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Gabi's Obsession

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Serena is on her way out to run some errands when her roommate Gabi reveals an obsession: ever since she's been working out so much, all she can think about is ass. Gabi sweetly asks Serena if she can worship her ass for just one minute and Serena reluctantly obliges. She warns Gabi that its been a few days since she showered but, that only makes Gabi more excited. Gabi quickly gets into undressing and worshiping Serena's asshole. She even tells Serena to fart in her face if she has to. Gabi begs Serena for more time and Serena allows Gabi 10 more minutes in exchange for a sparkly butt plug. Gabi enthusiastically licks and sucks Serena's ass to her heart's delight. She even gets a couple of those farts she was hoping for! Gabi hasn't been able to stop playing with her pussy throughout this encounter and finally she can't take it any longer, she flips on her back and asks Serena to use her tongue like toilet paper and once again, Serena obliges her horny friend until she cums. 


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