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Small Penis Humiliation with Queen Ava

Queen Ava and I are looking hot in our underwear on the bed as we confront you about the lies you’re saying online that you’re alpha with a big dick. We know you’re a beta bitch boy with a little cock. We laugh at you and your tiny dick, we only like big dicks. How do you jerk off, with two little fingers? Everyone knows what a weak little tiny dick loser you are. It’s okay to admit it to us. Queen Ava and I comment and laugh more about your tiny little dick. A penis that small can’t possibly cum much, so you could be walking around hard all day and no one would even notice. You’re probably cumming in your pants every day. And stop lying about how you want to throat fuck women, we know your dick could never reach all the way to the back of our mouths. Queen Ava and I decide we’ve had enough making fun of you so it’s time for you to cum. We instruct you to rub your tiny cock until you cum and then hide your little dick back in your underwear.


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