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My STEP-grandson came over to spend the weekend with me to help me paint my house. While he is getting settled in I come in and tell him that since our interaction last time I just CANNOT get him out of my head! He mentioned something about what he and his STEP-mom, do together and I cannot stop imagining! He’s a little reluctant to talk about it and doesn’t really want to say anything. I tell him that if he tells me I will show him my titties again and he agrees. I start asking him if he still breastfeeds with his STEP-mom and then even more specific questions about what she does while he is nursing. I find out that she plays with herself and she even lets him finger her. When he finally tells me that she makes him cum with her hand, I just KNOW what I need him to do. I have him lay down beside me and tell him he can nurse you just like he does with STEP-mommy. I tell him that even though I don’t really have milk anymore, I still would like to pretend that I do. I tell him to suck STEP- gramma's tits and he goes on to suck on my big luscious nipples. After a short while he asks if it’s ok to put a finger inside my pussy and when I say yes he does it and says that your pussy is definitely tighter than STEP- mommy’s. Oh it is soooo wet and so good. He rubs it exactly how I tell him to. After a bit I ask him if he’s ever had his cock in a girl’s mouth before and when he says no I know I must let him feel what STEP-gramma's mouth feels like wrapped around his cock After sucking him I have him taste his STEP-gramma's pussy. I tell him how in awe I am at the size of his cock and cannot help but wonder what it would be like to hold it in my hand. I jerk him off and when he’s about to cum you tell him to cum on my pussy. I then use his cum to rub my pussy and he watches me cum so hard. I tell him that the next time he comes to visit his favorite granny I am going to make him a man.


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