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Tied, tickled & turned in - Nyxon & TerraMizu

photo of TerraMizuTerraMizu

10:06 | Added 8 months ago

SUPERVILLAIN TERRAMIZU stands before other random SUPERVILLAIN NYXON. Terra thinks Nyxon is trying to rob the same bank as her, but Nyxon plans to turn Terra in to the commissioner, leaving Nyxon as the only SUPERVILLAIN to rule the city! Terra blasts Nyxon with lasers, but Nyxon deflects and counters with a neck chop that knocks Terra out! 

Terra wakes up in Nyxon's evil lair, in HANDCUFFS! She struggles as Nyxon removes Terra's BOOTS and cuffs her with SHACKLES. She hooks them around the HANDCUFFS and gets Terra HOGCUFFED! Now that Terra is subdued, Nyxon removes Terra's cape, taking away most of her powers. Nyxon TICKLES Terra to drain the last of her power, leaving her helpless and vulnerable! 

Terra LAUGHS and squirms in the BONDAGE. Nyxon is merciless! She TICKLES Terra's FEET, sides and ARMPITS! Terra finally exhausts the rest of her power while STRUGGLING, allowing for Nyxon's plan to come to fruition!


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