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Foot massage technique - Indica Fetish & Sydney Logan

photo of TerraMizuTerraMizu

10:40 | Added 8 months ago

SYDNEY LOGAN is looking forward to her FOOT MASSAGE. Her technician, INDICA FETISH arrives and begins the MASSAGE. Indica has an interesting method to relax her clients, and it's all indulging in her FOOT FETISH! She SMELLS Sydney's FEET while MASSAGING them. Sydney flinches and realizes what her masseuse is doing. Indica explains that she does this with all her clients and there's nothing to worry about. Sydney allows the FOOT MASSAGE to continue. Indica goes even further by LICKING the SOLES and SUCKING the TOES! She KISSES Sydney's FEET and RUBS them harder, allowing for a deep tissue MASSAGE. Sydney is overwhelmed, but seems much more relaxed at the end of the session!


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