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Jewish Uncle Gives Me A Hanukkah Creampie video from Davina Davis
Jewish Uncle Gives Me A Hanukkah Creampie by Davina Davis Ugh. My mom is spending the holidays with my stepdad in Aspen again this year. She does this EVERY SINGLE YEAR for Christmas and NEVER invites me. Guess she loves him more than she loves me.... I'm used to it by now so I can't say I'm surprised. Kinda figured she would pull this again, but this year I knew my uncle Isaiah was in town so at least I wouldn't be alone this Christmas! Well I sure got that one wrong. I bought a bunch of Christmas decorations and invited uncle Isaiah over, figuring we could sip hot coco and spread some holiday cheer! Little did I know, my Uncle Isaiah Is a big fat JEW! Another thing my mom "forgot" to tell me. THANK GOODNESS my bro informed me of this before I totally embarrassed myself in front of my uncle who I hadn't seen In YEARS! I googled "dates of Hanukkah" and to my surprise, it was still going on! I quickly ran to the store and bought of a bunch of Hanukkah decorations and even a Menorah! I was determined to make this THE BEST Hanukkah uncle Isaiah's ever had! I put on a sexy blue dress and patiently waited for my uncle to arrive. I expected him to be excited, but when he got here he looked at me like I was an idiot! Apparently I didn't even light the Menorah right and the decorations were backwards! I begged and pleaded with Uncle Isaiah to forgive me and give me another chance. He told me I could make it up to him by singing the "Dreidel Song." I saw it once on South Park so I gave it my best shot. Uncle Isaiah laughed at me and told me I was a horrible Jew! I tried explaining to him that I actually wasn't Jewish, but before I could get a word in, he pulled out his cock and jammed it in my mouth! I was in shock! I thought uncle Isaiah was a nice, respectful, Jewish man! Instead he was just a HUGE PERVERT! I thought about telling him to stopp, but I did majorly fuck up his Hanukkah, so I let him fuck me until he came..... Inside of my pussy!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I told him I wasn't on birth control! I really hope uncle Isaiah didn't just give me a Jewish babyy!
duration 37:45
Flower Fairy Goth in Violet Velvet Minidress with Long-Haired Rocker Boy - Real Couple - Stoner Sex - Green-Haired Babe Gets High & Fucks Boyfriend - Pocket Vibe Anal Play Fingerfuck Squirting  Blowjob Doggie video from MeredithTourmaline
Flower Fairy Goth in Violet Velvet Minidress with Long-Haired Rocker Boy - Real Couple - Stoner Sex - Green-Haired Babe Gets High & Fucks Boyfriend - Pocket Vibe Anal Play Fingerfuck Squirting Blowjob Doggie by MeredithTourmaline Meredith Tourmaline, after taking several edibles at a party, calls her boyfriend on her way home and asks him to meet her at her place. She's horny and doesn't want to go to bed alone. Meredith is still in her party dress, purple velvet, with leopard print tights and a floral crown of violets enshrining her long green hair. She straddles DD R'Moan, who's already naked, and sensuous making out ensues. She feels his hard-on against her pantyhose, and moves downward to take his cock in her mouth. DD R'Moan, sweet rocker boy with nails painted deep sea mermaid green shimmer, lays on his back and watches her - cute eye contact and moaning... Meredith Tourmaline gently caresses and licks his balls as she sucks and slobbers. Soon, DD gets behind her, on his knees, and lowers her tights, reaching around to finger-fuck her and massage her small tits through her velvet dress. Meredith is blissed out, high, moaning, smiling, laughing. She leans over and he fucks her from behind, holding her bouncing bum cheeks in his strong hands. Meredith places her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit as DD alternates between fucking and fingering until he makes her come several times, squirting on her blankets. They play with the new bullet vibe Meredith was gifted at the party. Each of them are on the receiving end of stimulating anal play. Meredith returns to sucking DD's cock, and his legs are spread for the camera for a view of her fingers and vibe playing with his asshole. Delightful, sexy goths at play!
duration 17:48
Lana Smalls OutofPants Lapdance Creampie video from Bigsexy Films
Lana Smalls OutofPants Lapdance Creampie by Bigsexy Films Lana was looking so sexy in the club, I had to ask her for a private dance. She suggested a VIP dance. And, wow, was it definitely a VIP dance! We went back to the private room, and she sat on my lap. I started touching her boobs and ass, asking if it was OK to do so. She said it was, and told me I could touch her pussy, too. Wow! She was so wet... And tasty! She turned around and showed me her ass, and I pulled her pussy open to get a good look and then slid a finger inside. Holy fuck was she wet! By this time I was getting pretty hard, and it was getting uncomfortable. I asked her if I could make myself more comfortable, and she didn't mind, so I unzipped and pulled my cock out and started stroking it. It was hot getting to jerk off while fingering her during a lap dance. I had no idea how much hotter it was going to get! She lowered her pussy down until it was touching my cock. I kept jerking off against it, almost not believing what was happening. She rubbed it all over the tip of my cock and she told me I could put it inside... Holy fuck! I was going to get laid in the VIP! Sure enough, she sad right down on it and started fucking me raw. I couldn't believe it! I started getting close, but I didn't want this to end, so I asked her to suck my cock. She didn't hesitate, even though it had just come out of her wet pussy, and not only did she suck it, but she took it as deep as she could, gagging on it. Then she sucked my balls, too. I wanted to taste her pussy and asked her to sit on my face. She did, and it was delicious. I licked and fingered her pussy until I couldn't take it any more, and asked her to sit back down on my cock. She rode it until I couldn't take it any more, and I unloaded deep into her pussy, filling her with my cum. She sat up and squeezed it out, and a big, juicy load of cum dripped out of her pussy. This was an epic lapdance!

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