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duration 99:41
BBW Sex Party #2 Full Length Film video from TROUBLEfilms QueerPornTV
duration 6:20
Bubble Butt Yoga Ball Bounce video from Dani Sorrento
Bubble Butt Yoga Ball Bounce by Dani Sorrento I tried the beach balls against my big booty, but this time I got a sturdy yoga ball. Thicker material and should be able to put all my weight on it. I was expecting the ball to be bigger, but maybe everything just looks smaller next to my tall thick body. It even looks small just compared to my giant ass! I sit on it and it feels like I am squatting low to the ground. I don't know if it is supposed to have that much give or if it just can't handle all of me sitting on it. I feel like I am gonna fall to the floor and rip my pants. I take off the skin tight white leggings and try sitting on the yoga ball in just my thong and sports bra. I try sitting down on it slowly now. I don't wanna pop it! I bounce a bit more and then try sitting where I don't put all my weight down. Kind of like a thigh work out. I mean that is what I wanna use it for, stretching and working out. I sit on it in a few different ways, all so you can see my ass better. That's it though, I think I need a bigger ball! (custom clip, inflatable toys, yoga ball, weight talk, bbw, 245lbs, 5ft 11in, 52in ass, 32in thighs, 38dd tits, workout clothes, black bra and panties, black undergarments, sitting, ass view sit, bouncing booty, bouncing on inflatables, blow up toys, deflating, ass fetish, big booty, bubble butt, huge cheeks, thong, pawg, curvy, tall, thick thighs, tattoos, barefoot, hair up, high pony tail, brunette, brown eyes, no make up, all natural, spankdani, Dani Sorrento, Calvin Klein underwear, DKNY bra, white leggings, tight pants, strip out of pants, squat, thigh workout, working out, gym equipment, size 11 feet, painted toes, yellow toe polish, long hair, ass slap, butt squeeze)
duration 5:38
BBW Yoga Lesson Turns Lesbian Tribbing with Layla Moore video from Wood
BBW Yoga Lesson Turns Lesbian Tribbing with Layla Moore by Wood Wood is Layla's pervy yoga instructor, she loves how every week she gets to feel all up on Layla's sexy BBW curves as she helps her contort into different, flexible positions. She can't deny their sexual tension, but she hasn't made a move yet. This all changes during this recent class, however! Layla mentions that she was out drinking last night, and might need a little more help getting into positions than she usually does. Wood doesn't mind though, it gives her more opportunity to run her hands all over the tall BBW's sexy frame. They do a couple of stretches that may be a little on the pervy side, Wood taking advantage of the situation. But Layla seems to be really into it too, and seems enthusiastic when Wood suggests a different type of stretch -- one where they can rub , grind, and bounce pussies with legs intertwined. It feels amazing, theres so denying that the two BBW's have the hots for each other now. Running their hands all over the others body, they talk about how they should probably plan more classes like this. More opportunity to be the lesbian pervs they wanna be, cute tits and bellies out all while grinding and tribbing their pussies together! A super steamy BBW tribbing and pussy grinding roleplay clip! Featuring yoga and stretching so some great views of both of their curvy BBW bodies, sexual tension, and then lots of sexy moaning and groping when they finally decide to go for it. Featuring Layla Moore!

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