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IN MY BED 2.0: Sophie Ladder and Nickey Huntsman

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My new bed needs to be broken in so I invite Nickey Huntsman and Sophie Ladder over for a threesome! Nickey and I start by sucking Sophie’s dick, looking up at her with our big eyes. We grab each other’s tits, sucking and licking on each other’s nipples in between dick sucking. Sophie fucks Nickey while I make out with Nickey. As she gets fucked she plays with my tits a whole bunch and I hold her legs back! I make out with Sophie. Things get rougher with some intense fucking which makes Nickey orgasm which was wow, amazing. Sophie gets behind me and fucks me doggy style while I eat Nickey’s pussy and finger her while she plays with her boobs. Nickey moves down to make out with me while encouraging me to cum and I do just that! Sophie gives me a creamie, afterwards Nickey and Sophie play with cum from my pussy. Sophie puts cum in her mouth so she can spit it into my mouth. It was super-hot just like this super-hot scene so I think you gotta just see it for yourself so you can be judge of how super-hot this actually was.


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