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Small Dick Solution video from KinkyCuntboy
Small Dick Solution by KinkyCuntboy Do small dick/big hairy cunt fantasies arouse you? How will a small dick satisfy my big hairy cunt? I spread my super hairy, big primal cunt in front of you. It is insanely wet and desperate to be fucked. I open it and show a big juicy gape. Amidst plenty of dirty talk I tell u it’s used to being fucked by my husband’s big thick cock. But lets try. I have a tiny dildo just the size of a tiny dick. Watch what happens as the tiny dick fucks my big primal hairy fuckhole. You see how the tiny cock in my cunt moves in circles. Fucked by the little one for a while, my big desperate cunt wants something more. I call in another dildo, just the size of my husband and double…(triple?) the size of the tiny dick. The little cock stands by the side while the big one fucks me in the pussy as I moan… But i'm not mean. I want everyone to be satisfied, so I find a Tiny Dick Solution. We give my cunt what’s the best for it - TWO cocks at the same time. And you can hear my pussy is getting the fucking it so desperately needs! TAGS: hairy pussy, very hairy pussy, big hairy cunt, big hairy pussy, big cunt, big pussy, pussy gape, gaping pussy, gape, gaping, loose, meaty, ftm, primal cunt, desperate, big clit, full bush, wet pussy, horny pussy, horny wet pussy, dirty talk, SPH, small penis humiliation, small dick humiliation, small dick, tiny dildo, small dildo, big dildo, dp, dildo dp, pussy dp, dpp, vdp, double penetration, big pussy small dick fantasy, small penis big pussy

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