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Trans Girl Hookup Anal BJ Vibrator video from Sophie Ladder
Trans Girl Hookup Anal BJ Vibrator Natalie Stone and I are new roommates moving into the Trans Roommates house, and she notices something odd; it seems like everyone else in the house is constantly fucking! All the sex is making us horny too, and we do want to fit in at our new house… Natalie and I start making out, sensually kissing as we rub up and down each other’s bodies. We strip revealing Natalie’s small tits and my big round ones. I pull down my panties and Natalie starts sucking my cock. I grab the back of her head and guide her warm mouth around my cock. I feel so good that I want to return the favor, so I suck on Natalie’s little girlcock. Natalie moans in pleasure as I suck all over her dick. I love eating ass so I dive right into Natalie’s asshole, tonguing her nice and deep. She moans as I continue to eat and lick her beautiful warm asshole. I want to fuck her now, so I have Natalie flip over onto her back and slowly slide my hard cock into her tight asshole. I fuck her nice tight ass, thrusting my dick in and out. Several different camera angles on the action as Natalie holds her legs up and I fuck her. She feels so good that I don’t want to stop, but I do want to return the favor. I take out my vibrator and start massaging it up and down her little dick, peeling back her foreskin to put the vibrator directly on her cock head. Next we get back to fucking in doggystyle. I slide my hard cock into her tight asshole and pound her from behind as she moans in pleasure. I continue fucking her ass and moan about how fucking good it feels. I cum hard into Natalie’s ass, and spread her asscheeks to show my white cum dripping out of her asshole. We cuddle on the bed for a minute before another roommate knocks on the door to say hi. Also includes 2½ minute post-scene interview. Keywords: tgirl, trans girl, trans woman, tgirl on tgirl, trans girl on trans girl, anal, anal sex, ass eating, analingus, blowjob, vibrator, doggystyle, doggy, missionary, trans, transgender
Fuck Out of Heaven! Jamie French Sophie Ladder video from Sophie Ladder
Fuck Out of Heaven! Jamie French Sophie Ladder Jamie French and I find ourselves suddenly in heaven! We start chatting when God interrupts us to tell us we can enjoy eternal bliss in heaven… as long as we don’t fuck! Jamie and I immediately get to work having sex so God will kick us back to earth. First Jamie sucks my dick, gagging and getting her spit all over it. I naturally return the favor, gagging myself on her cock as I suck it. We take off our lingerie and Jamie eats my ass, sticking her tongue in nice and deep as I moan. Jamie takes my position and then it’s my turn to eat and tongue-fuck her asshole. Now that we’re ready Jamie hops on top and I clench the footboard as she rides me. Jamie’s big hard dick flops up and down as she rides on my cock. Next we turn to our sides and I fuck her from behind, filling up her asshole with my cock and stroking her dick. We fuck in doggystyle, I grab her hips from behind and fuck her hard. Lastly I have Jamie lay on her back and I fuck her in kneeling missionary, my hard cock filling up her asshole. Once I’m ready to cum I pull out and cum all over her face. God is pissed, and kicks us right out of heaven. Ends with a 2-minute post-scene interview. Keywords: Sophie Ladder, Jamie French, tgirl, trans girl, trans woman, tgirl on tgirl, tg/tg, trans lesbian, blowjob, bj, gagging, spit, deepthroat, dick sucking, ass eating, analingus, asshole licking, tongue in ass, riding, cowgirl, hardcore, anal, buttsex, side, spooning sex, penetration shots, doggy, doggystyle, missionary, cumshot, cum on face, facial
Rough Fuck For Submissive Teen Raven Vice video from Sophie Ladder
Rough Fuck For Submissive Teen Raven Vice Raven Vice and I start in lingerie sitting on the bed. We kiss, I tug at her collar, and slap her face. I spank her ass until it gets pink and spank and play with her pussy. I lead her by the leash down onto my hard cock, which she starts sucking enthusiastically. I use the leash to pull her deep, all the way down onto my cock. I next have Raven lay on her back and I fuck her face, shoving my dick all the way into her throat. She gags and thick spit covers my cock. I finger and spank her pussy some more before sliding my hard cock into her wet, tight pussy. I proceed to fuck her hard, slap her face, and have her lick my fingers. Next Raven and I