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Skinny Teen Dominated For 1st Time 1

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photo of Kinkydom4subKinkydom4sub

63:05 | Added 11 months ago

Bambi's another 1st timer, a teen who shot on my platform 1st and only here. She's lived a bit of a wild life, has a few tats to try to toughen up her exterior, but still has that submissive innocence many men find so attractive. This is a long, intense domination, with tons of messy gagging a big first for Bambi. Also rough sex and total control. Bambi regresses to that soft spoken obedient girl due to being in "sub space". That's where the girl gets so shell shocked from being dominated, she gives in and is in almost a submissive trance, enjoying nothing more than pleasing the dominant older man. (Part 1 of 2)


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