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TG/GG/TG 3 Way of your Dreams with Melanie Brooks, Sarina Havok & Robin Coffins

The day has come that we get to finally meet one of the most Dreamy Tgirls we know, Melanie Brooks! Super excited to hangout we find out early on that Mel's hot roomate isn't home tonight so we had the apartment to ourselves. "Rachel won't mind" says Mel as she shows us her bedroom. "As long as we don't touch anything!" as she laughs. "Wait here! I'm just gonna grab something in the other room quickly" and shuts the door behind her...Returning with some lingerie she suggests we should all try on...Damn, it's a trap! Now we simply just can't help ourselves and we all end up climbing into Rachel's soft inviting bed... What She'll never know what won't hurt her...you wouldn't tell her would you???


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