a surprise for you. So you have to come over and see for yourself.

Boyfriend- You look fantastic

I was hoping you'd like it hehe I wanted to look good for you. Now come here and touch me and kiss me.

Ugh why is your phone ringing.???? UGh you have to go ....

Boyfriend- Ill be back real fast.. until then hmm how about you wait here. give me your fathers tie Ill bound your hands and blind fold you to keep you in the mood. Now wait here and think of all the things im going to do to you when I get back.

........................... Ohh babe is that you. ?? your back fast. Now come over here and please me I cant wait any longer.

Only its daddy who has walked in on his hot daughter laying on his bed. Begging for pleasure. He cant help himself and since she's blind folded he sucks and teases her tits. She enjoys it moaning with every suckle. Daddy isnt gentle and his baby girl loves it. Ohhh i cant help it. how about you finger me while you suck on my tits.?? Daddy is silent but does as she ask.. sucking and touching her sweet little pussy. ohh it feels sooo good. tossing and Turing in pleasure her mask slips off her eyes and it is revealed that its her daddy.

OMG dad you werent supposed to be home this early. I thought you were my boyfriends. I was so turned on and now Im turned on by my dad.. Im so confused but horny I dont know what to do.

Daddy knows. daddy takes full control as my hands are tied together.He touches my breast roughly and give her the cock she's been begging for.

Daddys baby girl teased daddy while riding him.. hmm you like your naughty little girl. Riding and tit touching makes daddys little princess cums with her hands bound in front of her. And daddy not wearing a condom has no choice but to cover his little cupcake with cum.

*some hints of lactation through out video.

