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Soldier Gets A Welcome Home Blowjob video from Davina Davis
Soldier Gets A Welcome Home Blowjob by Davina Davis Today is going to be the best day of my life!!!! My boyfriend Joe is just getting back from touring Iraq. He's been gone for almost two years now, and I've been soooooo lonely without him. FaceTime and Skype calls just weren't good enough. I needed his cock inside of me EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I could tell he was sad without his daily blowjobs. I was sooooooooo worried about him out there. I'm so glad that he made it back safely. I wanted to show Joe just how much I missed him, so I decided to throw him a welcome home party. BUUUUTTTT, I planned on giving him the best blowjob he's ever had before we leave. I threw on a sexy American outfit, to show how grateful I am for him protecting our country. I started stretching since I know how much he likes to watch me bend over. When he saw me bent over in downward doggy, I saw his dick rise up with excitement. I knew how bad he wanted to cum, so I decided not to tease him toooooo much, and just get right to it. I pulled down his uniform pants and started sucking like my life depended on it! I gagged on his cock until I couldn't breath, then started slowly stroking the tip. Exactly how he likes it. I blew him for over ten minutes before he came all over my face, and all over his uniform! I was surprised at how long he lasted, and wondered if he'd been jerking off to the naughty pics I sent him. I cleaned off his uniform and we headed to the party, where I had another slutty surprise in store.... To be continued......
duration 5:53
Take This Home Wreckers Anal Virginity On Valentines Day! video from Davina Davis
Take This Home Wreckers Anal Virginity On Valentines Day! by Davina Davis Hey babe! Happy Valentines Day! I really do appreciate all the gifts you got me, but what did you get your wife? I really hope you didn't get her chocolates, she's already a fat cow as it is. Why are you even with such a fat bitch when you can be with someone like me. I can eat this whole box of chocolates and still look AMAZING. Your obese wife can't do that, can she? I had a special Valentines day surprise planned for you, but since you haven't dumped your wife yet I guess its going to go to waste. Such a shame, don't you want to be the one to strip me out of this sexy lingerie? Then go dump that bitch! She doesn't deserve a man like you!! You deserve someone sexy and young, with a nice tight pussy like mine riding your cock. Not an old, miserable cow. Your wifes pussy is so loose and disgusting from having all those kids. I bet your children would like me better anyway. See? We've got it all worked out. Leave your troll wife and you get to fuck my tight little pussy every day, AND I'll babysit your kids! Come on honey, I know you want to lick every inch of this body, from my sweet lips, all the way down to my tight, virgin asshole. Why haven't you dumped her yet!!!?? Fine, I'll make a deal with you. I wanted to save my anal virginity until marriage ( and you will marry me ) but since its Valentines day, I can make an exception.... BUT ONLY if you leave your wife for me. You'll be dumping her for my tight virgin asshole. I think she'll understand. Now get out of here, and make sure you come back with those divorce papers signed! Happy Valentines Day!

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