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Scared Girl Gets Exploited More 1

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photo of Kinkydom4subKinkydom4sub

54:57 | Added 12 months ago

Scared Girl Ordered To Give Up Anal Virginity. Mai is a shy, quiet girl in her daily life, her friends and conservative family would be shocked if they knew she was doing porn. That's why it was so much fun ordering her to come back and give me her anal virginity. She was dominated so hard before it rocked her world and she didn't want to disappoint me. She had to come back and make up for not pleasing me enough in our 1st shoot, even though she did everything I told her then as well. We had to take the throat fucking further and since last time she used an anal plug for the 1st time, this time she was told that the audience on this platform would want to see her take everything further. Hence, why she had to come back and have actual anal sex. She couldn't handle too much cock in her tight little asshole but it was fun trying. She also got very messy on cock while being throat fucked, for the 1st time. Lots of obedience training and testing limits. She even reveals her pretty face for the 1st time on camera. You saw her here 1st! This is Mai's 2nd porn ever, she did 1 more after this with another copycat producer, but non dominant content. Many other producers wanted to shoot with her but she's another exclusive girl for your enjoyment on this platform. (Part 1 of 3)


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