duration 12:28
My Ass Slave video from DakotaCharms
My Ass Slave by DakotaCharms Hello dear. It’s your Goddess here. Tonight, you are going to completely worship me. Worship me, and my perfect ass. You will do EVERYTHING I say. And you absolutely will NOT touch that cock of yours. My perfect ass, and my ass alone, will make you cum tonight. I want you to lie down, in a dark place, naked. *pause* all set? Good boy. Now, I’m going to bring you down into the deepest trance you have every experienced. How you ask? Oh, with my perfect, delicious ass of course! *position yourself to being on all fours with your ass facing the camera on, and sway your hips* All you have to do, is keep staring at my ass. The perfection, that is it. Notice how tightly my yoga pants cling to my ass. The tightness. The firmness of my cheeks. You have never seen an ass this perfect, and you will do anything for it. I’m going to count down from 10 to 1, and with each passing number, you will fall deeper, and deeper into trance. With each number, you will be increasingly in my control. 10 – You keep staring at my ass. The perfect shape of it. You start to feel a warm sensation flowing through your body. Starting at your toes….rolling into your heels, and in the back of your calves. Where ever this warmth goes, your body feels heavier, and heavier. Almost sinking into the space below you. 9 – The warmth continues to spread, as you continue to stare and worship my ass. Feel the warmth spread into your thighs, and around your hips. Continue to go deeper, and deeper. Your body is starting to be so heavy, you can’t move. 8 – Feel the warmth spread to your stomach, and your back. You are now deeper than you have ever been before. Feel the warmth, the relaxation, grip you. Give in completely to my words, and my ass. As you continue, to stare at my perfectly shaped ass. 7 – The warmth now spreads into your arms, and down your hands. They are sinking in, falling deeper and deeper. Heavier, and heavier. Complete relaxation comes over any spot that the warmth has touched. 6 – Keep falling deeper, and deeper, as you feel the warmth spread back over your arms, and into your shoulders, and neck. Feel any tightness wash away, and let them sink back, going deeper, and deeper, as you stare at my ass. 5 – Feel the warmth spread to your head, and into your mind. Pure relaxation is now filling your entire body, my words, and my ass, now completely control you. As you fall deeper, and deeper. Heavier and heavier. 4 – Feel the warmth go back down your stomach, and into your groin. Feel the heat around your cock. The heat causes your balls to start tingling, and filling with cum. You can feel the cum, lie heavy in your balls, as they too fall deeper, and deeper. All this, simply due to my perfect ass. 3 – The warmth spreads up your shaft, and into your cock. The warmth makes precum start to come out. My ass, continuing to sway back and forth, back and forth. The perfection of my ass is stimulating. Like a substance, you are completely addicted to it. You need it. You crave it. 2 – Your whole body now is completely relaxed, as it sinks deeper, and deeper. Heavier and heavier. You can feel your body almost sinking through the floor now you are so deep. Deep, for my ass. Deep for your Goddess. You have never fallen this deep before, and it is all thanks to my lushes, perfect, ass. 1 – You are now completely in my control. The complete control of my lushes, beautiful, perfect, ass. Keep staring at my ass. Keep staring at how the tightness of the pants hug every curve. Watch as I move my ass from side to side. As if it is inviting you into it. Sucking you in, with my stimulating scent. You cannot get enough of my ass. You would do anything for your goddess, and her delicious ass. Your cock is starting to grow even more now. The mere site of my ass makes it begin to swell up. You need my ass. Your cock…needs my ass. It calls to you, and it makes your dick harder than it has ever been before. You want so badly to touch yourself don’t you? Say, “Yes, Goddess”. Good boy. I won’t let you though. My ass…won’t let you. All you can do, is stare at my perfect ass, as the pre-cum continues to drip out of your cock. Every time I say, the word “worship”, I want your cock to pulsate. It will twitch, with wild excitement. Merely at the sound of my voice. Worship me. *pause* Worship my sweet, juicy, ass. Imagine, being right here, with me. Worshiping my ass. Squeezing my ass cheeks, running your hard cock in between my cheeks, oh so close to my tight. Little. Asshole. *position yourself so your ass is off the bottom of the screen screen, with the pants on slowly moving your ass up and down* Imagine what it would be like to get an assjob from me. Imagine, sliding your cock between my cheeks. Feeling my warmth, and softness surrounding your cock. Feel the warmth. The smoothness of the spandex, caressing your rock hard cock. Feel the precum rubbing all over my spandex, making it slippery. Feel an orgasm begin to build. The intensity grows with each passing stroke of my beautiful, thick, ass. Up, and down, up, and down. I can feel your cock pulsating, and twitching wildly with anticipation. Wanting to cum all over my beautiful ass cheeks. Spreading your hot cum all over my yoga pants. Up…down….Up…down. Feel it. Feel the fabric grip your cock. Feel the pressure in your cock start to build. Building, and building to the point where you think you might cum if I keep going. Don’t cum just yet though, we have a lot more to do together *giggles* *slide down your pants, and position yourself so your asshole is towards the camera* Imagine what it would be like, to fuck my ass. Fucking my tight hole. Imagine me sitting down….. *sit so your ass is off the camera* Ohh, yes. Right. On. Your. Cock. Feel the warmth, the tightness of my asshole grip your cock. Teasing out more and more precum. Your cock feels so good in my ass. You’ve never felt tightness like this before, and your cock is swelling, and pulsating, at the thought of cumming inside my perfect ass. *move up and down a little faster* Moan, that’s right. Keep thrusting into me. Keep that rock hard cock in me. You feel so good inside my tight little hole. Watch as I move faster, and faster. Up and down your cock. Feel my tight hole move up and down, up and down. The tightness is driving you wild, and your cock is on the verge of the best orgasm of your life. Feel the pressure building, as you worship my perfect ass by fucking it. I’m going to count from 5 to 1, and when I reach one, I want you to cum deep into my asshole, but ONLY when I get to one. 5 – Feel the tightness grip you even more. Your cock has never experienced anything like this perfection before. Pre-cum continues to stream out, as you get closer and closer to orgasm. 4 – Feel your cock swell upside me. I can feel it pulsating in me *moan* I can feel it getting closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. 3 – The pleasure is greater than you have ever experienced before. You cock, and balls, ache for a strong release. 2 - *move up and down faster* Your cock is now even deeper in my tight asshole. You grab my cheeks to thrust into me as deep as you can. You feel the pressure building to a level you have never experienced before. Keep going *moan* keep going, almost there…. 1 – Cum now. Cum deep inside of my ass. Fill my tight little hole with your cum. *moan* *pause for 5 seconds* Mmmmm there we go. I can feel all of it inside me. That was a huge load you gave your goddess. *slowly “get off” and put your pants back on* Wasn’t that fun? I bet you’ve never fucked an ass like mine before. After all, none are as perfect as mine *giggle* Now when I count from 10, to 1, you will begin to awaken. With each passing number, you will become more and more alert, until I reach 1. Then you will be completely awake, alert, and out of trance. *pause 4 seconds between numbers* 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 You are now completely out of trance. Wasn’t that a fun time? I bet you can’t wait for more nightly sessions with your goddess. Until

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