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Leave Your Wife For Me.

You and I have been seeing each other for a little while now and it's time for you to divorce your wife. What, you didn't really think a girl like me would settle for anything less than your full attention, did you? I guess it's a little cruel of me to be so demanding, but she'd do the same thing if you told her about me.

Still not convinced? Then let's make it a game. I want you to go three days without touching yourself, and I want you to watch me play with myself over and over. When your chastity is up, and all you can think about is how badly you need a woman's attention, it'll be time for you to decide: your nagging wife, or me?

Contains ass flashes, boob play, chastity talk, and a cumshot from me. Watch the video to learn the rest of the rules of our little game.


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