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duration 40:22
Alisha Adams and Nicole Bayley Anal Creampie Threesome video from Bigsexy Films
Alisha Adams and Nicole Bayley Anal Creampie Threesome by Bigsexy Films Alisha and Nicole's boss sent them to seduce Mr. Vega to prevent him from publicizing their CEO's sex video. They had to save Mr. Johnson from the public embarrassment! Nicole didn't know the plan... to let Mr. Vega fuck them both in the ass. She had a little experience, but she wasn't sure about this. But Alisha warmed her up with a buttplug, and by the time Mr. Vega arrived, she thought she was ready. They told him they were from The Ass Department... and that they were. Before long, they were sucking his cock, and then he fucked Nicole's tight little pussy. Alisha sucked Nicole's juices off Mr. Vega's cock, and then Mr. Vega shoved his fat cock into Nicole's hot, tight ass. She took it like a champ. Wanting more ass, Mr. Vega pulled out of Nicole's ass and went straight into Alisha's ass. Testing Nicole's commitment, he pulled out and told her to suck his cock, right out of Alisha's ass. She didn't hesitate. These girls were dirty! He went back into Alisha's pussy and fucked her some more, but he wanted more of Nicole's ass, so he moved back to her and started pounding that tight hole. As he came, he dumped half his load into her ass, and then pulled out and shot the rest into her sexy pussy, filling both holes with cum! They asked him if he was convinced to let Mr. Johnson off the hook, but not yet. He knew he had to have more of these sexy women. Before long, they were sucking him off, first Alisha on his cock and Nicole on his balls, then both of them sucking a ball apiece, then Nicole sucking cock while Alisha sucked his balls. They were putting in the effort, that's for sure! He needed pussy, though, and had Nicole turn around to bounce that sexy ass on his dick. Then, he had Alisha ride his cock like a cowgirl, then told Nicole to suck her pussy juices off his cock. Then Alisha rode him reverse, but soon he wanted Nicole's pussy again, and so she hopped on top after Alisha got off. He dumped his second load into Nicole's wet pussy after fucking her doggystyle... This 1080p video is 40 minutes of hot threesome action!
duration 51:41
Gemini Rose is the Neglected Wife - Full Film video from Bigsexy Films
Gemini Rose is the Neglected Wife - Full Film by Bigsexy Films Here it is, the complete film... All four parts in one! 51 minutes of hot sex with 3 creampies. $44 bought in parts, but only $22 as the full scene! Filmed in 4K, rendered in 1080p. Part 1: Gemini and her husband John are out of town for John's cousin's wedding. John went out the night before on the bachelor party, and drank far too much tequila. Gemini woke up horny, but John just wants to snooze. She tries to get him out of bed to check out the view out of their hotel room window, but he just won't get out of bed. She is so horny, she begins to play with herself. If John won't satisfy her, that doesn't mean she can't satisfy herself! So she pulls out her "Homewrecker" dildo, and fucks herself with it to a hard orgasm... But she isn't satisfied. She wants some dick... Part 2: Gemini put on some shorts and a top and went down the hall to see what his parents were up to. John's mom is out helping with the wedding rehearsal, but his father Peter is there. Peter is very sympathetic to Gemini's situation, after she explains it, although he's a little worried about his son... Gemini is fucking hot, and those shorts she is wearing are causing serious camel toe. He mentions it to her, and she doesn't freak out, so he takes a risk and walks over to her and runs his hand up her leg to her shorts. She is on board, and before long, Peter is filling is daughter in law's fire crotch pussy with a big load of hot cum! Part 3: Gemini and Pete have not had enough of each other. They start making out on the side of the bed. Then she sucks his cock and balls some more, and it's off to more fucking. She puts her ass up against his cock, and he fucks her from behind. Then she climbs on top and rides him cowgirl, and then reverse cowgirl. Then she lays on her back and then side, as he keeps fucking her wet pussy. Finally, she bends over in doggystyle, and he fucks her until he fills her with another load of hot cum! Part 4: After fucking her husband's father, Gemini was still horny. Her libido has been off the charts. She decided to take a cold shower, but it didn't help. She found herself soaping up her tits and ass and playing with her pussy, fantasizing about Peter's hard cock inside her. She couldn't take it... After the shower, she got dressed and went back to Peter's room to fuck him again. She wanted to feel his hot cum pumping inside her pussy one more time!

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