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Tricked By Stepsisters - Pepper Kester & Penelope Reed video from Star Nine
Tricked By Stepsisters - Pepper Kester & Penelope Reed Sage has the hots for her roommate, Penelope Reed. She's never done anything about it out of fear of ruining the friendship, but with her stepsister, Pepper Kester, coming for a visit, Sage formulates a plan - they used to do all sorts of twin stuff when they lived together. The redheaded stepsisters devise a plot - Pepper will pose as Sage & seduce her roommate. If it all goes to plan, Sage will join in. If Penelope rejects her, Pepper will just reveal herself and save the roommates' relationship.

"Sage" surprises Penelope dancing by the pool. She slips out of her cover-up exposing her very skimpy bikini, enjoying the rhythm of Penelope's music. The real Sage is also enjoying the music from inside the house. "Sage" teases Penelope, moving in the water to the rhythm and beginning to run her hands over her skimpy bikini. Inside the house the real Sage dips her hands into her shorts. Penelope avoids eye contact, but begins to tease her own pussy as well.

It's not until "Sage" begins to vocalize a dirty fantasy of fucking her stepsister that Penelope falls to her knees by the pool unable to hold back her intense orgasm. "Sage" leads Penelope under the water & Sage runs out of the house to sit by the pool for a better vantage point.

Once under the water, "Sage" plays games, teasing Penelope and keeping out of her reach until a frustrated Penelope tears off her bikini bottoms and pins her down to eat her pussy. Poolside, the real Sage is delighted. She watches Penelope dominating her twin, egging them on as she gets closer and closer. Sage finally has to plunge her own head underwater to release her orgasmic scream so that the neighbors don't hear. She runs back into the house as Penelope and Pepper continue to fuck each other under the water, cumming over and over in multiple positions.

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Includes underwater, taboo, lesbian, wet look, lesbian domination
Transfer of Shares - Dixie Comet & Star Nine video from Star Nine
Transfer of Shares - Dixie Comet & Star Nine Dixie Comet & Star Nine have called a meeting with you. They have meticulously collected evidence of your various improprieties. The intern who quit last week? The one you took to dinner, pretended you were going to mentor? Did you bill that as a business expense? Did you register that "mentorship" with HR? HR sure does like to credit and promote mentoring. What would your wife think?

Dixie actually HAS your file from HR . . . no mentorship mentioned in here . . . lots of sexual harrassment complaints though. It's shocking you haven't been fired. Perhaps all they needed was evidence? Photographic evidence perhaps? Maybe with a little audio-visual accompaniment? Don't you worry . . . we've been working on this take-down for the last year - we have all the documentation anyone could possibly want - HR, Fraud Mitigation, your wife's divorce attorney.

Do we really need to say anymore? Rest assured - you're in no position to negotiate. Your buddies on the board won't save you from this pile of evidence. Your little nylon fetish has been your undoing. There's only one question that should pass your lips right now - that's right, what do we want, what will it take to save your marriage, your job, your reputation.

Your Shares. All of your shares in my name. NO you are in NO position to argue. If you look at your phone all of the necessary paperwork is available for you to esign RIGHT NOW. If you leave this office without signing, the deal is off. We will fucking destroy your life. Go on, sign. Good boy. Now get the fuck out.

Dixie & Star are fucking hot. They watch as eight figures hit their bank accounts. Between the two of them, they now have a controlling share of the company. They stroke each other's legs & share a celebratory kiss. Destroying men makes them fucking wet. They trib & cum, breathlessly planning their next take down before heading out for drinks. An expensive bottle is in order.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose, tribbing
Submissive Role Reversal - Ashley Lane & Star Nine video from Star Nine
Submissive Role Reversal - Ashley Lane & Star Nine In the shocking conclusion to Mesmerizing Counter Offer & Twin Slaves, Ashley Lane turns the tables on her captor.

Star is frustrated with her slave's poor behavior and ingratitude - walking instead of crawling, wearing a fancy dress instead of nothing at all, talking back, not saying thank you for her punishment . . .

Star spanks her slave & fondles her, pinching her nipples and telling her that her breasts & ass belong to Star, she is Star's property. Fed up, Star cuffs and collars her slave, lecturing her about how hopeless she is, what a shitty, worthless submissive.

Ashley apologizes for her ineptitude, explaining that she just doesn't know how to be a good submissive. She reaches out her cuffed hands to caress Star. Star pushes her insubordinate hands away & agrees that perhaps modeling the proper behavior would help her slave do better.

Star uncuffs her property, reminding her of who is in charge, before leaning over the dresser & presenting her shiny latex ass. Ashley takes a couple of tentative swats at it. Star encourages her & Ashley pulls down her top, groping her and swatting her ass. Star is apparently enjoying this & Ashley suggests that she strip. Star hesitates, but agrees to give Ashley just one more lesson in submission.

Now that Star is nude, Ashley collars & cuffs her. Star begins to protest when she crams a giant ball-gag into her mouth, but by then it is too late. The tables have turned & Star accepts the maid outfit when Ashley presents it to her, after all, it is what Star recommends for submissives, isn't it?

Send your custom video request to star @ starbondmedia dot com

Includes lesbian domination, slave training, spanking, latex

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