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** please note: the first 3 minutes of this film is of STEP-mom, home alone, vacuuming the living room in a very short dress with her tits hanging out and bending over A LOT while listening to cheezie royalty free music and does not have much relevance to the story ;-) My STEP-Son is out on a date and I'm casually vacuuming the floors listening to music, Some parts of me might be showing but this is a pretty open household. My STEP-son comes home but seems to be in distress, I ask him what's wrong. He's hesitant at first but promptly explains his girlfriend on their date had sexually teased him the entire time, groping him, rubbing his cock through his clothes, letting him squeeze her tits but didn't give the Pussy up and Now he Has the worst case of blue balls. I did what any good STEP-mother would do and I cured his case of the Blue Balls, while insulting and mocking his prude bitch girlfriend. I show him my tits, I think his cock was hard the moment he walked in, He stood up and I pulled his shorts down and started sucking on his beautiful cock. I can't let my man suffer like that, he sat down and I sucked and stroked. I can't believe that little tramp didn't take care of him. I asked what he would of done to her and to do it to me, He stood me up and fucked me standing doggy style, bent me over the couch and fucked my wet welcoming pussy until I came all over his cock, I haven't been fucked liked that in some time, he lied down and Sat on his cock bouncing up and down, i think he really liked that but my legs got tired quickly so He fucked me doggy style and shot his huge load deep inside me, he watched as it oozed out of my pussy, he had a big load built up after all that teasing from his prude girlfriend, He sure appreciated it and felt so much better afterwards, his discomfort was completely gone, well time to get back to my chores.


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