go into doggystyle, where I pull back on the leash while fucking her hard. I pull back her hair and fuck her, then stick my fingers in her mouth and fishook her. I fuck Raven hard and deep. I pull out and Raven sucks my cock, then I lay her on her back in missionary and pound her with my hard cock. Lastly we lay on our sides and I fuck her from behind with my hands wrapped around her throat until I cum in her pussy. Keywords: Sophie Ladder, Raven Vice, tgirl, trans, trans domme, trans girl on girl, tgirl on girl, teen, nineteen, 19, blowjob, deepthroat, gagging, spit, facefuck, throat fuck, throatfuck, throat bulge, sex, rough sex, rough, hardcore, fucking, face slapping, pussy slapping, finger licking, doggystyle, side fuck, hair pulling, fishook, fishhook, fishooking, creampie, cum inside, cum in pussy
Petite Submissive Rough Fuck Facefuck Trans video from Sophie Ladder
Petite Submissive Rough Fuck Facefuck Trans Hazel Paige begins bent over my knees, wearing a pink dress and pink collar, awaiting my spanks. I slap her ass, starting slow and warming her up. Hazel’s ass gets more and more pink as I spank her. I decided that all the sounds she’s making are annoying me, so I put a ball gag on her. I continue spanking Hazel’s ass as she moans through the ballgag. I begin to span her harder and harder, with her whole ass pink now. I take the gag out and shove my fingers down her throat, slap her pussy, and slap her tits. I lead Hazel by the leash to my hard cock and have her suck on it, gagging on my dick deep in her throat. I fuck her face and Hazel gags and gets spit all over my cock. Then I drag Hazel to the edge of the bed to fuck her face and throat. Hazel gags repeatedly as I shove my dick down her throat, her face getting messy with spit. Finally I give Hazel what she wants, my dick filling up her tight little pussy. We fuck as I slap her around, pull the leash, and hold her by the throat. I take out my dick to shove down her throat, then get back to fucking her hard. After more poundings I drag her over to the edge and start facefucking her again, and then pull her back onto the bed to gag on my dick some more. Next we move into doggystyle and I pound tiny Hazel from behind, pulling on the leash and then holding her with both hands around her throat. Then Hazel sucks my dick some more, showing me what a good cock-loving slut she is. After fucking her face I lay Hazel on her back to roughly pound her some more. Hazel moans in pleasure as I fuck her hard, bouncing her small frame up and down on my dick. I’ve used her holes enough to satisfy myself, so I have her suck on my dick for one last minute before I finish myself off and cum all over her face. Hazel is such a good slut she licks my cum off the bedspread too.
Deepthroat Slut Kaiia Eve Sucks Trans Girl Cock video from Sophie Ladder
Deepthroat Slut Kaiia Eve Sucks Trans Girl Cock Kaiia and I start off in my bed in our lingerie, back together at least. She goes for my dick and starts sucking it, making sure to get lots of spit all over it. Kaiia sucks and gags on my cock, getting more of her spit everywhere as I get harder and harder in her mouth. She drools all over my cock and sucks it with vigor, going deep and throating herself with my cock. Kaiia sucks on my balls, making sure to get them covered in drool as well. Kaiia keeps suckks my dick, gagging herself and getting spit absolutely everywhere. We use the spit to lube up Kaiia’s tits and she gives me a titjob. Kaiia sucks me for a minute more before I take her to her knees and fuck her face. I hold the back of her head and guide it deep down onto my dick. Kaiia keeps sucking dick like a desperate little cock whore. Already extremely messy from her own drool I flip Kaiia onto her back and fuck her face and throat. Spit and drool get everywhere. After fucking her face nice and messy I finally flip her back over to fuck her pussy in doggystyle. Kaiia grinds her hips and shakes her nice round ass on my cock. She’s so desperate for cock she throws herself back on my dick. We’re both feeling so good we’re getting ready to cum. I pound Kaiia as she cries out then I pull out to cum on her ass right as she cums and squirts all over me. Keywords: Sophie Ladder, Kaiia Eve, deepthroat, deep throat, blowjob, wet and messy, drool, spit, messy blowjob, sloppy blowjob, gag, gagging, facefuck, face fuck, face fucking, titjob, tit job, cock sucking, dick sucking, BJ, trans, trans girl on girl

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