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Preparing Juicy BBQ Redhead for Dinner

In my sweet summer dress I head to the market to pick up some supplies for dinner. A nice bell pepper, a zesty lemon, and a gorgeous red head that will make for the most perfect dinner. The specimen is inspected thoroughly and then on a rope chain pulled off to my kitchen. The redhead looks so nice in my home but to make her a little sweeter she sucks from my nipples filling her belly with extra goodness. I am not interested in waste so all of her body will be used: toes as a crunchy snack, nipples as a topping, shoulder hollowed out as a bowl, and scooping her green eye out to achieve perfect pigment. She is going to be just delightful! And to make sure of it I tenderize and massage the meat girl, drizzle her in sweet agave, rub her down in rare oils, and massage into her a variety of spices before plugging her with an apple and throwing her in. What a treat! ***Want your own custom? [email protected]*** twitter.com/smilesofsally twitter.com/molliemagick *** TAGS: meatgirl, fetish, kink, softcore, nipple sucking, red head, brunette, bush, all natural, role play, house wife, submissive, slave, collar, cooking, oil rub, vore, apocalypse, smilesofsally, sally smiles


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