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Cum Sandwich

You always insist on bothering me, even when you know I won't fuck you. What do you have to offer, anyway? I'll tell you what - let's make a deal. You might be useless to me, but I'm sure you can make me laugh. I'll give you that attention you've been craving ... but we are going to play MY way. Since you're always bothering me, I plan to push you well past your comfort zone.

First, I'm going to tease you like crazy, without even allowing you to touch yourself. I know, I know, you're just dying to stroke it to my body in this gorgeous lingerie. Oh don't fret, you WILL get to fuck something eventually... it just might not be what you had in mind. You are going to be fully responsible for cleaning up your mess. I am going to make you eat EVERY last drop of your cum. There's no turning back now. Open up wide, get ready for a taste!


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