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Olivia Kassady in Babysitter Ravaged

Olivia Kasady plays a naive girl who took a babysitting job at a house in the middle of nowhere. She's in the house for less than a minute when the creepy guy who hired her grabs her from behind, handcuffs her, and starts fondling her tits.

Olivia soon finds herself on the man's bed. She's still handcuffed and her ankles are locked in a spreader bar keeping her legs apart. The man uses this to rub her pussy through her underwear while manhandling her and playing with her body.

When we next see Olivia she is completely naked except for a pair of handcuffs, which are now in front of her body, and a pair of leg shackles. She is kneeling on the bed and giving the creep a blowjob which she does not seem happy about.

After a few scenes of Olivia sucking dick the man chains her down to the bed and fucks her brains out before blowing his load on her bound body.


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