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I Want A Baby: Impregnation Fantasy

I've been wanting to get pregnant for a while, and am in the most fertile part of my cycle. I had organised for a guy to come over and help me, but he cancelled last minute and I'm at a loss! I really need this baby, so I visit my ex boyfriend. He's surprised to see me and seems super unsure when I tell him I need his sperm but it doesn't take too long for him to come around once I promise he'll never see me again after this. We go to the bedroom where I instantly drop to my knees and pull out his cock - using my mouth to make him nice and hard. Getting up on the bed I let him play with my pussy before telling him I need his cock in me now. We fuck nice & hard in a bunch of different positions until my ex explodes deep inside me, filling my tight pussy up with his cum. I giggle as I say how good it feels to have my cunt filled up with semen again│ft. Daniel Pierce


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