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Taboo family Science Experiment video from Delphoxi
Taboo family Science Experiment by Delphoxi Mommy is a scientist and she's been working on a new top secret experiment, but she's been working too hard and has been making mistakes at the lab so she's sent home to rest. Mommy brings home her experiments so she can continue tinkering with the new mutation serum from home.....but she doesn't expect what will happen next... YOU (her son) see the serum on the kitchen counter and confuse it for headache medication, you mention to mommy that you just drank some of the serum and she instantly panics!!! Mommy can't believe you drank her experiment!! She notices that you cock is already bulging and she knows soon you'll be horny and in pain!!! Mommy acts quickly and starts sucking you off, apologizing over and over for doing this to you! Mommy feels awful for what she's done to you, and now feels even worse that she's now sucking off her sweet boy!! She disgusted at first, but soon starts to enjoy tasting your cock!! The serum kicks in even more and your cock mutates into a big pink monster cock!!! But mommy doesn't stop, she continues to suck you off even after your transformation! She knows she has to fix this!! And the only way to do that is to drain your balls completely!!! After getting a good sucking you blow a giant load all over mommy's face! Nut keeps pulsing out of your cock onto mommy's face!!!! But it doesn't look like you're slowing down! You'll have to cum more! Mommy keeps sucking when.....BUSTED! Your sister arrives home from school and catches mommy gobbling up your cum! Sister is shocked! and disgusted !! Why is mommy sucking your cock and why is her brother's cum every where? But mommy quickly coaxes your sister into taking over where mommy left off! Sister is disgusted and reluctant but obeys mommy when she says to fuck you! Sister spreads her legs and lets you fuck her deep all while your mommy encourages it!!!

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